Why Is My Airbag Light Flashing On My Nissan Murano?


It appears that the bottom pattern on the image I previously shared is where the eight flashes are pointing. You ought to have noticed one longer and eight shorter flashes. Correct?

If you notice 8 flashes, the front drivers side airbag assembly may be malfunctioning. Take action after following the diagnosis’ instructions.

Yes, you will reset the code if you turn off the power after watching the flashing. Simply check it once again if the flashing resumes. If nothing else has changed, the pattern should remain the same.

The wire harness connector is my wager. I would take apart the connector, clean the contacts, and then reassemble it. On to the following step if the light complains about the same issue once more?

Airbag Light Stays On in Nissan Murano: Diagnosis

The computer system in your Nissan Murano performs a self-diagnostic check on all essential systems each time you turn it on. A diagnostic warning light for the associated system will appear on the dashboard if any of these checks are unsuccessful. The airbag light will come on if the airbag system fails this test.

You might see something along the lines of SRS, a picture of a human with the airbag deployed, or the term airbag, depending on the model year and the nation you happen to be in. Consider each of these to be an airbag light.

The airbag light on your Murano is there to alert you to an issue with the airbag system. It is perfectly normal and a standard part of the diagnostic cycle if it turns on briefly as the car begins. When it stays on, though, there might be an issue.

How to Turn Off the Airbag Warning Light on a Nissan Murano (2003–2020):

Follow these guidelines to reset the airbag light on a 2003–2004–2006–2007–2008–2009–2010–2011–2012–2013–2014–2015–2016–2017–2018–2019–2020 Nissan Murano:

  • If your car has a Smart key button, press “Start” twice without touching the brake pedal after turning the ignition key to the “ON” position.
  • Keep a watchful eye on the airbag light. It will remain on for a short while. switch the key off right away after it stops blinking (at the beginning of the flashing).
  • more than three seconds to wait
  • Once you’ve completed the cycle three times, repeat steps 1-3 two more times.
  • Watch the light when you turn the key now. It will then begin blinking in a new, slower pattern. This mode is for diagnosis. There is no rush; you can watch this for a long.
  • Turn the key off once more, wait for at least three further seconds, and then turn it back on.
  • To make sure the indication has been reset, turn off the ignition and then start the vehicle.

If the process was successful, there would be no flashing of the airbag light. The Nissan maintenance handbook provides the foundation for this course. All Nissan Murano cars should follow this process (2003 2004 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 model years). I hope you found the information on How To Reset Nissan Murano Airbag Warning Light (2003-2020) helpful. Best of luck!

Problem with the 2011 Nissan Murano’s Air Bag Light

1. The dashboard has numerous cracks. Numerous cracks as well as cracking by the right side airbag in the dash. 98 percent of the time, my automobile is in the garage. We don’t use this car more than once or twice every month. We have had this automobile for about 2 and a half years and have only put 1000 miles on it; we are not the original owners. There are 109631 kilometers on the car. Inside and externally, the car is in immaculate condition. 2. The passenger front seat occupant sensor was identified as the source of the airbag light’s illumination. The sensor is a part of the seat bottom on this model. This implies that you must replace the entire seat bottom, the cost of which is $2500.00.

Air Bag Light Is On issue

The contact is the owner of a 2009 Nissan Murano. The contact reported that the varistor in the OCS control unit, which is housed in the passenger seat cushion, was experiencing progressive failure. According to the dealer geri lynn Nissan (1772 Martin Luther King Blvd, Houma, LA 70360, (985) 219-1111), the air bag light was blinking on the front passenger side with regard to the weight sensor, and the dealer determined that the weight sensor and varistor needed to be changed. The car was not a part of the two air bag recalls that the manufacturer had issued, but it had failed a test for one of the two recalls that the company had. The manufacturer was informed of the issue but offered no support, instead directing the contact to have the dealer inspect and fix the car. There was no information on the estimated failure mileage. Dyd.


I feel that a Nissan salesperson is about to rip me off severely:

My Murano 07 SL lately started flashing the air bag light seven times quickly, then one time slowly, and so on.

I have to have my emissions test cleared before I can renew my license plates, and the repair center informed me that if the air bag light is flashing, I will fail the test outright.

I then called the local Nissan dealer, who informed me that I would have to replace the entire module for an outrageous $1,000! I don’t believe these men. Just so you know, my Murano had no influence; it simply started flashing randomly.

I attempted to reset the air bag light using the following method I discovered online:

Step 1: Set the key to “ON” (do not start)

Watch the airbag light, second. Turn the key off immediately when it blinks OFF after being on steadily for a short period of time (before it ever started to blink)

3. be patient for 5–7 seconds (real seconds)

4. Complete the cycle three times by repeating steps 1 through 3 two more times.

5. After turning the key, observe the light. It will then begin blinking in a new, slower pattern. The diagnostic mode is at hand. The light will flash in a sequence that lasts for three seconds ON, followed by a series of half-second flashes, and then three seconds ON again.

6. Count the number of flashes that last for 1/2 a second; this indicates a failing component.

I realize that 7 beeps could indicate the computer, but is there a less expensive option?

Why is the Nissan Maxima’s airbag light flashing?

If you’ve recently added a radio, new vehicle seats, or other electrical components in your Nissan Maxima, the airbag light might be blinking. Because your automobile believes there is a problem with the airbag deployment system, your airbag light is flashing.

What does the airbag light flashing mean?

A flashing airbag warning light means there is a serious issue with the SRS system, therefore you should get it fixed right away.

Even while you should still take it to a repairman if the light remains on, there are a few things you may do first that might help.

If there is anything impeding the seatbelt sensor, such as dirt or anything else that may have fallen in there, start by looking at the seatbelt buckle.

If that doesn’t work, check to make sure the seatbelts aren’t tangled or trapped, then try giving them a vigorous tug to tighten them up. This could assist in resetting any tensioning sensor difficulties.

Grab a torch and perform a quick visual inspection under the seats, where the wiring to the seat and seatbelt sensors typically joins, to see if any wires or connectors have fallen loose.

A broken clockspring in the steering wheel is another probable factor. The clockspring serves as an electrical connection between the steering wheel and dashboard for features like the horn, radio and cruise control switches, and the airbag in addition to flicking the steering wheel back to the center after you turn.

The airbag and sensor circuit may momentarily open if the clockspring is somewhat worn, turning on the warning light. In some instances, reestablishing the connection can be done by simply spinning the steering wheel to full lock in each direction while still moving.

You should never inspect the airbag unit or disassemble it since it carries an explosive charge that might kill you.

How can I stop the flashing of my airbag light?

The airbag light connects the seat belt system and the airbag system as part of the Supplement Restraint System (SRS) in automobiles (and vice-versa). When you turn on your automobile, the airbag light comes on for around seven seconds before going out, signifying that the internal system check was successful and finished. When the airbag light either never turns on or stays on while blinking, an issue exists. The airbag light needs to be reset at this stage.

Examining seat belt components, fixing bad clock springs, and replacing faulty sensors are a few techniques for turning off an airbag light. New bulbs or a fully charged battery are other options. While most repairs can be done without a professional, others may.

The following 10 steps will reset your airbag light:

  • Turn on and off your ignition.
  • Test drive your car when it has been restarted.
  • Check the airbag switch for the passenger.
  • Check to see if the seat belts are in place and functioning properly.
  • Check to see if the passenger seat sensor is off.
  • Use a scanner with the ability to reset the SRS or airbag light.
  • Fix the broken airbag sensors.
  • Replace or repair a broken clock spring.
  • Check to see if the airbag is working properly.
  • seek for a specialist’s help.

Although not exhaustive, the list above includes tried-and-true methods for tackling the problem. Some of them might not apply to your vehicle because compatibility is always based on the year, make, and model. It is recommended that you have your service manual on hand when carrying out any of these fixes. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, too. Let’s get started on resetting your airbag light right away.

Driving while the airbag light is flashing is it safe?

No, driving while the airbag light is on is not safe. When the airbag light comes on, the vehicle’s airbag system is malfunctioning. Due to this flaw, the airbag is unlikely to deploy after an accident. Therefore, it is not advised that you use the vehicle until the system has been fixed.

Never disregard the important caution. There’s no need to gamble with the car, even though it doesn’t make it unsafe to drive.

The light does, however, show that the SRS parts are not functioning properly. This may potentially indicate that the airbags won’t activate in the event of a collision. You shouldn’t wait until you are involved in an accident to determine whether the airbags will keep you safe.

On a Nissan, how do you reset the airbag?

  • Alternately turning the ignition on and off.
  • Air Bag warning lamp illuminates for 7 seconds before turning off, and ignition switch is turned OFF 1 second later.
  • Wait for more than three seconds after turning off the ignition switch.
  • Follow steps 1 through 3 twice.
  • Activate the ignition switch.
  • The SRS lamp has been turned back on.

My passenger airbag is not on; why?

There are a number potential reasons why the airbag light is “OFF” if you did not manually deactivate it, such as having a bag or handbag sat on the seat. The mechanism may automatically shut off if the bag is heavy enough to activate it but not safe enough for the airbag to deploy.

How can I check the code on my airbag light?

To read the codes, count the flashes the light makes, then count them again after the pause. For instance, two flashes, a pause, and four flashes indicate a code 24 issue with your airbag system. Code 12 indicates low battery voltage, while Code 13 indicates a shorted or grounded airbag circuit.