How To Change Clock On 2017 Volkswagen Jetta

  • At the left-bottom corner of the instrument cluster, press the Menu/Clock button. This will make the hour stand out.
  • On the instrument cluster’s bottom right, press the 0.0/Set button. If you need to put the time back, press once to advance it by an hour, or hold to advance it quickly.
  • Once more pressing Menu/Clock will highlight minutes. The 0.0/Set buttons are once again used to alter this time.
  • For the process to be finished, press the Menu/Clock button.

The quickest and easiest way to change the time is using the steering wheel controls. To do this, pick the “Settings menu, then scroll down to time. In addition to changing the hour and minute values, you can also activate the daylight saving time and 24 hour clock modes here.

Setting the clock in the infotainment system

The specific procedure may vary slightly based on the model year as models evolve over time. You might want to go into the infotainment system and alter the radio display even though many vehicles will change it automatically. For the Volkswagen Golf, do this by hitting the Menu button, choosing Setup from the touchscreen, and then selecting the Time and Date settings. The video shows the entire procedure.

My digital clock has to be reset.

How To Reset Your Digital Wall Clock

  • You must first find your clock’s time setting button before you can set the time on it “adjusting button
  • Press and hold the button until the hour numbers on your clock start to flash “hours by pressing the hour button.
  • The minutes will flash if you press the “setting button” (A) once more.

Do auto clocks adjust themselves?

Since so many wristwatches have been replaced by smartphones and DVD players now have internet connectivity, observing daylight saving time has become simpler. GPS-linked navigation systems in cars frequently do the same thing by automatically changing the time. Of fact, the clock in the majority of people’s cars requires manual adjustment and is frequently the most difficult feature to use.

So remember to set the clocks back one hour this Saturday while you are running errands. Even though the time change doesn’t take effect until 2 a.m. Sunday, you don’t want to arrive at work an hour sooner than necessary on Monday.