Why Did Stockton Nissan Closed?

In October 2016, I bought a 2015 Nissan Sentra from Stockton Nissan. Fast forward to April 2020, four years later, and I was prepared to pay off the car loan. Any service agreements and add-ons I had were something I wanted to cancel before paying off the loan and receive a return for. I was informed that in order to cancel and receive a refund, I would need to travel to the original dealership where I bought the automobile. After that, I was told that Nissan of Stockton was no longer in operation. Therefore, it has been six months that I have had the runaround, and it is now October. When I spoke with Nissan Consumer relations at their corporate headquarters, they were completely unaware that Nissan of Stockton had been shut down. Therefore, no one was able to assist me in terminating these contracts. I was always assured that someone would contact me and return my call. I waited for an answer for four months, during which time the interest on my car loan kept rising. I finally paid off the automobile in full in August, but as of now, nobody has been in touch with me to tell me what to do. I just called Nissan today, and I got the following response: “I’m sorry, but since Nissan of Stockton is now closed, we have no information on your contract, therefore we can’t do anything for you.” But I already paid for those items that I’m not going to utilize! Nissan’s closure is not my responsibility. I would have bought the car from somewhere else if I had known this would happen four years later. Even Nissan of Tracy, who I contacted, informed me that they were not affiliated and could not assist me.

Nissan-trained technicians at your service

Enjoy the assurance that a trained Nissan specialist will service your car and that it is in excellent hands. No matter if you’re bringing in your car for routine maintenance or the check engine light is on, our Nissan service center has you covered! Our technicians are highly experienced and competent at what they do, so you can rely on us to get the job done right the first time!


Choosing The Appropriate Maintenance Period You are liable for keeping your Nissan car properly maintained as a term of the guarantee. You should adhere to Schedule 1 or Schedule 2 as mentioned below when maintaining your car. To choose which Nissan maintenance schedule to utilize, follow these instructions.

Nissan SCHEDULE 1 (more demanding operating circumstances), whichever comes first, every 3,750 miles or three months.

If any of the following describe how you typically run your car, choose Nissan Schedule 1:

  • repeated short journeys of no more than five miles in a normal environment, or ten miles in a freezing environment
  • Stop-and-go traffic in hot weather or lengthy distances at low speeds
  • Driving in a smoky environment or on unpaved, muddy, or salt-covered roads
  • Using a camper car-top carrier or a trailer to tow

Nissan SCHEDULE 2, every 7,500 miles or six months, whichever comes first (least demanding operating circumstances).

Nissan Schedule 2 has 7,500-mile service intervals; Schedule 2 requires less regular maintenance item inspection or replacement than Schedule 1.

Schedule 2 often only applies to warm-weather highway driving. Use Schedule 2 only if you run your vehicle in conditions different than those detailed in Schedule 1 for the majority of the time.

NISSAN PREMIUM MAINTENANCE* Nissan recommends the optional upgrade of Premium Maintenance, which adds services to Schedules 1 and 2 when maintenance is carried out.

The premium upgrade services could improve your vehicle’s performance, longevity, dependability, and resale value. Items for NISSAN Premium Maintenance are available every 30,000 miles or every 24 months.

Although Nissan recommends Premium Maintenance, you are not required to undertake it in order to keep your Nissan’s warranties in effect.