How Do I Update My Lexus Navigation System

The Lexus Navigation system may be frequently updated using downloadable updates, ensuring that you always have the most up-to-date road and route information in your Lexus and minimizing stress when traveling to a new location.

It’s easy to update the maps, and you probably already have the necessary tools on hand. All you need is an internet-connected computer and a 4GB USB memory stick that is empty and formatted.

Simply watch the video below or continue reading for a step-by-step tutorial to learn how to buy, download, and install the map update on your Lexus.

  • Put your 4GB blank, formatted USB memory stick into a computer’s USB port to get started.
  • Visit the Lexus customer portal via a web browser and log in. You can now register if you don’t already have an account.
  • Click on “e-Store” > “Map & Software Updates” after logging in. To learn more about your update, click the pricing tab.
  • Add your car to the shopping basket, accept the terms and conditions, and then pay with a credit card or PayPal.
  • To view your paid update, go to the “My Account” tab. Your purchase will appear with three icons next to it when you select “MyDashboard” > “Downloads.”
  • Simply click the key icon to allow the map update. A 16-digit activation number will be sent to you, which you can write down or print out.
  • You may find instructions on how to download and install the update on your Lexus by selecting the second icon.
  • The download can be accessed by clicking the third symbol. The ZIP file can be downloaded, extracted on your computer, and then saved to the empty USB memory stick.
  • Now head over to your Lexus with the USB stick and the 16-digit activation key. Follow the directions displayed on the navigation screen after inserting the USB stick into the Lexus’ USB port.

Never hesitate to phone or visit your nearby Lexus center where a fully qualified technician will be pleased to assist you if you need any assistance along the route.

How much does a Lexus navigation upgrade cost?

The MSRP for the Version 18.1 update is $169, not including installation or related taxes (with the exception of the SD card based version for GEN8 and GEN9 vehicles). By dealer, prices could differ.

The MSRP for the Version 18.1 SD card-based updates for GEN8 and GEN9 vehicles is $210; installation and any applicable taxes are not included in this price. By dealer, prices could differ.

In addition to map data, navigation updates also include POI (points of interest) and other information that Lexus must pay for from a variety of sources. In order to ensure the most up-to-date information is accessible, the information on map DVDs is also validated by driving the routes. Free navigation updates are not available from Lexus.

Using Lexus navigation does not need a monthly subscription charge, although using Lexus Enform services or apps on suitably equipped vehicles may incur additional costs.

How do I obtain the most recent Lexus map?

Although they are produced annually, navigation updates are not required to be purchased. Updates offer fresh map and POI (points of interest) data that may be useful to you. Only at a Lexus dealership can you purchase navigation updates. Find a dealer near you here.

How can I get a free upgrade for my auto navigation system?

A navigation system update is frequently not free of charge. Most of the time, you have to pay for the update or sign up for a yearly subscription. However, it is not always simple to methodically put your hand back in your pocket once you have already invested in a GPS that costs a particular amount. Thankfully, there are free options to updating your smartphone GPS.

OpenSource maps: free update on TomTom and Garmin

The OpenStreetMap project lets you get maps and upload them to your system without spending any money, so you can update your GPS for nothing. A database of free maps that is updated by volunteers makes up this Open Source software. Different navigation systems are compatible with the downloaded maps. For instance, you can install the suggested formats right on your Garmin GPS. OpenStreetMap files can be converted for your TomTom assistant so that your GPS can play them. However, because a plug-in installation is necessary, the process takes longer. Discover the procedures that must be taken to accomplish this in the following two paragraphs.

Steps for a Garmin GPS

Good news if you own a GPS made by the Garmin company: you can avoid the paid updates provided via their official website. You can access any map you want for free thanks to the OpenStreetMap project. It should be emphasized that installation is very quick and simple. There are no precise computer requirements needed for it. However, you should make sure that your internal memory is adequate before you begin and, if necessary, add a larger card.

What type of GPS does Lexus use?

Only Solution. The in-car navigation ECU in a Lexus uses signals from in-vehicle sensors and signals from Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites to determine the location of the vehicle.

Is Google Maps compatible with my Lexus?

Smartphone integration is also a feature of Lexus Link Multimedia. This enables you to link your smartphonewhich is available for iOS and Androidto your vehicle. You may use your favorite apps while driving, like Spotify, Whatsapp, Audible, Google Maps, and Waze, using Siri Voice Assist or OK Google.

How much does a Lexus Enform cost?

Except for Wi-Fi and Dynamic Navigation, all Lexus Enform trials are free of charge and start on the day the new car was first bought or leased. Each trial period has an expiration date after which a paid subscription must be purchased in order to continue using the service.

The purpose of the Lexus Enform app.

App Suite: The Enform App Suite enables voice-activated access to your preferred vehicle-optimized mobile apps, such as Yelp and music streaming, when a compatible smartphone is connected to the in-car infotainment display.

The Lexus navigation bundle is what?

The RX 350 and RX 450h are the two basic models of the Lexus RX. A refined 3.5L V6 engine that generates 295 horsepower powers the RX 350. With this engine, the RX 350 can reach 60 mph in under eight seconds and returns 28 mpg on the interstate when equipped with front-wheel drive. For a total of 308 horsepower, the RX 450h combines a conventional gasoline engine with an electric motor. For front-wheel-drive variants, highway fuel economy increases to 30 mpg. Both versions of the RX come standard with all-wheel drive, however there is only one possible transmission: an 8-speed automatic.

The RX 350 and RX 450h are both available in F SPORT configuration, which further improves the appearance of both the inside and exterior while also improving handling. The 8-inch LCD display instrument cluster, distinctive quilted seats, adjustable suspension, internal aluminum trim highlights, and drilled aluminum pedals are all included in the F SPORT package. The F SPORT’s exterior features a blacked-out grill and unique 20-inch wheels.

The Luxury Package, one of the available option packages for the RX 350, comes with perforated leather seats, a nicer powered driver’s seat, 20-inch wheels, a heated steering wheel, and Gray Sapele wood trim. With the addition of the Navigation Package, the navigation system gains a 12.3-inch color screen, a 15-speaker Mark Levinson audio system, voice control, a DVD player, dual-zone climate control, and the Lexus Enform software suite. Pre-collision systems with pedestrian recognition, dynamic radar-controlled cruise control, lane keep assist and lane departure warning systems, intelligent high beam headlights, and premium triple beam LED headlights are all included in the Lexus Safety System package.

How much will it cost to update my car’s navigation system?

Updates must instead be bought for a price ranging from $129 to $299 from the automaker, the dealership, or online. Additionally, there can be an additional installation fee. You could purchase a very fine portable GPS device with lifetime traffic and map updates for that amount of money.

Is updating the navigation system required?

Streets are renamed, bridges are replaced, and traffic patterns are altered as a result of road rerouting or other safety-related changes. So, if you frequently use the navigation system and frequently drive in strange cities, it’s probably worth updating it every four to five years.

Do automobile navigation systems need to be updated?

HI CAR TALK, My 2015 Ford Explorer’s factory GPS can now be updated, according to a letter I got. I thought that a factory-installed GPS would update itself automatically. Is it a scam or should I pay the $150 for the update? – Thom

The majority of factory-installed GPS systems do not automatically update. Over-the-air updates are becoming more prevalent now, but they weren’t available when you purchased your 2015 Explorer.

And considering that the GPS system likely cost you $1,000, you’d assume that updates would be provided without charge. Not so.

Roads haven’t changed all that much since then. However, streets are renamed, bridges are replaced, and traffic patterns are altered. Roads are diverted or changed for safety reasons.

Therefore, if you frequently use the navigation system and frequently drive in uncharted territory, it’s generally worth updating every four to five years.

Making the update by yourself might be a pain. That’s not a bad price if your Ford dealer will install the upgrade for you for $150. We’ve witnessed far worse.

You have the option to switch to a superior, cost-free mapping system if you’re not committed to the built-in GPS. We’re referring to Google Maps, which is accessible and updated frequently on any smartphone. If your car has Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, which displays your phone’s screen on the dashboard, it is the simplest to operate.

If you don’t have such technology, though, a good phone holder that raises the phone into your line of sight while you’re driving will let you get near to the goal. With a long gooseneck to raise the phone to eye level, there are some really good phone holders that clip to your air vents and others whose base rests in your cup holder.

According to our observations, Google Maps is current, simple to use, and incorporates the most precise traffic information into its navigational instructions.

You get to decide, Thom. However, it might be due for an update any way.