Who Owns Nissan Of Shelby?

Nissan of Shelby has undergone such a thorough renovation that it can no longer be identified as a former Lowe’s Home Improvement store.

The dealership, which is located at 631 S. Post Rd., welcomed the public into its recently remodeled building in October but held off on holding a grand opening until all the final touches were in place in March.

According to General Manager Phil Minor, the Shelby facility is now the third-largest Nissan dealership in the country and the biggest in the southeast thanks to its 73,000 square foot building.

The dealership now has a 30,000-square-foot showroom, a service room, and an additional back room for detailing that can be used as additional service space when the company expands.

For the purpose of installing glass panels across the full front, the building’s entire front was removed. Customers may pull their vehicles into the service bay inside and then go to the waiting area, where they can view their vehicles being serviced through a second glass wall.

Minor claimed that the new space’s investment is already beginning to pay off through greater sales.

According to Minor, throughout the previous seven years, the store’s monthly sales have typically ranged from 40 to 60. Since December, that dealership has sold 100 cars on average each month.

By the 18–24 month point, “our expectation is to be to 150–200,” Minor stated.

Since the remodeling began in 2017, Nissan of Shelby has operated from trailers on the lot.

Minor claimed that the inconvenience was worthwhile since they wanted to make Shelby’s residents and the larger community proud.

Minor also believes that Nissan of Shelby’s renovation of an outdated structure would serve as a model for other companies to follow in bringing new life to abandoned buildings. He believes that doing so will benefit the municipality more as well.

Shelby is developing rapidly, Minor observed. “More luxury companies for customers to do business with will only draw builders to develop more upscale homes and other goods,”