Is BMW Live Cockpit Worth It?

BMW’s Live Cockpit Professional is an easy and beautiful approach to give the driver vehicle information while assisting in keeping their focus on the road. The automaker raises the “ultimate driving machine” in this regard as well.


Although I realize I’m a little late in responding and that you probably already own a BMW, I would say that the Live Cockpit Professional is “worth it” whether purchased separately or as part of the Premium package. Even without the Live Cockpit Professional, the Premium package is worth the premium because it also comes with improved LED headlights, a HUD, and comfort key access.

An upgraded driver display

The “info display” on the new driver display is entirely digital. Although BMW previously featured fully digital displays, the new Live Cockpit Professional introduces a new look and layout.

The speedometer and rev counter that surround the outside of the driver display are being kept by BMW. BMW is all about driving, therefore it makes sense that these fundamental facts are essential to the experience it provides.

The information display’s center transforms into a map that displays your current location and contains navigational instructions. The right half of the display is reserved for general information, such as entertainment, while the left side is used for driving-specific information such a digital readout of your speed, display of driving aids, etc.

While the right-hand side is where you may browse through information like radio stations and other options, the left-hand side allows you to make some adjustments like adding a second speed readout (helpful if you’re travelling away from home). When listening to an album, album art will be displayed. These items can be accessed with ease from the steering wheel controls.

Driving mode will also be shown on the right, and you may get trip computer information here, such as your average speed and fuel usage.

One thing to keep in mind is that the color theme will change to blue when you enter Eco Pro mode. Similar to the BMW i8’s display, which changes from blue to red while driving normally to blue to red when driving in sport mode.

The Live Cockpit Professional display may come standard on your BMW (8 Series, X5) or it may be an additional option, which means that some vehicles will continue to have traditional dials with a center display (Live Cockpit Plus), paired with a control display in the center of the car, as it did before.

What is the professional live cockpit from BMW?

BMW’s Live Cockpit Professional is an easy and beautiful approach to give the driver vehicle information while assisting in keeping their focus on the road. The automaker raises the “ultimate driving machine” in this regard as well.

What is a professional BMW 1 Series Live Cockpit?

BMW’s Live Cockpit Plus system, which is essentially an 8.8-inch touchscreen infotainment system with built-in satellite navigation, comes standard on the 1 Series in SE trim. Using the touchscreen or the rotary dial on the center console to operate the system is simple.

Even so, it’s still simpler to operate than the system found in a Mercedes A-Class. Sure, some of the menus might use some brighter, more colorful icons to make it easier to understand them with just a glimpse while you’re driving.

Standard satellite navigation systems are simple to set up, swiftly compute routes, and react quickly when you swipe or pinch to pan and zoom in on the map displays. You can connect via Apple CarPlay but not Android Auto if you would prefer to use the navigation apps on your smartphone. To add insult to injury, this feature is only free for the first year; there is a renewal fee after that.

You should think about other optional features for the BMW 1 Series besides this one. Additionally, the Tech Pack 2 replaces the original 8.8-inch screen with a larger 10.25-inch display while the Tech Pack 1 adds wireless phone charging and a head-up display.

The larger screen has a Personal Assistant system from BMW and is simpler to read. This cutting-edge voice-management system functions similarly to Mercedes’ “Hey Mercedes” assistant, but it is considerably more dependable and gives you access to a wider variety of settings for the car, such as the climate control, sound equalizer, and navigation.

A 16-speaker Harman Kardon stereo that sounds noticeably better than the 1 Series’ stock stereo is also included in the updated Tech Pack 2, as is a gesture control feature that enables you to modify the stereo level simply waving your finger in a circle in front of the touchscreen display. Although it functions fine, you’ll probably end up using the steering wheel’s buttons instead.

What distinguishes professional from BMW Live cockpit Plus?

The digital one is available with Live Cockpit Professional. Speedometer in Live Cockpit Plus is analog. The digital one is available with Live Cockpit Professional. It does indeed have an analog speedometer, but does it have clusters like the 530e G30 or does it have an analog speedometer with a display at the bottom?

BMW Digital Cockpit Plus: What is it?

Hello everybody My 2019 X5’s interior, which reportedly sports a feature dubbed live cockpit pro, became quite accustomed to me. I’m currently trying to downgrade to the X3, which has live cockpit plus as standard equipment instead of pro. My current x5’s digital display is fantastic. I’m looking for a picture or video of the X3’s cockpit plus, specifically the speedometer. Thanks

You get analog dials with a screen in between if you don’t have the pro option on the X3, and you might be missing out on other features as well.

On the 2022, it appears as follows; you can only modify the central section, and it has less display space than the Live Cockpit Pro.

I think the Plus cockpit looks really flimsy, and I would definitely get the Pro version because of the considerably larger central display as well as the digital dashboard.

BMW produces exceptionally attractive, fashionable, and clear cockpits. However, this one truly appears to be very subpar. I should also mention that some people enjoy it.

A 10.25-inch digital touch Control Display, a Touch Controller, and an instrument cluster with a 5.1-inch color display in the center are all included in the BMW Live Cockpit Plus.

The 12.3-inch Control Display and the high-resolution instrument panel behind the steering wheel are also parts of the BMW Live Cockpit Professional. The fully digital instrument display provides room for a navigation map area, media content, driver assistance system status displays, and the Assisted View 3D environment visualization. On the BMW X3, it is a choice.

I think the Plus cockpit looks really flimsy, and I would definitely get the Pro version because of the considerably larger central display as well as the digital dashboard. movies online

Live cockpit Pro Standard, is that it?

Before we begin, let’s be aware that there are many terminologies being used by BMW and that these car systems frequently become convoluted. The “info display,” which is the driver’s display, and the “control display,” which is the dash display in the center of the vehicle, are the two components that make up the “live cockpit.”

According to the brochure, Live Cockpit Professional comes standard on the X5 xLine trim and higher of the BMW X5. BMW claims that the platform supporting it is the BMW Operating System 7.0. Simple!

Both the BMW 8 Series and the X5 are equipped with Live Cockpit Professional and have 12.3-inch info (driver) displays. However, the X5 has a 12.3-inch control (centre) display while the 8 Series has a 10.25-inch control display, indicating that the two vehicles use different implementations of the same technologies. But once more, it’s quite easy.

However, things get more complicated now because, in the case of the 2019 3 Series, Live Cockpit Professional was standard on the M Sport version, which meant that other versions – Sport and SE – got dials as standard for the driver with an 8.8-inch control display in the center of the car – called Live Cockpit Plus. The 3 Series was initially released with iD6, but starting in the summer of 2020, it will come standard with Operating System 7, allowing you to enjoy the newest system with new driver-facing controls and a 5.1-inch display that wasn’t previously accessible.

When you upgrade to Live Cockpit Professional, you once again receive the same 12.3-inch info display and 10.25-inch control display; however, on the BMW website, under the heading “Operating system 7.0 (iD7),” it states that “BMW Live Cockpit Professional is iD7.” This is where the confusion in names begins.

The breakdown of the various versions is as follows:

  • Live Cockpit: Basic model without navigation (UK version unavailable)
  • Live Cockpit Plus: 8.8-inch control display (1280 x 480 pixels, touch) with iD6 (the departed “Professional”); 8.8-inch control display, driver dials with 5.1-inch display (new version).

Is sat nav included in the BMW Live cockpit Professional?

Along with LED lighting and an excellent entertainment system that includes an 8.8-inch touchscreen, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, Bluetooth, and sat-nav, you also get 16-inch alloy wheels, air conditioning, automatic lights and wipers, and cruise control.

BMW iDrive has a touch screen.

Touchscreens lead you to take your eyes off the road for too long, therefore we’re not great supporters of them. particularly at first, when you’re still getting to know a new car.

However, using a touchpad or dial to operate a screen is preferable to using a touchscreen. The outdated COMAND system from Mercedes-Benz was annoying, and the stupid mousepad-shaped touchpad that can be found in many Lexus vehicles is dangerously near to destroying the entire vehicle.

We were therefore taken aback to find that BMW had decided against including touchscreens in their vehicles. The reason for this is the global shortage of semiconductors, which leaves manufacturers with three choices: sell cars without specific features, employ all of your chips in high-demand cars, or stop making cars altogether.

The latter is not an option because Mercedes-Benz and other top experts predict that the shortfall will continue until 2023.

BMW has chosen the second alternative, which involves deleting a feature. the touchscreen interface, more particularly. The news first circulated on the Bimmerfest forum, and BMW later told Edmunds that it was true. The center infotainment display will still be present in the vehicles, but it won’t have touch capabilities. In essence, BMW is going back to the days when you used the iDrive rotary controller to operate the interface. BMW’s defense is that it had the best click, slide, and push interface available. The major phone and audio controls are still accessible from the steering wheel, which is how most drivers already operate their devices.

The 3 Series, all 4 Series models, excluding the i4, Z4, X5, X6, and X7, are impacted by this decision. Although we are unsure of how this will be received by clients looking at the more expensive end of the BMW range, we are not too concerned. Automobiles without touchscreen functionality will be identified with a sticker and will cost $500 less overall. What’s more, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto will continue to function flawlessly. The backup assistant will also disappear from vehicles outfitted with the Parking Assistant Package.

It also seems that retrofitting won’t be a possibility, so if you intend to purchase a new BMW, keep that in mind as well.

BMW Active Guard Plus: What is it?

safety measures The vehicle offers Active Guard Plus as standard equipment, which includes lane departure warning, pedestrian and collision warning with city braking, and cruise control with braking capability.

When was the digital dash introduced by BMW?

The BMW vehicle control system is the subject of this article. IDrive Inc. is the name of the internet storage company. To learn more, go to iDrive (disambiguation).

Most auxiliary vehicle systems are managed by the in-car communications and entertainment system known as iDrive in late-model BMW vehicles. It debuted with the 2001 launch of the E65 7 Series. A control knob situated on the center console and an LCD panel mounted in the dashboard make up the system’s single control architecture, which unifies a variety of functions.

The climate (heating and air conditioner), music system (radio and CD player), navigation system, and communication system can all be managed by the driver (and, in some versions, front-seat passengers).

Due to Rolls-ownership Royce’s by BMW and the fact that Toyota and BMW collaborate on the Toyota Supra, which will be available starting in 2019, iDrive is also employed in contemporary Rolls-Royce vehicles. A condensed version of iDrive, known as Connected, is offered on certain vehicles because Mini is owned by BMW.