How Much Is A Toyota Fj Cruiser 2015

The millennium turn was a peculiar period. While storing canned food for Y2K, people were fighting over Furbys. Even though we were moving into the future, automakers were still creating vehicles that paid homage to their colorful past. For whatever reason, they believed that “People want to drive vehicles that seem like they were made in the 1950s in the year 2000.

Some of these ideas were successful. (Who wants a VW New Beetle?) Others, such as the Plymouth Prowler, failed miserably. The hoopla surrounding the new Bronco shows that, even after two decades, the vintage trend is still popular. Some of those designs from the early 2000s are now old enough to be nostalgically looked back on and, yes, even collected. Take the Toyota FJ Cruiser as an example.

Despite the FJ40’s evident similarities (such as its boxy design, white roof, wraparound rear windows, and narrow body), “The FJ Cruiser is a real off-road vehicle, as evidenced by its TOYOTA grille and round headlamps. It uses the same 4.0-liter V-6 and many of the same suspension parts as the 4Runner because of its chassis. The optional six-speed manual transmission was paired with a sophisticated full-time 44 system with a Torsen center differential, while automatics were paired with a less complex part-time 44 system. (A rear-wheel-drive version was also available, but few were produced.) On-road comfort was provided by the independent front suspension, and off-road capability was provided by the solid rear axle and electronic locking differential. In standard form, it could cross a 27.5-inch-deep river thanks to its roughly 10-inch ground clearance, and its weather-resistant interior allowed for easy cleanup once it reached the other side. Three instruments are positioned prominently on the dash compass, temperature, and inclinometer in a nod to the 70-series Land Cruiser. The FJ Cruiser screams for a challenge.

Not many people responded to its call. The FJ had a successful career that lasted from 2007 to 2014, although sales in the US were never as high as Toyota’s blatant rival, the enduringly popular Jeep Wrangler. It’s probable that no truck would have overcome truck consumers’ allegiance to the Big Three (see: Toyota Tundra). But those amazing looks can also be to fault. The FJ Cruiser sacrifices functionality in favor of concept-car frills, like so many other throwback designs. Despite having a huge footprint, the truck seems confined, and its rear blind spots are much larger than those of a fifth-generation Camaro. And while everyone, even Mustang enthusiasts, usually agrees that the Camaro looks nice, opinions on the FJ are more divided. According to a straw poll conducted at the Hagerty office, 60% of respondents preferred loving the design to 40% disliking it.

But even as demand for brand-new FJ Cruisers declined, the worth of the trucks it honored soared. In fact, it was around this time when FJ40 values first began to soar. An original FJ40 in Excellent (#2) condition cost $17,500 when the FJ Cruiser was originally made available. That same FJ40 was worth $66,800 when the final FJ Cruisers arrived at dealer showrooms, nearly four times as much.

Later Land Cruisers began to draw attention between 2015 and 2019 as consumers looked for less expensive (and perhaps better) alternatives to the FJ40. All Land Cruisers have had a resurgence during the past two years. Most significantly, sales of the more recent FJ60 and FJ80 have climbed by 35% and 23%, respectively, just in the past year. The more recent Land Cruiser models are receiving more attention, which is good news for the really contemporary FJ Cruiser.

We predicted that the last FJ Cruiser will become a collectible back in 2017, when they were only three years old. It appeared to be an obvious choice at the time. Regardless of mileage, the FJ-C had resale prices that ranged from 70 to 90 percent. Even more audaciously, we asserted that “well-maintained instances may increase in value by 25% in the following five years.” How did we do then?

In 2020, something happened. From selling one or two FJ Cruisers annually to selling more than two each month, classic vehicle auctions. The base model’s median sales prices increased significantly, from roughly $14,000 in 2019 to $27,500 in 2020, and then increased again to $30,450 in 2021. We’re feeling the pressure on the insurance side of the company; since 2018, FJ Cruiser insurance plans have increased by a factor of two annually.

It is evident that the FJ Cruiser has gained popularity and is no longer just for off-road enthusiasts and Toyota aficionados (who would never allow them to sell for less than $13K). It seems as though this attention just appeared overnight. When we last looked at the FJ-C in 2017, no units were ever sold at classic car auctions.

Values may rise or fall over time, but given its broad appeal, it is extremely probable that they will stay high. Baby boomers make up 39 percent of FJ owners, according to a closer examination of all the people who get insurance from us, while Gen-Xers, who are passionate about classic trucks, make up 47 percent. Only 5% of FJ-Cs are now owned by millennials, while 20% of those who call us for quotes on new policies are millennials. Many vehicles from the 2000s are becoming more and more popular due to millennial enthusiasm. The difference is that boomers and members of Generation X who already own them adore them. As prospective purchasers are greeted with owners who are aware of their assets and do not need to sell, this simply serves to raise the prices.

Don’t buy the FJ Cruiser just yet if you’re browsing Craigslist because you adore it. There are a few things you need to watch out for:

The FJ Cruiser, like many other brand-new designs, initially had some problems that Toyota later fixed. Early versions for 2007 had small differentials. The manufacturer’s warranty was used to fix many. Another design error on 2007 and 2008 models resulted in structural problems by causing the inner fender aprons of the engine compartment to swell and crack. Midway through 2009, the FJ Cruiser’s engine was updated. The 4.0-liter “1GR-FE” V-6 engine that initially drove them had a single variable valve timing (VVT-i), and premium fuel was advised in order to maximize its 239 horsepower. Dual VVT-i was added to the V-6 for the 2010 model year, boosting output to 259 horsepower on standard 87 octane. It makes sense that 2010 and subsequent versions cost roughly $15,000 more to purchase than a 20072008 vehicle in comparable condition.

Watch out for a nice Trail Teams Edition if you want to make other FJ Cruiser owners envious. They have an improved Bilstein suspension and a unique, yearly-changing monochrome color scheme. Although many collectors don’t think this is worth the extra money, Toyota incorporated the CRAWL control system in 2013 and 2014. This technology uses a ton of computers and sensors to increase low-speed traction over uneven ground. Toyota produced 14,700 Trail Teams Editions from 2008 to 2014 (excluding 2009).

The standout model is the 2014 Trail Team Ultimate Edition, which was available for just one year and included Heritage Blue paint and a white grille that resembled a common hue on the original FJ40. With an external reservoir rear suspension system and aluminum TRD skid plates that increased the approach angle, off-road performance was further enhanced. Examples with low mileage sell for about $60,000.

One of the rare situations in Toyota’s history where having fun was essential to the design process was with the FJ Cruiser. This makes for a potent mix with Toyota’s famous dependability and off-road heritage. The FJ Cruiser has improved with time since it was not valued sufficiently when it was new, like many other classics.

What is the price of a 2014 FJ Cruiser?

Compared to most vehicles, the FJ Cruiser has maintained its value significantly better. Depending on the features, location, condition, mileage, and year of the car, a used 2014 FJ Cruiser can cost anywhere from $29,600 and $31,100.

How much was a new Toyota FJ?

In the US, the FJ Cruiser debuted in 2006 and was phased out in 2014. When brand-new, it had a retail price of under $40,000. The first year saw a total of 56,000 units sold, with subsequent years seeing sales of about 14,000 units.

The unique off-roader has a cult following and will likely continue to sell until 2017 or maybe 2020 in the UAE, Japan, and the Philippines, so spare and modification components will probably be sufficient for fans.

Depending on the model year, mileage, and condition, the FJ Cruiser’s current costs change over time. According to our research, the asking price for a 2012 model with 57,929 kilometers on the odometer is $33,998. On the other extreme, a 2007 model with 168,766 miles might sell for $12,999.

The FJ Cruiser won’t be the most economical daily commuter, despite the attractive price. The off-roader has a 4.0 liter V6 engine, which is not likely to be inexpensive to maintain. After the 2010 model year, there was an engine improvement that replaced single VVT-i with Dual VVT-i, improving the motor’s power and fuel efficiency. The ones produced in 2011 and beyond would be much better because of new enhancements.

Toyota still offers the FJ for sale?

2014 was the final model year for FJ Cruiser before it was discontinued. But with adventure-ready Toyota vehicles like the 4Runner and the off-road capable TRD Pro Series, excitement and capability continue to exist. There is a tough Toyota 4×4 ready to take you exploring, no matter who you are. You will continue to receive excellent servicing from your local Toyota Service Center if you currently possess a FJ Cruiser. Search for a Toyota Certified Used FJ Cruiser below or Keep It Wild with 4Runner.

Do FJ Cruisers frequently experience issues?

FJ Cruisers: Are They Reliable? The FJ Cruiser receives a 3.5 out of 5 reliability rating from RepairPal, placing it 12th out of 26 midsize SUVs. The model typically has an annual repair and maintenance expense of roughly $506. This is less than the $573 average for medium SUVs.

FJ stands for what?

How was the name FJ derived? We frequently get this inquiry! Clearly, the “J refers for “Jeep, and the “F denotes the type of engine. Because they used a Type B engine rather than an F, the early FJs were actually known as BJs.

The FJ Cruiser might return.

Toyota has a history of building tough off-road SUVs, including the luxury Land Cruiser, the 4Runner, and the FJ Cruiser. While the Land Cruiser will stop being sold in the United States starting in 2022 and the FJ Cruiser hasn’t been offered here since 2014, Toyota is determined to maintain its position as a leader in the off-road segment as the automotive industry shifts to electric vehicles, and it will soon introduce a tough compact electric SUV. The Compact Cruiser EV concept foreshadowed the boxy appearance, tough bumpers, and body cladding of the SUV. The electric engine is unknown, but given the rapid torque of electric motors, it should be reasonably speedy and capable of handling tough terrain.