Why Is My Airbag Light Flashing On My Nissan Qashqai?

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The airbag is essentially faulty if the vehicle’s airbag light flashes or remains on after it has been engaged, thus we must pay attention to it.

When an airbag light on a car flashes or remains on after it has been engaged, it essentially indicates that the airbag is not operating properly. If the airbag is not fixed quickly, there are significant hidden risks since it affects the safety of the passengers in the vehicle. Qashqai There aren’t many feedback airbag issues with this car. Investigation revealed that the main culprits are airbag sensors, line connectors, or airbag hairsprings. The simplest method for pinpointing the cause is to utilize a computer to read the error code, which can essentially be determined with accuracy. Let’s go into more depth about it below.

First off, certain alarm reasons are system-related, thus when reading the fault code, if it is an intermittent fault alarm, there is no real alarm issue that needs to be fixed; instead, the pin code can be used.

The airbag line connector is loose, which is the initial cause. Particularly, if the seat has been disassembled or the associated line has been disconnected by yourself, the issue is more likely to arise. The basic fault code B1147, which denotes that the wire harness is detached and short-circuited and that either the line connector is loose or the wire harness is disconnected, is indicated when the fault code is read. The likelihood of a loose link is, of course, the highest.

Solution: Check the line’s overall connection in a 4S shop or repair facility before processing this. A set number of working hours, often 80, will be charged in 4S stores.

The airbag sensor is the second justification. The default fault code to read is B1118, and it also indicates which side the issue is on. As long as the sensor appears to be changed, this can be identified as the sensor issue.

Solution: As an example, in Changchun, purchase airbag sensor accessories at a 4S store for approximately 500, completely free of work and time.

The failure of the airbag hairspring is the third cause. The airbag warning light will illuminate in the event of a hairspring issue, and the fault code will read as basically B1049. Open airbag module for the driver. The multi-function steering wheel or the horn can also not function properly at the same time. In general, it can be concluded that there is an issue with the balancing spring if both occur simultaneously.

Simply replace the hairspring. In a 4S shop, changing a hairspring assembly costs 240 yuan, and labor often costs around 320 yuan.

In conclusion, you can refer to the treatment for some of the causes of the airbag failure warning.

Nissan Qashqai’s low battery causes the airbag warning light to come on:

The airbag computer determines whether there is enough electricity available to deploy the airbags when necessary. In this instance, the computer will notify you when the electricity is insufficient to install the airbags because the battery has a lifespan of between three and five years.

Nissan Qashqai SRS Airbag Light Reset from 2006 to 2019.

Follow these guidelines to reset the airbag light on a 2004 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 Nissan Qashqai:

Without starting the engine, turn the ignition switch to the “ON” position.

Press the “Start” button twice without using the brake pedal if your car has a Smart key button.

Keep a watchful eye on the airbag light.

It will remain on for a short while. switch the key off right away after it stops blinking (at the beginning of the flashing).

  • more than three seconds to wait
  • Once you’ve completed the cycle three times, repeat steps 1-3 two more times.
  • Watch the light when you turn the key now. It will then begin blinking in a new, slower pattern.
  • Turn the key off once more, wait for at least three further seconds, and then turn it back on.
  • To make sure the indication has been reset, turn off the ignition and then start the vehicle.

The Nissan owner’s manual provides the foundation for this tutorial. If the process was successful, there would be no flashing of the airbag light. All Nissan Qashqai vehicles should be subject to this treatment (2004 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 model years). Hopefully, you found the information about Nissan Qashqai SRS Airbag Light Reset useful. Best of luck!

J10 (2007) Blinking airbag

I recently saw the dashboard’s red Airbag warning light flickering. It had never happened before, but since it began as soon as I shifted to the back driver’s seat, I surmised that it might be caused by some sort of sensor inside the seat. The next thing I did was examine all the wiring and connectors under the seat, but it appears that everything was still in working order—there were no disconnected connectors, broken wires, or other issues—and everything was still linked properly.

If not, do I have to drive to the electrician for diagnostics or is there anything else I can do on my own at home?

Consider that your only option. The electrical testing of the SRS system may result in air bag release. From Nissan diagnostics, this:


  • All maintenance must be carried out by a licensed NISSAN/INFINITI dealer to avoid deactivating the SRS, which could raise the risk of serious injury or death in the case of an accident leading to air bag inflation.
  • Inadequate maintenance, such as faulty SRS removal and installation, can result in bodily damage from the system’s unintended activation. See the SRC section for information on removing the Spiral Cable and Air Bag Module. Never operate electrical test equipment on an SRS-related circuit.

Since airbags also have a lifespan, yours should last significantly longer than the 10 years Skoda airbags are supposed to endure. Is anyone aware of a Nissan airbag time limit?

EDIT: Ignore that; I just discovered this:

Generally speaking, no matter how long you keep the car, your airbag won’t degrade or need to be replaced. It used to be the case that airbags needed to be changed after 15 (or even 10) years, but that is no longer the case. Similar to other significant elements, such as substantial powertrain components, door latches, and other features not expected to have expiration dates, modern models are built so that the airbag lasts the life of the car.

First, the clock spring needs to be replaced.

The airbag clock spring’s primary job is to keep the electrical wiring and the driver’s airbag in sync by entwining in and out in relation to the steering wheel.

The airbag on the driver’s seat may send a Soft-code error to the airbag control module as a result of the thin circuit bands becoming worn or brittle. This may cause the airbag light to begin blinking. The circuit bands’ typical use is the cause of their deterioration.

Without the aid of a good OBD2 scan tool that helps identify the issue, it is impossible to diagnose the clock spring issue on your own. Even if you are certain that your clock spring is broken, we advise having it replaced by a professional.

If you replace parts of an airbag system on your own without taking the proper safety precautions, serious injury could result.

What does the airbag light flashing mean?

A flashing airbag warning light means there is a serious issue with the SRS system, therefore you should get it fixed right away.

Even while you should still take it to a repairman if the light remains on, there are a few things you may do first that might help.

If there is anything impeding the seatbelt sensor, such as dirt or anything else that may have fallen in there, start by looking at the seatbelt buckle.

If that doesn’t work, check to make sure the seatbelts aren’t tangled or trapped, then try giving them a vigorous tug to tighten them up. This could assist in resetting any tensioning sensor difficulties.

Grab a torch and perform a quick visual inspection under the seats, where the wiring to the seat and seatbelt sensors typically joins, to see if any wires or connectors have fallen loose.

A broken clockspring in the steering wheel is another probable factor. The clockspring serves as an electrical connection between the steering wheel and dashboard for features like the horn, radio and cruise control switches, and the airbag in addition to flicking the steering wheel back to the center after you turn.

The airbag and sensor circuit may momentarily open if the clockspring is somewhat worn, turning on the warning light. In some instances, reestablishing the connection can be done by simply spinning the steering wheel to full lock in each direction while still moving.

You should never inspect the airbag unit or disassemble it since it carries an explosive charge that might kill you.

How can I stop the flashing of my airbag light?

The airbag light connects the seat belt system and the airbag system as part of the Supplement Restraint System (SRS) in automobiles (and vice-versa). When you turn on your automobile, the airbag light comes on for around seven seconds before going out, signifying that the internal system check was successful and finished. When the airbag light either never turns on or stays on while blinking, an issue exists. The airbag light needs to be reset at this stage.

Examining seat belt components, fixing bad clock springs, and replacing faulty sensors are a few techniques for turning off an airbag light. New bulbs or a fully charged battery are other options. While most repairs can be done without a professional, others may.

The following 10 steps will reset your airbag light:

  • Turn on and off your ignition.
  • Test drive your car when it has been restarted.
  • Check the airbag switch for the passenger.
  • Check to see if the seat belts are in place and functioning properly.
  • Check to see if the passenger seat sensor is off.
  • Use a scanner with the ability to reset the SRS or airbag light.
  • Fix the broken airbag sensors.
  • Replace or repair a broken clock spring.
  • Check to see if the airbag is working properly.
  • seek for a specialist’s help.

Although not exhaustive, the list above includes tried-and-true methods for tackling the problem. Some of them might not apply to your vehicle because compatibility is always based on the year, make, and model. It is recommended that you have your service manual on hand when carrying out any of these fixes. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, too. Let’s get started on resetting your airbag light right away.

On a Nissan Patrol, how do you turn off the airbag light?

I recently owned a Patrol with an airbag light that was flashing. Although I don’t have a diagnostic to reset it, I found a procedure online that worked flawlessly.

It was tried on Anthony’s Patrol and it worked there as well, therefore it is compatible with GU 4.5 and 4.2D.

1) Open the door on the driver’s side.

2) Insert the key into the ignition and turn it to the ON position, but do not start the car.

3) Push the driver’s side door switch button at least five times within seven seconds of turning the key to the ON position. (Yes, the little switch, the one that turns on your interior light when you open the door.)

4) The Air Bag light should turn solid. After at least 7 seconds, it should start to blink in a rhythm of 3 seconds on, 2 seconds off.

5) Turn the ignition off and take the key out.

6) After starting the car, wait for the Air Bag light to go off to make sure it worked.