How To Remote Start Hyundai?

By simultaneously pushing the Lock and Remote Start buttons within three seconds, the Remote Start feature can be used. Your Hyundai will be inspected by the system to determine whether it is safe to start it. If it is, the engine will start after 5 seconds and run for up to 15 minutes. To turn off the engine, press and hold the Start button once more for two seconds.


Press the lock button on your key fob while holding down the remote start button to activate the remote start function for your Hyundai Elantra. Alternatively, utilize the Blue Link Remote Package and your smartphone. When your parking lights flash, you’re all good to go! A

Sometimes getting into your car is about the last thing you want to do, whether it is 115 degrees and sunny or 15 degrees and snowy. Thankfully, technology has saved the day! You may start your Hyundai remotely in advance and start your commute without risking burning your hands or freezing your buns thanks to this feature. A

Climate Control and Remote Start

A subscription to Bluelink Remote Package is necessary. Only automobiles with an automatic transmission or a dual clutch transmission that are equipped with push button start are eligible for remote vehicle starting. Not offered on all trims and models. Use Remote Start only if it is secure to do so.

With only a few taps on the app or a simple command to Alexa, you can remotely start your Hyundai’s engine, adjust the temperature inside, and turn on the defroster.

How can I use a remote to start my Hyundai Sonata?

You are in for a treat if your Hyundai Sonata has a remote start. However, you must understand how to use it in order to make use of this functionality. The procedures are outlined below!

Follow these instructions to remotely start your Hyundai Sonata:

  • Begin by using the Bluelink app or fob to lock the doors [even if the doors are already secured].
  • Hold down the remote start button after that.
  • Before the car starts, the headlights and turn signals will flash.
  • After operating for 10 minutes, the Hyundai Sonata will shut off.
  • Press the remote start button once more to stop the car.

No matter the weather, having a remote start is a useful feature. We’ll look more closely at how and when to use the remote start option in your Hyundai Sonata in this post. Continue reading for answers to more frequently asked questions about the Sonata’s remote start.

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How do I start my Hyundai key fob remotely?

It could initially seem self-explanatory. Your key fob has a remote start button, but using it doesn’t just involve pressing a button. You must lock the doors with the key fob before pressing the remote start button (even if the doors are locked already).

Hold the remote start button after locking the door for 4 seconds. Holding the button down for at least two seconds is necessary for it to function. Your Hyundai’s parking lights will blink in response to each command.

The heating and cooling systems in your Hyundai will operate until the pre-set temperatures once it is started. If no additional action is taken after 10 minutes, the car will again switch off. The car will turn off once again if you press the remote start button once more.

How can I tell if the Hyundai Sonata I own has remote starting?

If your car has a remote starter, the owner’s manual will have information about your unique remote starter and how it functions. To see if this feature is present, look in the manual’s index.

Listed below are few well-known automobiles with a factory remote start option:

  • Accord, Civic, and Insight from Honda
  • GM automobiles (2003 – later)
  • Honda Accord
  • ZDX and TLX Acura (2010 – later)
  • Tribeca, Legacy, and Outback Subaru models (2007 – later)
  • Navara Altima
  • Fusion and the Ford Mustang
  • Corvette Camaro

Has my Hyundai Elantra remote start been installed?

It does, indeed. Simply make sure your car is correctly connected to the BlueLink Connected Vehicle System and that the software has been downloaded and set up on your phone. With the help of this app, you can remotely turn on the heater and start your Elantra so that everything is ready to go when you step outside.

Can the 2016 Hyundai Sonata be started remotely?

From the convenience of your home or workplace, you may now start, warm, front-defrost, or cool your car.

  • WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW – This is a complete remote starting kit for the Key-to-Start – Gas 2015-2016 Hyundai Sonata. a T-Harness, a data interface bypass module, and a remote starter. It is ready to be configured to YOUR vehicle and has firmware preloaded. There are all the parts included that are needed for installation. Notably, certain automobiles’ remote entry systems are inoperative when the engine is running. For further information, see the product description. ONLY an automatic transmission. The product might not function in autos made for sales outside of the United States and Canada.
  • REMOTE START FEATURES – This is a remote start system that can be added to automobiles that already have keyless entry. Does not come with remotes; nevertheless, you can start your car by pressing the “lock” button three times with your factory remotes. No need to have extra key fobs on you! Options for 2, 3, or 4 hourly auto-start modes are programmable. Run times of 5, 10, 20, or 30 minutes can be programmed.
  • SEMI PLUG & PLAY INSTALLATION TYPE – This kit makes use of a plug-in T-Harness to significantly cut down on the amount of wiring connections needed by conventional systems. There will still be some wiring connections needed for this product’s installation. With wire colors and positions, we give clear instructions. It should be possible for someone with a basic understanding of wiring automotive electronics to install this product effectively.

Without Bluelink, can I remotely start my Hyundai?

No, only Hyundai vehicles with push-button start key fobs and either an automatic transmission or a dual clutch transmission are eligible for the remote start option (DCT). Even said, not all models provide Remote Start. In addition, using Remote Start requires a Blue Link Remote Package membership.

Is remote start available for the 2022 Hyundai Elantra?

Users may remotely operate their Elantra with Hyundai’s Blue Link Connected Car System, which allows them to perform things like start the engine, lock and unlock the doors, and find their Elantra in a crowded parking lot.

How can I turn on remote starting?

  • To lock every door, press the Lock button on your key fob.
  • Two times on the Remote Start button. Each step must be completed in 3 seconds. When the external lights flash twice, the car will start.

How can I determine if my car has remote starting?

You must first check at your key fob to see if you have the remote start option. The remote starter button has an arrow-like form.

If your key fob has this button, your car has remote starting capability. Press the button that locks the car once to try remote starting. Your engine will start when you press and hold the remote-start button for at least four seconds.

The climate control and parking lights will turn on as soon as the engine begins. Additionally, the heated/ventilated seats and the rear window defroster may turn on. You must only move out of park after pressing the start button on the dashboard since this function starts the engine but does not switch on the ignition.

Press and hold the button with the curved arrow on it to turn the engine off if you change your mind. Parking lot lights will go out.

Every key fob has remote starting, right?

If you spot a button with a clockwise-moving circular arrow, you’ll know it’s there. That is the remote engine start button, though the key fob itself does not have a label for it. For those who are already familiar with this button’s use, it involves hitting the lock button first, then the remote engine start button. No problem, isn’t it? Other key fobs include a button in the same location, but they have a different sequence for remotely starting the engine. For instance, Ford key fobs have the same circular arrow emblem with “2x” inside the circle (other key fobs are labeled “X2,” which implies the same). This informs you that in order to remotely start the car’s engine, you must click the button twice. This button is frequently seen in many key fobs, therefore it’s not really thought of as a hidden feature. However, certain automakers, primarily BMW, have introduced redesigned key fobs without the button. However, this does not imply that these key fobs lack these functionalities merely because there isn’t a circular arrow button to click. By rapidly pushing the “lock” button on the key fob, one can remotely start an engine in a new BMW by doing so. You don’t need to become daring and try out this sequence to test if the engine activates after pushing the lock button three times in a single second if your key fob has the circular arrow button. However, if it doesn’t, it won’t harm to try it out and see if it manages to complete the task in some way.

Is there a fee for using blue link?

Blue Link offers the Connected Care, Remote, and Guidance packages. Each bundle costs $99 per year after the trial has ended. All new Blue Link-equipped vehicles receive a free trial of the Connected Care Package. There aren’t any a la carte options available right now.