Will Toyota Make Fj Cruiser Again

Toyota has a history of building tough off-road SUVs, including the luxury Land Cruiser, the 4Runner, and the FJ Cruiser. While the Land Cruiser will stop being sold in the United States starting in 2022 and the FJ Cruiser hasn’t been offered here since 2014, Toyota is determined to maintain its position as a leader in the off-road segment as the automotive industry shifts to electric vehicles, and it will soon introduce a tough compact electric SUV. The Compact Cruiser EV concept foreshadowed the boxy appearance, tough bumpers, and body cladding of the SUV. The electric engine is unknown, but given the rapid torque of electric motors, it should be reasonably speedy and capable of handling tough terrain.

Will there be a FJ Cruiser in 2022?

The 2022 Toyota FJ Cruiser comes in two trim levels, each with a single 4.0-liter six-cylinder engine choice that produces 270 or 275 horsepower and is coupled to an automatic transmission that may be used with either front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive.

Toyota discontinued the FJ Cruiser for what reasons?

Toyota’s FJ Cruiser was one of the most distinctive and tough SUVs to ever reach the market, but it was discontinued for North American buyers in 2014. The firm had determined that sales were inadequate to cover the manufacturing costs of a second generation, leading to the discontinuance of the vehicles. The FJ Cruiser, on the other hand, has remained a popular vehicle long after most automobiles cease to be produced. The popularity of this sturdy vehicle has been impacted by a few different elements.

First, there is now a sense of scarcity among people who are interested in purchasing the FJ because there won’t be a new generation for the foreseeable future. Despite the fact that Toyota had discontinued the model almost ten years prior, many owners who still have one have opted to keep the car due to its increased rarity. Toyotas, unlike many other brands, tend to retain their value over time, and because of their reputation for producing durable, high-quality cars, demand for this dependable vehicle has only increased over the past 10 years.

Depending on the model and the year, a FJ Cruiser would probably cost you between $24000 and $51000 if you were shopping now. Finding one is less likely because special edition and limited-edition models get the highest prices at auction.

The FJ Cruiser is also highly regarded among off-road vehicles for its durable exterior, which can resist extreme circumstances, in addition to its reputation for performance and dependability. This amazing device is more expensive than other models in its class because it was made to survive extremely difficult conditions.

These off-road vehicles are frequently utilized for sports like off-road racing and rock crawling. The waterproof inside of this car was one of its most intriguing selling points because it opened up new possibilities for things like driving into deeper water or leaving your windows open in a downpour. The FJ Cruiser has an enormous advantage over other SUVs in that it can tow up to 5,000 pounds and does it with improved capability.

Overall, because of the FJ’s distinctive charms and rarity, a good-quality used version of the car will probably cost you about as much as it did when it was first launched onto the market, if not more.

What will a 2021 FJ Cruiser cost?

The base model’s median sales prices increased significantly, from roughly $14,000 in 2019 to $27,500 in 2020, and then increased again to $30,450 in 2021.

Are FJ Cruisers still worth anything?

As resale values for this retro-style have skyrocketed, perhaps absence really does make the heart grow fonder. [+]

Since Toyota withdrew this retro-styled truck-based SUV, resale values have skyrocketed, suggesting that perhaps absence truly does make the heart grow fonder. According to NADA Used Car Guide, it is at the top of the list of automobiles that maintain their original worth the best. Although the FJ is a rough-and-tumble truck, if you don’t mind being jostled around, it may be fun. [-]

Will Toyota produce a FJ Cruiser in 2023?

Unfortunately, the Toyota FJ Cruiser in retro form was discontinued in 2014. After debuting in 2006, the fashionable off-road mid-size SUV quickly gained popularity, but the recession caused a decline in sales for the FJ Cruiser.

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t worry because there are a ton of other SUVs with excellent off-roading skills that are comparable to the Toyota FJ Cruiser! Here is a list of 2023 SUVs that are ready for off-road driving:

How much is a Toyota FJ Cruiser?

The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) for the 2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser begins just over $27,000 for the 2-wheel-drive model and rises to about $29,000 with 4-wheel drive and a manual transmission; the top-of-the-line FJ is around $36,000.

Where can I still get a FJ Cruiser?

Since 2006, Toyota has been manufacturing the retro-styled mid-size SUV known as the FJ Cruiser. The FJ Cruiser made its debut as a concept car at the January 2003 North American International Auto Show. After receiving favorable consumer feedback, the FJ Cruiser was given the go-ahead for production, and the finalized version made its debut at the January 2005 North American International Auto Show. [2] [3]

Since 2006, Toyota subsidiary Hino Motors in Hamura, Japan, has been producing the FJ Cruiser, which is structurally similar to the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado in many ways.

[4]: 96 The FJ Cruiser made its debut on the Japanese market on December 4, 2010, after its announcement on November 25.

On November 5, 2013, Toyota USA declared that the 2014 model year Trail Teams edition will be known as the “Ultimate Edition” and that the FJ Cruiser would no longer be produced in that region after that year.

[5] It was still being produced for markets like Australia. [6][7] until August 2016, when its shipment to that market was stopped. It is still offered in places including Chile, the Middle East, the Philippines, and South Africa as of April 2022[update]. [8] [9]

On September 12th, 2017, the “Final Edition” of the FJ Cruiser launched on sale in Japan.

[10] On January 31, 2018, sales of the FJ Cruiser were stopped there.

How long is the lifespan of a Toyota FJ Cruiser?

So you want to purchase a high mileage secondhand FJ? Few 4WD vehicles can possibly compare to the dependability and toughness of the Cruiser series. These SUVs are constructed strong by Toyota, and if you read the comments left by the many satisfied FJ cruiser owners in the hundreds of forum threads, you’ll be persuaded that it’s one of the safest used SUV 4WD purchases available. There are a few problems, though, and I’ll go into more detail about those a little later.

If the scheduled maintenance and services have been performed, FJ Cruisers can travel well over 250K miles without experiencing any mechanical issues. With only routine maintenance and a few minor cosmetic faults, many owners have driven their vehicles well past 300K miles.

Therefore, it is crucial to confirm that a used FJ Cruiser has a comprehensive service history, either at the Toyota agents or with a reliable private workshop, before making the purchase. For these FJs, mileage is less of an issue than how well they were maintained.

Many owners are really pleased with their purchases and speak highly of the build quality, dependability, and durability of them. The FJ is an extremely capable off-road vehicle, suited for long drives or whatever 44-track you’re willing to subject it to. It will effortlessly eat up the trails and transport you home in complete luxury.

The eccentric, retro styling is obviously not to everyone’s taste when it comes to design, proving that beauty is subjective. I adore it, for sure!

See what one owner had to say about it:

I recently purchased a 2011 FJ with 123,000 miles on it. I gave it my 3.6 Rubicon in exchange. I liked the Jeep and couldn’t be happier.

Therefore, these cars’ dependability and longevity are really what make them beautiful. Clearly, mileage is not a concern. You should be fine to go if you look hard and long for the one you prefer, test drive it, and make sure it has a complete service history. These 4WDs don’t have any shady plans in place to take advantage of you once you’ve spent your hard-earned money. They have a sturdy construction. It’s a rather secure purchase.

The fuel consumption of these JF Cruisers is, in my opinion, their main drawback. Definitely thirsty!

The 2010 models have seen minor fuel economy improvements since their 2007 debut. For variants with two or four wheels, the FJ will achieve city fuel economy ratings of 14 to 17 mpg and highway fuel economy ratings of 19 to 21 mpg.

Expect those numbers to fall considerably lower if you want to customize the FJ with larger tires, lifts, and roof racks. You’ve now been forewarned.

However, those who purchase these automobiles don’t necessarily do it in order to consume less fuel.

What does the acronym Toyota FJ mean?

Clearly, the “J refers for “Jeep, and the “F denotes the type of engine. Because they used a Type B engine rather than an F, the early FJs were actually known as BJs.

Can a new FJ Cruiser be imported into the US?

No of your age, you are allowed to bring a vehicle to the US. You need proof from the manufacturer that it complies with US regulations. Despite this, it appears that Toyota won’t provide this material. Most likely because the newer FJs, as they are designed, don’t comply.

How trustworthy are FJ Cruisers?

The Toyota FJ Cruiser has a 3.5 out of 5.0 reliability rating, placing it 12th out of 26 midsize SUVs. It has cheaper ownership costs than the national average due to the $506 average annual repair cost. When compared to all other vehicles, the frequency and severity of repairs are both about average.

The Wrangler or the FJ Cruiser is superior, right?

These two cars perform similarly to one another off-road. The Wrangler does have a slight advantage over the FJ Cruiser in terms of raw data, but the gap isn’t particularly wide. Even when compared to its current Wrangler competitors, the Jeep Wrangler comes out on top thanks to the combination of its several small victories over the FJ Cruiser.

The FJ has an unmistakable appeal. With the FJ Cruiser, Toyota so blatantly set their sights on the Jeep Wrangler that it ultimately killed it. They were attempting to ride an already broken wave. The FJ is still a very capable off-road vehicle, although it somewhat underreaches the target off-roading market. The FJ Cruiser is more useful as a vehicle for camping trips and as a means of transporting a raft or a kayak to the riverbed. The Wrangler is capable of doing this as well, but it is also free to go off-roading for enjoyment only. The Wrangler actually shines in this regard; it’s an incredibly entertaining car that still manages to be useful. On the other hand, the FJ primarily consists of the latter.

Ultimately, given that the FJ is no longer being produced, this isn’t a very fair fight right now. The Jeep Wrangler is not only a fantastic vehicle, but also a dynamic platform that can be modified to virtually its fullest extent.

Do FJ Cruisers frequently experience issues?

FJ Cruisers: Are They Reliable? The FJ Cruiser receives a 3.5 out of 5 reliability rating from RepairPal, placing it 12th out of 26 midsize SUVs. The model typically has an annual repair and maintenance expense of roughly $506. This is less than the $573 average for medium SUVs.