What Is BMW Connected Package Pro?

The Connected Bundle Professional is a package created for consumers who like to be informed both before and during their travels and who like to maintain control no matter what happens. And that is precisely what the clever BMW ConnectedDrive services provide.

How effective is the BMW ConnectedDrive app?

You may use your Apple or Android smartphone, smartwatch, or even an Amazon Echo to control the BMW ConnectedDrive software. You can use it to plan your schedule, remember appointments, or schedule destinations before getting in your car.

With the help of BMW Connected, your smartphone effectively functions as a digital key to unlock and lock your BMW. Similar to a remote control, you can use it to lock doors, activate the climate control, or flash your headlights.

BMW introduces in-car streaming for connected music

As long as you have a recent model with iDrive and utilize one of the chosen services, streaming your favorite music while operating your BMW will soon be simpler than ever. The streaming will actually happen with the iDrive system rather than via Bluetooth, a cable, or wirelessly for Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. The streaming takes place via the data signal from the car, which has the huge advantage of eliminating the requirement for a connected device. As of now, Apple Music and other streaming services are not supported, but Spotify, Napster, and Deezer are.

As a component of the Connected Package Professional, Connected Music is backwards compatible with BMWs dating back as far as three years. However, the configuration is tailored for iDrive Operating System 7.0, which suggests that the latest BMW models equipped with Live Cockpit Professional will likely enjoy the complete experience. Additionally, streaming music from your favourite service won’t use up a lot of data. A song is saved on the iDrive system’s hard drive once it is played, so your enjoyment won’t be stopped if you travel past a spot with poor coverage. It is necessary to have a current BMW ConnectedDrive membership.

Additionally incorporated with BMW’s Intelligent Personal Assistant is music streaming (Siri for your car). Looking to hear a specific song? You only need to ask. The same holds true for playlist access and playback functions. In the greater scheme of things, Connected Music is only the most recent illustration of how the world is becoming increasingly interconnected and how much information and entertainment are now available at our fingertips.

It’s also a fantastic illustration of how adaptable BMW’s in-car electronic systems are. While BMW vehicles from almost a decade ago can still display Spotify album art if fully updated, with everything linked properly, the E46 3 Series and E39 5 Series were shipping with wiring and controls that could one day manage bluetooth calls. BMW’s infotainment systems are still exploring the frontiers of automobile technology today.

Due to the phase-out of 3G networks, the ConnectedDrive services for my car (2015) will terminate on February 1, 2016. A complimentary membership to the Connected Package Professional or the BMW Assist Safety Plan is being provided to those impacted, and it will start up immediately and last until February 1, 2012. You must update the iDrive/Update Services in iDrive in order to obtain this.

So, you’re saying there won’t be any more RTT (real-time traffic)? That’s actually the only item I use almost daily, so it will be a huge letdown if it stops!

Just a quick update: I called the customer support line today and discussed this with them. They granted me a prorated refund for both the ConnectedDrive and RTTI subscriptions because I had just renewed my RTTI subscription back in September, and I will continue to use the service “free” until February. He was unable to be more specific, but he did say that they are investigating an LTE option and that news should come before next February.

Any access to the linked drive’s data section will have an impact. I find it surprising because 4G LTE cannot operate in some areas where 3G HSPA+ can, even though it is still very powerful. One that springs to mind is the range.

ATT wants to free up spectrum for 5G so it won’t have to simultaneously support three generations. It is fine for me, aside from the car. Losing it in the car makes me unhappy.

My 2016 x3 could not be updated, according to an email I received from BMW today. I assume they are not seeking for a solution, then. How is it conceivable that there may not be a tech upgrade? Really depressing

Unfortunately, there isn’t a technical upgrade for your car that would let you keep using ConnectedDrive/BMW Assist services until your contract expires, or after February 2022, whichever comes first.

By switching sim cards, I was able to upgrade my 3G TCB to a 4G ATM. At least in Europe, everything is functional. Only those connected drive services for which I have an unlimited membership are available to me. But I am unable to purchase any new subscriptions. Do you think BMW will let me buy new memberships if I call and explain what I did? Has anyone encountered this?

They are simply very ignorant. They told me to email BMWAssist, who in turn told me to email Customer Relations, who in turn told me to contact the dealer, who never came back to me. Let me know if you succeed because I was unsuccessful.

What is the BMW linked package?

WHAT SPECIFIES THE CONNECTED PACKAGE PLUS? Utilize the Connected Package Plus to ensure that your car has a high degree of connected services, including Remote Services, USB Map Update, Real-Time Traffic Information, BMW Online, and Online Speech Processing.

The value of the BMW Connected package

What benefit does connectedDrive provide that I don’t already receive through Apple Car Play, which I use in my car for GPS, music, etc.?

I’m curious about your experience with it and whether you believe it’s worth renewing.

I paid $150 for the L package and am also from Australia. In my X3, I also have CarPlay. After using both for some time, I would advise against spending additional money on ConnectedDrive. You do have access to features like traffic updates, online tools, updated maps, remote supervision, and—most importantly—navigational guidance in HUD. You might wish to purchase that package if you consider any of those to be important. But I’ve found that Apple Maps, Google Maps, and Waze are all better at routing than the built-in maps now that I commute every day during rush hour, when better navigation routing can be useful. In terms of aesthetics, voice guidance, and HUD integration, I still prefer the built-in maps the best, but the routing is simply ineffective. I have recently stopped using BMW maps totally. CarPlay’s calling interface, which fills the full screen, is its only drawback. BMW has made many good interface choices, but sadly, a connection to navigation routing is not one of them. If only the routing was on pace with other major providers, I would love to use BMW maps and would gladly pay for them.

What distinguishes my BMW from BMW Connected?

Every each generation of BMW apps has injected more technology into the driving experience, further fusing your personal life with that of your car. This generation was no exception. Except that the most recent premiere was meant to be a wink to the drivers of electric cars.

My BMW remote app enhanced their overview and broadened their operational range while the BMW Connected app started to enable remote access to car statistics, executing upgrades to the on-board software, or controlling specific vehicle operations. It provides direct access to service facilities, significantly improves plug-in hybrid and all-electric model functions (displays electric range, charging status, tracking of charging history, programming of charging in a time slot, etc.), and provides more practical use of maps and navigation (e.g. convenient vehicle location, sending routes from the app to BMW Maps).

What advantages does BMW ConnectedDrive offer?

Benefits of the BMW ConnectedDrive App You can access contacts, messages, emails, texts, podcasts, and more with your BMW X5’s ConnectedDrive system, all without lifting a finger. To access your apps and data, ConnectedDrive uses voice commands and a straightforward touchpad. Benefits of ConnectedDrive include: Utilize your apps

The app for BMW Connected is it free?

The My BMW app is available for free download from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and works with both iOS and Android devices. It serves as a new, universal interface with the car, giving information on the status of the vehicle whenever needed.

Do trackers like BMW ConnectedDrive count?

Does anyone have knowledge of ConnectedDrive Remote Services? A secondhand M235i was my recent purchase. Although I am aware that BMW ConnectedDrive is not a tracker, I still wanted to be able to locate my car, and this feature (Remote Services) allows me to do so without being constrained by a 1.5 mile radius.

Everything is OK, and it was incredibly helpful when my house was broken into and my baby was taken hostage. I was unable to follow the car while it was moving, but once it stopped, I was able to find it, and the police were able to recover it five miles distant. I was able to retrieve my automobile entirely because of Remote Services. Time travel 2.5 weeks. My Android phone’s BMW ConnectedDrive app has been upgraded. I tried to find my car while I was at work. “Vehicle was too far away to establish location,” it reported. I briefly panicked, believing my automobile had been taken. When I was more composed, I downloaded Fake GPS to make my phone think it was near my residence. And there you have it, my automobile was found by BMW Connected. My blood was boiling, so I wrote BMW a series of stern emails. Still waiting for them to respond.

Even though BMW has all the tools and technology to assist the owner in recovering a stolen vehicle, they choose not to do so. I requested assistance from Emergency Services after my automobile was taken. The operator informed me that she could only find my car if I was actually in it. It is understandable why auto thieves favor BMW so much. BMW supports the theft of these vehicles.

With BMW ConnectedDrive, is it possible to start your car?

You can activate Remote Engine Start by pointing your BMW key fob at your car and pressing the lock button (the BMW Roundel) three times in a row.

How long is the lifespan of BMW ConnectedDrive?

You can outfit your BMW with brand-new vehicle functionalities just when you need them thanks to the expanding selection of BMW ConnectedDrive Upgrades*. Would you, for instance, wish to subsequently add Driving Assistant Plus to your BMW iX or BMW 7 Series? The BMW 2 Series Active Tourer’s steering wheel heating? If you’d like, you can also do this quickly and conveniently through the internet for a duration of between one month and three years via the ConnectedDrive Store.

* As of right now, service is only offered for the new BMW 7 Series, BMW iX, and BMW 2 Series Active Tourer, depending on the specific model. The extent, specifications, and accessibility of BMW ConnectedDrive upgrades vary by model, piece of equipment, and nation.