How To Break Into A Toyota Corolla Trunk

Although this is a bothersome situation, it can be changed and is only momentary. Use the trunk release lever on the driver’s side of your Toyota Corolla to open the trunk quickly and easily. Use a slim jim to get into your automobile if you’ve locked yourself out of the cabin as well. You can also call a locksmith.

Without a key, how do you open a Toyota trunk?

If you try this procedure on your own, there’s a risk you won’t be able to put everything back in its proper place, so be sure to follow the instructions and watch the instructional video first. When your Camry’s doors can be unlocked but the alarm system prohibits you from opening the trunk and your keys are inside, it still functions.

  • On the driver’s door, find the plastic plug. When the door is closed, it is level with the handle and faces the B-Column. Remove it, then store it securely.
  • Peer through the gap.
  • Inside is a Torx head screw. Locate the right size Torx screwdriver, then remove the screw. Although there are safeguards in place to stop the screw from hitting the door, proceed with caution just in case.
  • To get to the key cylinder, pull the door handle. The key cylinder must be removed from the socket, however doing so can be challenging due to how tightly it fits. Avoid breaking off the handle or scratching the paint. As a temporary layer of security, some masking tape will be fantastic.
  • The cylinder head will emerge facing the car’s rear. Once you’ve opened the trunk, you won’t be able to put it back in any other way, so keep this in mind.
  • Take a look at the key cylinder’s tip. The plus-shaped lock mechanism will be visible. When you look inside the cylinder slot, you will see a plus-shaped indentation where the cylinder should fit.
  • Carefully place a flathead screwdriver into the cylinder slot. Rotate it to lock the car and then to unlock it once it is positioned inside the plus-shaped indentation.
  • When you push the trunk release button, the trunk instantly opens!

It is far more difficult to put the cylinder lock back in place than it was to remove it. Let’s follow the procedures to put the door back in working order.

  • Slide the cylinder back in from the same angle it was inserted by raising the door handle. Take your time, be gentle, and avoid using forcethis will involve plenty of twisting, pivoting, and turning.
  • Insert the key, turn it, then gradually apply pressure to the cylinder until it is facing the proper direction and the door handle can slide onto it. The cylinder should then automatically fall into position.
  • Tighten the Torx screw while the key is still within the lock. If the screw isn’t holding, you’ll use the key to wriggle it into place until it does, causing everything to settle into its proper position.
  • After replacing the plastic stopper, the procedure is complete.

Without a key, how can a trunk be opened?

Oops! Fortunately, as long as that isn’t locked, too, you can use the trunk release button or lever inside your car to open the trunk without a key.

The best approach to open the trunk if you’ve completely locked yourself out of the car is still through the cabin. To open your automobile door, you have two options: call a locksmith or use a slim jim.

Most auto parts stores sell slim jims, often known as lock picks. To utilize it to retrieve your keys from the trunk, follow these steps:

  • Between the window and the window trim, press the pick down.
  • With the pick, search the area for a rod.
  • The automobile door should then open after using the pick to raise the rod.
  • Now look inside your car for the lever or button that releases the trunk.
  • To unlock the trunk, push or pull the lock.

Therefore, you have a few options if you’ve locked your keys in the trunk. If you’re locked out of the trunk as well, you can either use a slim jim by following the methods above, call roadside help, or open the trunk using the trunk release button or lever in the cabin.

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Can a slim jim be applied to a Toyota Corolla?

Only in extreme cases is it advised to unlock your Toyota Corolla using a slim jim. But even a beginner do-it-yourselfer should be able to do the task if you don’t want to spend money on a locksmith. Simply adhere to these guidelines to slim jim your car.

  • Shop for a slim jim at your neighborhood car parts store.
  • To make the slim jim more readily grab the lock mechanism, slightly bend it.
  • Between the window and the door, slide the slim jim.
  • The bottom of the slim jim should be directed toward the lock mechanism by turning it at an angle. It can require several attempts before you feel the lock mechanism.
  • The door should unlock as you approach.

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Without a key, how do you unlock a 2018 Toyota Corolla?

It’s awful to lose your keys completely or to lock them inside of your automobile. The truth is very different from how easy it appears in the movies to break into a car. It takes a lot of force to break into a Toyota Corolla without first breaking the door glass with a hammer. The first person you should call if you lock your keys in your car is a locksmith, who can come out and unlock it for you for a fee. In an emergency, you can typically open the hatch or boot (which Americans refer to as the trunk) by pounding the lock out with a big flat-headed screwdriver. Although installing a new lock will be necessary, doing so is frequently safer and less expensive than shattering a window and replacing the glass. Don’t even think about trying to conventionally hotwire a vehicle made within the previous 30 years; instead, call a tow truck to have it delivered to your neighborhood mechanic.

How do you use a screwdriver to open a trunk?

The screwdriver must be wedged into the lock and moved left and right until the trunk is unlocked. This is not advised, though.

If you use a screwdriver to open the trunk of your car, you risk damaging the paint, and replacing paint can cost hundreds of dollars. You also run the chance of damaging the lock. To solve the problem, you might want to contact a locksmith.

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Without a key, how do you open a 2016 Toyota Corolla?

Oh, no! Being locked out of your keys is never fun. Fortunately, a coathanger will work to unlock a Toyota automobile door.

If you can afford it, call a locksmith rather than risking damage to your car. However, if you insist on trying to open your car manually, try this:

  • On the front drivers side of your Camry, insert a flathead screwdriver wrapped in a towel or a tiny wedge into the gap between the door and the frame.
  • Pry the door open a bit with the screwdriver. Be very careful when doing this to avoid accidently damaging the frame’s structural integrity or your car’s locking system.
  • To keep the door open, use a wedge or another screwdriver.
  • In the space between the door and the frame, insert a wire coathanger (or another long, strong wire).
  • With the coathanger, depress the car’s unlock button.
  • Open the door after carefully removing the wedges and the coathanger.

Is it possible to open the trunk outside the automobile without the use of a key?

Seats should be folded. Your vehicle might feature fold-down rear seats if it lacks a trunk release button. If that’s the case, all you have to do to get to the keys is fold the seats back and squeeze into the trunk.

Can you pick the lock on a car trunk?

I’m sorry you locked your keys in the trunk, but there isn’t a reliable way to open a car trunk lock without causing harm to the automobile. To reach the trunk, you should either call a locksmith or open a different door.

You can pry the lock open with a screwdriver if you don’t mind causing damage or replacing the lock. You may also use a slim jim, which you can get from most auto parts stores.

With a slim jim, access the trunk as follows:

  • Swipe the slim jim’s hook end between the trim at the handle and the passenger-side glass.
  • Find the lock rod that joins the handle to the locking mechanism by feeling around.
  • Pull up while securing the thin jim to the rod. The door ought to be unlocked after you hear a click.
  • Alternately, you can fold down the back seats and use the emergency release lever to open the trunk by unlocking the other doors and opening it normally.

Remember that not all vehicles can be repaired with slim jims, and even if they can, you risk damaging the vehicle. The best way to open the trunk is typically to hire a locksmith, and if your automobile insurance includes towing and labor coverage, the visit might even be paid for.

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How can a trunk be opened without a battery?

You can pull the trunk release handle from the backseat to open the trunk if your car’s battery dies or becomes disconnected. Through the trunk pass-through, reach the handle.

How does a 2018 Toyota Corolla’s trunk open?

Use the trunk release lever on the driver’s side of your Toyota Corolla to open the trunk quickly and easily. Use a slim jim to get into your automobile if you’ve locked yourself out of the cabin as well. You can also call a locksmith.

When your car’s keys are inside, how do you open it?

The usage of fancy key fobs, touchpads, and remote-unlock sensors in some more recent vehicles virtually ensures that you won’t get locked out. But what about the millions of poor souls who still manually lock and unlock their vehicles? Will they always be bothered by automobile windows that are shattered and prybars?

It is entirely possible to get your keys out of a locked car with a little patience, experience, and even more patience, and you probably won’t need to go to an auto body shop nearby to have your window fixed afterward. Here are some pointers for entering your locked automobile safely. (Bad people shouldn’t read any farther.)