How To Clear Homelink Toyota

The most commonly used and trusted vehicle-based wireless control system in the world, HomeLink is accessible in more than 100 nations. Your HomeLink buttons are normally found in the overhead console, center stack, or mirror of your car, but their exact location depends on the make, model, and year of your vehicle. Please consult your owner’s manual if you’re unsure of where your HomeLink is.

Thousands of various garage doors, gates, and other devices throughout the world are compatible with HomeLink. We cannot, however, promise that all regions and all device manufacturers will be compatible.

The most accurate training instructions are always found in your owner’s handbook, which you should utilize as your main resource for training your equipment. The following instructions have been created to work for training most compatible devices if you cannot locate your owner’s manual. Please be aware that these instructions imply a HomeLink location that uses mirrors. Please utilize your vehicle’s other HomeLink location instead of the mirror if it is available.

  • Note:
  • Make sure all obstructions are removed before setting up HomeLink, and park your car somewhere other than the garage.
  • For more precise programming, we advise purchasing a new battery for your garage door remote.
  • When programming the “Learn or “Smart button, you might require a stepladder or another solid, safe device if your garage door opener employs rolling code.

Training for HomeLink and garage doors:

  • It could be useful to clean your HomeLink before starting your first HomeLink course. Press and hold the outer two HomeLink buttons for 10 seconds to accomplish this. Release only when the indication light switches from solid to quickly flashing. When training extra buttons, skip this step.
  • Press and hold both the button on your handheld garage door remote and the HomeLink button you want to program while holding your garage door remote 1-3 inches (3-7 cm) away from your HomeLink buttons. When the HomeLink indication light switches from gently flickering to solid or fast flashing, DO NOT RELEASE.
  • Release the trained HomeLink button after pressing it. Your HomeLink indication light should be solid if you have a fixed code device, and pushing the trained HomeLink button should now open your garage door.
  • You probably have a rolling code device if your garage door is not working and the indication light is flashing quickly. There are still a few procedures to take, which we will cover in the next section (“Rolling Code Training).

Learning the Rolling Code:

  • The subsequent processes might go more quickly and easily with a second person.
  • The following actions must be taken quickly and possibly more than once.
  • We advise utilizing a stepladder or another sturdy, secure equipment if you are unable to reach the “learn,” “smart,” or “program” button. Do not carry out these actions while standing on your car.
  • Find the “learn,” “smart,” or “program” button on your garage door opener. The manufacturer may change the form and color.
  • Select the program, clever, or learn button. Your garage door opener’s indication light can start blinking, depending on the brand.
  • Return to your car in 20 seconds, then press and let go of the programmed HomeLink button. To finish the training, repeat the “press and release sequence” three times. Your device equipped with a rolling code should now be activated by HomeLink.
  • Skip the “cleaning process” at the beginning of this video and simply carry out the remaining procedures while using an unprogrammed HomeLink button to teach additional buttons.


  • It is advised that you erase any pre-programmed HomeLink buttons before returning a leased car or selling your car.
  • Simply press and hold the outside HomeLink buttons for 10 seconds, or until the solid HomeLink indicator light turns to blinking, to accomplish this.

Changing the Program for a Single HomeLink Button:

The next step can be taken to overwrite buttons that already have devices registered to them without erasing other programmed buttons.

  • Select the HomeLink button, then press and hold it.
  • After roughly 20 seconds of continued button holding, the HomeLink indicator light will begin to flash gently. Position the garage door remote between 5 and 30 cm below the HomeLink buttons, press, and hold the garage door remote until the HomeLink indicator light changes from gently flashing to solid or fast flashing. This modification shows that the frequency signal has been absorbed.
  • Hold down the HomeLink button that has been programmed while you look at the indicator light.
  • When the HomeLink button is pressed and released, your device should turn on if the indication light is solid, indicating that programming is finished.
  • Rolling Code Training should be continued if the indicator light blinks quickly.

How can I reset the HomeLink garage door opener’s prior settings?

Before programming your own HomeLink garage door opener, you should remove the old settings if you are moving or buying a used automobile. This can be done in a few simple steps.

The HomeLink garage door buttons should be found. The above console has three buttons with the labels I, II, and III.

For around 20 seconds, press and hold the I and III buttons. The electronic vehicle information center will show the phrase CLEARING CHANNELS at this period (EVIC).

Release your hold on the buttons when the EVIC displays the message CHANNELS CLEARED. The settings for your HomeLink garage door opener have been reset.

Can one HomeLink button be cleared?

My 2018 Macan’s Homelink Button #1 started functioning erratically, and I wanted to reset it without clearing all three buttons. How to reprogram and clear just one button is not immediately obvious. Simply maintain pressure on the button for at least 20 seconds until a gradual flash appears. In front of the car, hold the remote control button down. You’re done when the turn signals flash three times. Although it was not clearly specified, this is the same process as the first time the button was programmed. Be aware that you will also need to follow these steps if you have a rolling code opener.

My HomeLink button is red; why is that?

When you press it again, the light ought to be red. This indicates that your 3-button remote is now prepared for HomeLink system programming.

How do I configure my Toyota’s HomeLink?

Setting Up Toyota HomeLink

  • Hold your Toyota HomeLink system within 1-2 inches of your garage or gate remote control.
  • The remote button and the preferred HomeLink button should both be pressed and held.
  • After releasing both buttons, double-click the HomeLink button to confirm.
  • To check the operation of the garage door, press the HomeLink button once.

How is a garage door opener reprogrammed?

The mechanical device in your garage that raises and lowers your door is your garage door opener. The idea is the same even though different models have varied features and button placements.

  • The Program button must be pressed and held down until an LED light appears. To get the proper menu choice for programming a remote, you might need to hit the Program button a second time, depending on your model. A good indication that your opener is ready to be programmed to your remote is flashing LED lights.
  • You may need to press and release the desired remote control button several times.
  • To open the door, press the button.

How to Program a Wireless Keypad

To save time, we advise you to bring your remote and the wireless keypad close to your garage door opener. For the Odyssey and Destiny openers, follow these instructions. Consult the user manual if your Overhead Door opener is a different model.

  • Press and hold the Program key, 6 and Up/Down keys on the keypad in that order. Release all three buttons once the keypad’s lights go off.
  • Press and then let go of the following buttons in order: 3, 5, 7, and Program. Now, the LED ought to be flashing.
  • Select a PIN and enter it. It need to range from three to eight digits. After that, click the Program button. Two LED flashes are required.
  • Press and hold Program at the opener until the LEDs turn on. Release it, and one LED must continue to glow. Press and release the Program button once again to access the programming menu, and the LED should begin blinking.
  • Press the button pre-programmed to the opener on your remote or clicker. The second LED will begin to flash.
  • Use the wireless keypad to enter your PIN, then push the Up/Down button. The opener’s LED lights ought to be solid. To set the programming, press the Up/Down button on the keypad one more.

Can HomeLink be set up without a remote control?

Try pressing the preprogrammed button to see if your garage door opens and closes. If it does, your effort has been fruitful. In the event that it doesn’t, repeat the process.

You may move a few little switches around to create any passcode you like. It should be comparable to the password on your phone. You won’t replace it unless you decide it’s no longer secure, at which point it will stay the same.

Note: If you have an earlier HomeLink garage door opener, there are no instructions for configuring it without a remote. In the HomeLink system, a code cannot be manually set. You need to utilize a remote to program it.

Most of the steps are the same. Make sure the door is shut, the key is not in the ignition, and any outdated programming is cleared away.

  • Simply push both the remote button and the HomeLink button you wish to program while holding the remote up to the HomeLink button.
  • Hold them until you notice the in-car remote’s LED starting to flash quickly.

How can the HomeLink on a Toyota Highlander be reset?

For 2 seconds, press and hold the appropriate HomeLinkbutton inside the car, then let go. To finish programming, push, hold, and release the button up to three times.