Why Is My Airbag Light Flashing On My Nissan Pathfinder?

When her seat sensor sends out enough contradictory signals, the airbags enter “safe mode,” and the light begins to flicker. It can only be removed by clearing…

Nissan Pathfinder airbag sensor light reset

My Nissan Pathfinder has started flashing an airbag warning light erratically. Even though my SUV is only two years old, I hated having to take it in for diagnostics. The last time I took my Nissan in to “check” something, I came out with a new steering column that was out of alignment and new components for the rear suspension. Avoid asking. Anyhow, I discovered a fairly simple method to quickly reset the notifications on your console. Unless there is actually no issue and something has simply tripped the sensors, this only occasionally works.

The airbag alert will be solid for around 4 seconds after the key is turned to the Accessory position (but do not start). Reverse the key as soon as the light starts to flash.

Your notifications should be reset after you’ve repeated this three times. The alert will remain if there is a genuine issue, such as a partial deployment of your airbags.

flickering air bag light on a Nissan Pathfinder

The airbag light is on in my 2011 Nissan Pathfinder. The airbag light initially flashed twice and six times. B1035 and B1054 error codes were also present. I performed some debugging, and here are the steps I took:

1) Air Bag light was blinking; BlueDriver Dongle revealed B1035 code. The “key” diagnostics were used to confirm the code, and a one long six short code was read.

2) The SRS chapter verified that the ODB and “key” codes indicate the failure of the Crash Sensor. They placed an order for a new sensor.

3) A reset was carried out using the Thinkdiag OBD device after the replacement sensor was placed in accordance with the service manual’s instructions. No code was cleared. I tried my old sensor and my new sensor on a different Nissan, and after a while, none of them generated any error codes.

4) A “key” reset was carried out, but the issue remained.

5) The Air Bag Control Module and the Crash Sensor’s wiring continuity were examined. In parallel, the black and while lines read less than one ohm in series and are open or infinite.

6) Visual inspection of the wiring harness revealed no damage.

7) A replacement Air Bag Control Module was installed in accordance with the SRS manual’s advice. OBD and “key” attempted several resets.

8) The resistance of the shield ground between the E14 ground stud and the Air Bag Control Module was less than 1 ohm.

9) The Air Bag Control Module’s ground stud E14 and stud bolt were cleaned, and their resistance was evaluated again. I also tested the two wires for continuity, and they are both continuous.

10) The resistance of the Crash Zone sensor installation was examined and it was carefully cleaned.

11) Air Bag Control Voltage Both sides of the fuse received a resent and checked wodule.

12) The corrugated wire harness at the Crash Sensor end was removed, and the shield termination was in good condition with no signs of corrosion or damage.

13) I changed the spring clock, which resolved the B1054 issue. I continue to receive problem codes, however the airbag light is now only blinking six times.

I wanted to know what, but at this time I’m confident that the airbag module is the problem.

It appears that you made a correct diagnosis. because despite fixing the B1054, the B1035 is still giving you problems. I advise changing the airbag control module.

Regrettably, we are no longer selling modules. In order to make the module usable again, all we do as part of the module reset service is erase crash codes and check for connectivity. The internal components of the module are not repaired by us. As a result, I advise you to purchase a new or used module to fix your problem.

Why is the airbag light on my Nissan Rogue flashing?

When buying a used car from a private party or auto auction, this is frequently the case. As many SRS components are one-time use only, if the car was previously in an accident and the airbags deployed, there’s a risk the problem wasn’t addressed properly. It might be a seat belt tensioner, crash sensor, or clock spring, among other things.

The car’s ECM needs to be reprogrammed in order to essentially reset the airbag system, even if all the parts were replaced. The airbag light will continue to flash if this reset has not yet taken place.

What does the airbag light flashing indicate?

A flashing airbag warning light means there is a serious issue with the SRS system, therefore you should get it fixed right away.

Even while you should still take it to a repairman if the light remains on, there are a few things you may do first that might help.

If there is anything impeding the seatbelt sensor, such as dirt or anything else that may have fallen in there, start by looking at the seatbelt buckle.

If that doesn’t work, check to make sure the seatbelts aren’t tangled or trapped, then try giving them a vigorous tug to tighten them up. This could assist in resetting any tensioning sensor difficulties.

Grab a torch and perform a quick visual inspection under the seats, where the wiring to the seat and seatbelt sensors typically joins, to see if any wires or connectors have fallen loose.

A broken clockspring in the steering wheel is another probable factor. The clockspring serves as an electrical connection between the steering wheel and dashboard for features like the horn, radio and cruise control switches, and the airbag in addition to flicking the steering wheel back to the center after you turn.

The airbag and sensor circuit may momentarily open if the clockspring is somewhat worn, turning on the warning light. In some instances, reestablishing the connection can be done by simply spinning the steering wheel to full lock in each direction while still moving.

You should never inspect the airbag unit or disassemble it since it carries an explosive charge that might kill you.

How can I stop the flashing of my airbag light?

The airbag light connects the seat belt system and the airbag system as part of the Supplement Restraint System (SRS) in automobiles (and vice-versa). When you turn on your automobile, the airbag light comes on for around seven seconds before going out, signifying that the internal system check was successful and finished. When the airbag light either never turns on or stays on while blinking, an issue exists. The airbag light needs to be reset at this stage.

Examining seat belt components, fixing bad clock springs, and replacing faulty sensors are a few techniques for turning off an airbag light. New bulbs or a fully charged battery are other options. While most repairs can be done without a professional, others may.

The following 10 steps will reset your airbag light:

  • Turn on and off your ignition.
  • Test drive your car when it has been restarted.
  • Check the airbag switch for the passenger.
  • Check to see if the seat belts are in place and functioning properly.
  • Check to see if the passenger seat sensor is off.
  • Use a scanner with the ability to reset the SRS or airbag light.
  • Fix the broken airbag sensors.
  • Replace or repair a broken clock spring.
  • Check to see if the airbag is working properly.
  • seek for a specialist’s help.

Although not exhaustive, the list above includes tried-and-true methods for tackling the problem. Some of them might not apply to your vehicle because compatibility is always based on the year, make, and model. It is recommended that you have your service manual on hand when carrying out any of these fixes. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, too. Let’s get started on resetting your airbag light right away.

On a Nissan, how do you reset the airbag light?

  • Alternately turning the ignition on and off.
  • Air Bag warning lamp illuminates for 7 seconds before turning off, and ignition switch is turned OFF 1 second later.
  • Wait for more than three seconds after turning off the ignition switch.
  • Follow steps 1 through 3 twice.
  • Activate the ignition switch.
  • The SRS lamp has been turned back on.

On a Nissan Patrol, how do you turn off the airbag light?

I recently owned a Patrol with an airbag light that was flashing. Although I don’t have a diagnostic to reset it, I found a procedure online that worked flawlessly.

It was tried on Anthony’s Patrol and it worked there as well, therefore it is compatible with GU 4.5 and 4.2D.

1) Open the door on the driver’s side.

2) Insert the key into the ignition and turn it to the ON position, but do not start the car.

3) Push the driver’s side door switch button at least five times within seven seconds of turning the key to the ON position. (Yes, the little switch, the one that turns on your interior light when you open the door.)

4) The Air Bag light should turn solid. After at least 7 seconds, it should start to blink in a rhythm of 3 seconds on, 2 seconds off.

5) Turn the ignition off and take the key out.

6) After starting the car, wait for the Air Bag light to go off to make sure it worked.

Why won’t my airbag light activate?

The backup battery is dead. It is the most frequent cause of an airbag light that won’t go off. It might take place if your car’s battery is running low or has been depleted for any other cause. Once the battery is fully recharged, the issue will be resolved. But the battery might still be in place.

Driving while the airbag light is flashing is it safe?

No, driving while the airbag light is on is not safe. When the airbag light comes on, the vehicle’s airbag system is malfunctioning. Due to this flaw, the airbag is unlikely to deploy after an accident. Therefore, it is not advised that you use the vehicle until the system has been fixed.

Never disregard the important caution. There’s no need to gamble with the car, even though it doesn’t make it unsafe to drive.

The light does, however, show that the SRS parts are not functioning properly. This may potentially indicate that the airbags won’t activate in the event of a collision. You shouldn’t wait until you are involved in an accident to determine whether the airbags will keep you safe.

My passenger airbag is not on; why?

There are a number potential reasons why the airbag light is “OFF” if you did not manually deactivate it, such as having a bag or handbag sat on the seat. The mechanism may automatically shut off if the bag is heavy enough to activate it but not safe enough for the airbag to deploy.

What does it cost to repair the airbag light?

Reset Airbag Light, at No. 1 Although it typically costs a few hundred dollars and takes several hours, depending on the type of automobile it might cost as much as $600.

Can a blown fuse turn on the airbag light?

The car could have blown a fuse, for example. There are other fuses that could be to blame, but fuse #13 is most likely the one. You probably need to change fuse #13 and perhaps other fuses if your airbag light is on and your rear windshield wiper is not working. The airbag light can undoubtedly turn on as a result of blown fuses.

The airbag light may also abruptly turn on in a number of other situations. A mechanic or auto parts store should be able to decipher the code that the airbag system emits when it is acting up, which will give them a hint as to what specific issue the airbag is experiencing. There are numerous potential issues with the airbag because it is a complicated system of sensors, wiring, and programming that must suddenly activate during an accident after lying dormant for years. Check the fuse box to see whether you have a blown fuse first, but if not, you’ll likely need to take it to the dealer or a qualified mechanic for service.