Who Owns Wesley Chapel Toyota?

PLANS, DESCRIPTION: Wesley Chapel’s Williams Automotive Group and Lighthouse Point’s Phil Smith Automotive Group acquired Wesley Chapel’s Honda.

David and John Williams, owners and operators of Wesley Chapel Toyota, as well as Phil Smith and Michael Dayhoff of Phil Smith Automotive Group make up the ownership group.

For $12 million, the partnership company Smith-Williams Real Estate LLC acquired the 12-acre site and 42,624-square-foot Honda dealership facility.

A 26-bay service facility and sales operations are housed in the dealership building. Built in 2007, it.

David Williams claims that after running the Toyota business for more than two years, he and his partners decided to diversify into Hondas. Because of the potential for expansion in the area and its proximity to the Toyota dealership, they decided to open a dealership in Wesley Chapel.

Williams claims, “We are betting on the future growth in this area.

For future expansion, a lot of development has been done in this area.

For $8.59 million, Smith-Williams Real Estate mortgaged the building to SunTrust Bank.

Who is Wesley Chapel Toyota’s owner?

Lithia Motors Inc., a national auto dealer, is expanding into the Tampa Bay market by paying around $40 million for three local dealerships.

Wesley Chapel Toyota, Wesley Chapel Honda, and Tampa Honda, located on N Florida Avenue in Tampa, were all acquired by Lithia, a Medford, Oregon-based company, from the Williams Automotive Group in transactions that were completed earlier this month.

Public records show that Lithia paid more than $28.5 million for the Pasco County businesses and three properties totaling 21.2 acres, as well as $10.7 million for the Tampa Honda property.

“Bryan DeBoer, president and chief executive officer of Lithia Motors Inc., stated in a statement that the company is thrilled to increase its presence in Florida and position Lithia for continued expansion in this important geographic area. “With the help of this new relationship, we can now reach nine out of ten consumers nationwide, continuing our modernisation plan.

Lithia has 185 locations nationwide and plans to grow in the Southeast. The business estimates that the three outlets in the Tampa Bay area will bring in $325 million in revenue yearly.

The company’s website states that Walt DeBoer established Lithia Motors in 1946 in Ashland, Oregon, as a Chrysler-Plymouth-Dodge dealership. Later, his son Sid and a partner expanded the company in southern Oregon to five locations and 19 franchises. The group of dealerships changed their name to Lithia Motors, Inc. in 1996, and the business started trading on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker LAD.

In 2000, Southeast Automotive Group became Williams Automotive Group. Wesley Chapel Toyota is next to the company’s Lexus of Wesley Chapel dealership, which is still under its control.

Who is Sun Toyota’s owner?

Late Tuesday afternoon, the Morgan Auto Group declared that it had purchased the 3001 U.S. 19 dealership from Jeff Cadwell and Dwane Johansen. The name Sun will remain the same, but there will be some changes at the dealership that customers will notice.

John Marazzi has been appointed managing partner and will be in charge of both Morgan Auto Group’s Brandon Honda and Holiday’s operations. Marazzi has spent close to 30 years working in the Florida automotive business.

How far is Tampa Bay from Tampa, Florida?

At Tampa International Airport in Tampa, Florida, your journey gets underway. It concludes in Tampa, Florida.

Using current gas prices, you can estimate how much it will cost to drive from TPA to Tampa Bay.

You might be curious to locate the city that is midway between TPA and Tampa Bay if you’re meeting a friend.

What part of Tampa, Florida is the finest place to live?

Tampa’s 12 Best Neighborhoods | Where to Live in 2022

  • The best amenities are in downtown Tampa.
  • Palma Ceia is the safest neighborhood in Tampa.
  • Beach Park is a wealthy area of Tampa.
  • Popular Family Community in Hyde Park.
  • One of Tampa’s most affordable neighborhoods is Westshore.

Why is Tampa so well-known?

This city is the biggest in Hillsborough County and Florida’s third-most populous city. Tampa is one of the most populated places in Florida, home to about 400,000 people. Tampa is renowned for being incredibly affordable due to its lack of an income tax and wonderful weather.

Additionally, it offers a variety of beaches and other attractions for an exhilarating outdoor experience. Take some time to look at a few of the experiences Tampa has to offer if you are thinking about moving here. Here are the top 7 justifications for moving to Tampa Bay.

How far is Disney from Tampa?

Yes, it is 72 miles to get from Tampa to Walt Disney World by car. Driving time from Tampa to Walt Disney World is about one hour and fifteen minutes.

Where in Tampa shouldn’t I reside?

Tampa’s Top 5 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods (Plus Safe

  • Campus Hill College Hill is located not far from Historic Ybor.
  • Ybor Heights and Robles Park.
  • Park, Drew.
  • Mountain Pines.
  • Alternative Safe Neighborhoods in Tampa
  • Conclusion.

Which Tampa suburb is the nicest?

The main hub of commerce and tourism in western Florida is Tampa. Tampa is a hub of activity, with attractions like Busch Gardens and ZooTampa as well as the Florida Aquarium and the Museum of Science & Industry. Not to mention that Tampa Bay is a well-liked location to soak up some sun and feel the sand between your toes. There are several builders offering fantastic move-in ready homes in Tampa if you’re ready to relocate there right now. With its close to 400,000 inhabitants, you might prefer a smaller-town atmosphere. For your convenience, we’ve produced a list of the top 10 suburbs of Tampa.

Where do Hispanics primarily reside in Tampa?

In the Tampa Bay area, Hillsborough County has the strongest Hispanic presence, with about one in five residents claiming Spanish or Latin ancestry. But it’s only the beginning.

Puerto Rico is the home island of the majority of Hispanics in the Tampa Bay area, despite Cubans making up the majority of the state’s Hispanic population. South American nations, led by Colombia, are collectively responsible for 6.3% of the Hispanic population in Hillsborough and 10.3% in Pinellas County.

3.5 and 3.6 percent of the Hispanic populations in Hillsborough and Pinellas, respectively, come from Central American nations outside of Mexico. The point? Just among Hispanics, diversity spans more than twenty different countries of origin, which is as diverse as the composition of our entire community.

What is a respectable wage in Tampa?

Anything over $44,000 is considered a respectable salary in Tampa, Florida. Due to the fact that the typical income in Tampa is $44,000, if you make more than that, you are making more money than half the population of Tampa. Tampa’s median annual wage is $54,507.

$21.15 per hour in Tampa is considered a respectable hourly wage. This translates to a respectable weekly income of $846 and a respectable monthly wage of $3,666. However, there are other methods to determine a fair wage in Tampa than utilizing the median income.

Looking at the cost of housing and utilizing it to calculate a good salary in Tampa is another method. According to experts, you should aim to keep your home price to income ratio at around 5 to 1. A respectable salary in Tampa would be $47,780 based on the median property price of $238,900.

Finally, by examining the cost of living and contrasting it with the median income in the US, we can estimate what a good salary in Tampa is. Tampa has a 1% lower cost of living than the country as a whole. An excellent wage in Tampa is anything over $55,746 based on the $56,310 national average salary.

Which Florida town is experiencing the fastest growth?

The capital or one of the many tourist hotspots scattered around Florida aren’t the Sunshine State’s fastest-growing cities.

It is Freeport, Florida, a small community situated in the state’s northeast. The population of Freeport increased from 1,787 in 2010 to 5,861 in 2020. This shows a startling 228% increase.

Thanks to its rural-suburban setting and convenient access to major roads and neighborhood community centers, Freeport is expanding. Just a 20-minute drive from Freeport, which is halfway between Fort Walton Beach and Panama City, is Destin. In addition, property in Freeport is considerably less expensive than in other areas of Florida. Three out of every four people who live in Freeport are home owners.

From where are people moving to Tampa?

Other portions of the state and other states themselves were the two main places people relocated from. According to the bureau, 12% of movers to Tampa came from Florida cities including Miami, Orlando, Sarasota, Lakeland, Port St. Lucie, Cape Coral, Ocala, Jacksonville, and Palm Bay.

According to the Census Bureau, the average young adult who relocated to Tampa did so because of their employment and moved from a location roughly 267 miles away.

That is 85 miles over the average for the country.

Young adults were most likely to relocate to Tampa from New York City, Newark, N.J., Philadelphia, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Boston, Bridgeport, and the District of Columbia, among other major metropolitan regions in other states. Around 7% of the out-of-state sites that fueled the Tampa migration came from those regions.

The Census Bureau studied migration patterns across the nation to identify recurring elements that influenced people’s decisions to relocate. In comparison to the neighborhoods where young individuals were raised, the bureau gave priority to salary growth, home development, and the effects of pricing fluctuations in various locations.

Young adults were willing to relocate for a 2% increase in annual wages, according to the Census Bureau’s comprehensive analysis, which was written by researchers at Harvard University and Census staff “99% or more of wage increases go to people who would have lived in the CZ regardless of the wage change.

According to the study abstract, a 2% rise in yearly salaries equated to almost $1,600 in a given year. However, the study also discovered that some workers moved, depending on where they went “not fully benefit from changes in nominal wages.

How much does a trip to Disney World cost for a family of four?

There are many different price points available to you if you want to organize a trip to Disney World. You should generally budget at least $3000 for a family of three or four, with $4000-5000 being a comfortable sum and $10000 being plenty to fulfill anyone’s goals. However, as we’ve repeatedly pointed out, those numbers can go far higher, and you can probably pinch pennies to get below them.

All Your Other Disney World Planning Questions Answered

Don’t let preparation for Disney World overwhelm you! If you take a moment to look over our most significant articles, you’ll not only become an expert but you’ll also end up saving a ton of money.

Is there a beach in Tampa?

Are you looking for a list of Tampa, Florida’s most beautiful beaches? Look nowhere else!

You are within a short drive of some of Tampa’s top beaches if you fly into Tampa International Airport (TPA), or less than an hour if you fly into Downtown Tampa.

The city of Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater are all part of Tampa Bay, which is situated on the Western Gulf Coast. The peninsula is situated halfway between the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay.

Some of the nicest beaches close to Tampa Bay are found in this area, which is known for its fine white sand and beautiful turquoise waters. a few award-winning beaches among them! The Tampa Bay Area is home to some of the best beaches, including isolated beaches, beaches that can only be reached by boat, family-friendly beaches, and natural preserves.

Since there are 361 days on average of sunshine every year in Tampa, it is known as the “Sunshine City.” There is a beach for everyone with miles of shoreline that range from busy full service beaches to isolated nature areas!