Why Nissan Patrol Not In Us?

The Nissan Patrol has previously traveled to America twice. Infiniti QX80, with a more upmarket exterior and interior to deliver a more opulent off-roader, debuted in 2011. The Patrol was then made available as a Nissan Armada in 2017.

The Nissan Armada, on the other hand, doesn’t have the best reputation. Additionally, for a brief in Australia, the Nissan Patrol was promoted as the Ford Maverick. They may have caused misunderstanding by renaming a Nissan SUV after an old Ford muscle vehicle.

If the Nissan Patrol has already traveled to America twice, perhaps we can anticipate seeing it there once more, but this time with no price-hiking luxury features. Although models produced in the United States were larger to compete with the Chevy Tahoe and GMC Suburban, the Nissan Patrol has always been a smaller off-road vehicle.

The Chicken Levy, a 25% tax on all automobiles imported into the United States, would also apply to the Nissan Patrol. In it to be lucrative if sold here, it would therefore need to be marked up higher.

The Nissan Patrol is currently prohibited in the United States because its safety features don’t meet standards. To make it a safer SUV, the 2020 model might have undergone some big upgrades. We are unsure if this tough SUV can adhere to the most recent emission requirements.

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I’m aware that it’s a question of taste, but the majority of four-wheelers in the rest of the world would concur. The best truck that was never offered for sale in the US is the Nissan Patrol. Well, not exactly—there was a later version known as the QX56 and an earlier version was accessible in the 1960s. The better versions of this storied car, meanwhile, were not exported to the United States.

I’m going to venture a guess and suggest that maybe, with the exception of the Toyota Landcruiser, there hasn’t been an American off-road vehicle that can compete with the Nissan Patrol. The Nissan Patrol was renowned for its tough design. It had solid axles and leaf springs in the front and back in the 1980s.

In its day, it was the only vehicle of its size in its class. Even heavier than some one-ton vehicles, it was constructed. Off-road, it was nearly impossible to stop. It was extremely well-liked and is still well-liked now, especially in Australia and other locations where decent roads are the uncommon. It is altered for dune races and is especially well-liked in the United Arab Emirates.

Popular Nissan Patrol is Currently Measureable at SEMA Garage

An ’18 Nissan Patrol Y61 that is popular for customization in the Middle East and Australia will be available for SEMA members to measure. The vehicle was brought into the country by SEMA under a temporary waiver (as it is not U.S. spec’d) and is wanted for its off-road (usually sandy terrain) prowess and on-road comfort.

The 4.8L petrol six-cylinder engine and five-speed manual transmission are available for measurement. Members are not required to pay to measure the automobiles.

The United Arab Emirates and the rest of the Middle East are huge fans of this tough car that was made in Japan. Little has changed since the 1997 model year for the Nissan Patrol, which has been selling well not only in the Middle East but also in Australia and New Zealand. Sales of new cars in these markets ceased in 2016, but many Y61s are still on the road in Australia, where 900 cars per month were sold in the region during its peak. For another six months, the Nissan Patrol is offered in the US (SEMA imported the truck under the U.S. government waiver program to measure vehicles that do not meet U.S. NHTSA and EPA standards).

The SEMA International Vehicle Measuring Program (IVMP) was established with the intention of making it simpler for members to obtain well-liked foreign vehicles that aren’t offered for sale in the United States. The Patrol is the eighth car made accessible through this initiative, which SEMA and the US Department of Commerce jointly established.


If you’re under 25 years old, it will cost a lot to do. It is possible, but it will be quite expensive.

Simply said, importing a Patrol that is 25 years or older is preferable. That permits the introduction of the GQ or Y60 series in 2012. GQ/Y60 = SFA, diesel engines, a somewhat modern body and interior, and coil springs instead of leaf springs everywhere else unless it is a Ute or pickup.

I would pay a lot for the right GU/Y61 in the USA and would adore having one. However, it would cost between $20 and $50 thousand to make it street legal in the USA.

At least one GU was for sale in the USA, according to me. A few years ago, it was listed on eBay. The SWB had about 90k miles on it and had the worst engine, a 3L diesel. No idea if it was actually legal, however the price tag was $35 USD.

Being from South America, I’m sure you are aware of how much a Patrol costs, and doubling or tripling that expense to have a Patrol in the USA isn’t exactly a popular concept.

Nissan stopped producing its Patrol utes when?

Nissan has removed the GU Patrol (Y61) from its lineup before stricter pollution standards take effect at the end of 2016, as we anticipated back in May 2015.

Nissan Australia CEO Richard Emery remarked, “To continue with it [the Y61] beyond 2016, would mean meeting EU5 emissions, and that would require tremendous effort,” at the presentation of the NP300 Navara in 2015. It would primarily be for us [Australia], therefore the market is pretty small.

Emery announced the move at a press conference in Melbourne (April 2016), stating: “We’ll be pulling the Y61 Patrol from the market at the end of this year, both in wagon and cab-chassis version. We’ll probably sell the last of our Y61 Patrols at the end of the year.

It’s probably not shocking because the Y61 has been holding on by a thread for a good number of years, and we just decided to make the call now. Don’t get me wrong, I would really like to continue selling the Y61 as it is such a beloved product of ours and has such a strong fan base, but you have to know when to retire, and I believe that moment has come for that particular car.

If the GU Patrol were to continue manufacturing, Emery said the following: “There are a number of things that we would need to examine in terms of regulatory and other market acceptable standards. They simply aren’t available to us, or if they are, the cost barrier in comparison to the profit and volume potential suggests that its time has likely come.

The GU Patrol has been on sale in Australia for 19 years, during which time it has undergone six distinct powertrains and multiple ‘Series’ revisions. Due to its collapse, Nissan no longer offers live-axle 4×4 vehicles, a seven-seat diesel 4×4 wagon, or heavy-duty cab-chassis vehicles. Even though its availability was limited, fleet buyers continued to favor the Patrol cab-chassis.

The larger, petrol-powered, wagon-only Y62 Patrol, which received fresh life after a product range realignment and price reduction late last year, carries the Patrol moniker. The Y62 Patrol, which has a starting price of $69,990 as of March 2016, is outselling the previous Y61 model, but demand is being constrained by supply concerns.

At this time, there are no plans to install a diesel engine in the Y62 or Y62 cab-chassis.

Will a new Nissan Patrol be available in Australia?

Nissan’s Australian division will take use of its larger seat at the product planning table to insist that the next generation Y63 Nissan Patrol be focused on off-road capability.

In Australia, the Patrol has had a good year, with the company selling half of their 2021 sales in just the first three months of 2022. Better still, the company claims that despite a four to five month waiting period for customers, order quantities are still rising rather than decreasing.

In order to continue competing against the Toyota LandCruiser 300 Series, Nissan has demanded a focus on off-road capability at the product planning table for the next Patrol model, which is anticipated in 2024.

Do Nissan Patrols continue to be produced?

The persistent semiconductor shortage affecting the world’s automotive industry is causing further delays for the 2022 Nissan Patrol.

Production of the Nissan Patrol has been canceled or drastically reduced from October 2021 until the end of February 2022, according to a private report from Nissan Australia. And there can be additional delays.

It implies that Australian customers who have been waiting in line for a Nissan Patrol for a while now will continue to do so indefinitely.

Nissan claims that as consumers get impatient and doubtful of future delivery predictions, it is now thinking about speaking with them directly about the delays.

Over the previous 18 months, the Nissan Patrol’s arrival schedule has fluctuated, largely due to the pandemic.

Nissan, along with the majority of other automakers, no longer has reliable “ahead visibility” on production plans because the stock situation changes daily. This is in addition to the global shortage of semiconductors needed to produce each vehicle.

It’s not just Nissan. Due to the crisis in semiconductors, the majority of Australia’s Top 12 automakers are dealing with ongoing stock shortages.

Last month, the world’s largest automaker Toyota apologized publicly to its consumers and detailed the delays affecting many of its best-selling models.

The Australian Automotive Dealers Association (AADA) has been advising clients to “get in the queue and order now” so that when a car does arrive, it will have your name on it throughout the pandemic.

What is the name of the Nissan Patrol in Japan?

Nissan produces and sells a line of full-size SUVs known as the Nissan Patrol in Japan under the Japanese and Hepburn names Ri Chan patororu and Nissan Patororu, respectively.

Since 1951, there have been two different Patrol chassis options: a short-wheelbase (SWB) three-door and a long-wheelbase (LWB) five-door. The pickup truck and cab chassis versions of the LWB version have been made available. Ford Australia marketed the Patrol as the Ford Maverick between 1988 and 1994. The Patrol was marketed by Ebro as the Ebro Patrol in certain nations in Europe, including Spain. It was rebadged and offered as the Nissan Safari in Japan in 1980 at specific Nissan Prince Store locations.

Australia, Central and South America, South Africa, some of Southeast Asia, Western Europe, Iran, and the Middle East are all regions where you can purchase the Patrol. It was the first Patrol-based vehicle to be sold in North America since 1969 for the 2011 model year as the premium Infiniti QX56 (later rebranded as Infiniti QX80), and it will be made available there for the 2017 model year as the Nissan Armada.