Do Hyundai Keys Have Chips?


No, a Sonata key does not include a chip. The Azera is the only vehicle sold by Hyundai in the US that has a chipped “regular” key (as opposed to a proximity key). To get one cut and programmed for a customer is a real pain.

Keys for the Hyundai Elantra

The key for the Hyundai Elantra is incredibly easy to produce. Some hardware stores will have the key in stock and can make a copy for you if you need one. A Hyundai dealership will also be able to provide a key duplicate. Even better, you may purchase these keys online and just take them to a hardware or locksmith shop to have copies made for you. These keys don’t contain a chip, therefore they don’t need to be programmed to work with your car. You can have a new replacement key created by a Hyundai dealership or through an automotive locksmith business if you’ve misplaced the key and don’t have a spare. The details about Hyundai Elantra keys and ignition issues are provided below.

How much would it cost me to get a locksmith to produce a new key for my Hyundai Elantra? Normally, we’ll charge you $100 to have a replacement key made for you. Depending on your location and the time of day, prices may change.

Our customers frequently call us when their key won’t turn the ignition or even gets trapped in the ignition. The key being worn out or the ignition cylinder parts becoming trapped are the usual causes of this. Making a new key using the VIN number or key code will be the best solution for this. Rekeying the ignition lock is the next thing we try to do if that doesn’t work to solve the issue.

Sonata Hyundai key

The good news is that, up to the later years beginning in 2010, your key has no extra functions and is a very straightforward key to get a replacement for if you’ve lost your Hyundai key and don’t have a spare. In none of the models, the Hyundai Sonata key has a high security key.

For models made in 2011 and later: Your Hyundai Sonata contains a transponder key, also known as a chip key, that must be programmed to your Hyundai Sonata in order to be able to start the engine. These models include 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017.

Between 2010 and now: If your Hyundai Sonata was manufactured in any of the following years: 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010, you have a standard key with no additional features or security other than the key itself.

It is usually a good idea to phone the Hyundai dealer and inquire about costs, offerings, and availability first. The type of service provided differs significantly between Hyundai dealerships and a locksmith business. If you’re obtaining a new key from the dealer, you’ll either have to tow your automobile if it’s a new model from 2011 and up to the dealer to get the key. Whatever it is, it will take longer and may be more expensive to complete than hiring a locksmith.

The second choice is to contact a reputable locksmith business. In order to offer you with complete service at the location of your automobile, a locksmith business will be able to send you a service van loaded with all the necessary tools, including key cutting and key programming devices. After you contact, the majority of locksmiths can send you a specialist right away.

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If your car was manufactured after 1995, you can assume that it has an electronic chip. You cannot tell if your key has a chip based on how it looks because regular keys and electronic keys have the same appearance.

  • To start the car, electronic chipped keys are required, however you can get a normal key created to open the door.
  • Your owner’s handbook will direct you to the dealership for information about programmed keys, but it will also point you in the direction of a locksmith who can address your concerns or, if required, let you into your vehicle.

With the 2004 Amanti and the 2007 Azera, Kia and Hyundai introduced transponders for the first time. These sister businesses are still

Only a few types you might see on the road use chips, and their keys are frequently misidentified as chipped when they are not.

Transponder key models include:

The vehicle must be connected to diagnostic equipment, and all keys must be present, in order to program Hyundai and Kia keys. Additionally,

The transponders of these keys can be duplicated, but this might not be the most useful technique.

Only automobiles with proximity fob (push-button-start) capability use transponders from the later generations that are indicated as optional.

We do carry Hyundai and Kia chip keys, but not often proximity fobs.

Are chipless automobile keys produced by Lowe’s?

NC – Mooresville The secret to consumer self-service may have been discovered by Lowe’s Companies Inc. At a few locations, the DIY behemoth is introducing new retail kiosks from KeyMe.

Customers may quickly make a backup set of keys at their nearby Lowe’s with the help of the kiosks and securely keep the original in the cloud. Both keys with transponder chips and keys without will be able to be duplicated by the new kiosks. It has never before been possible to copy car keys at a self-service kiosk.

KeyMe can support the majority of mailbox, house, and office keys in addition to car keys. Advanced digital imaging technology from KeyMe restores keys to their original factory settings, producing a new key that is just as precise as the one that came from the manufacturer.

Keys can be saved via the free KeyMe mobile app, then accessible and printed at a kiosk thanks to the integration of the two. Any digitally saved key can be printed in under 30 seconds after providing a fingerprint for identification verification in order to access the key at a kiosk. Both at the kiosk and through the mobile app, these saved keys can be distributed through email.

A totally updated user interface and more customizing possibilities, such as key skins with branded characters and logos and new custom designs, are additional kiosk features.

How can I tell whether the key to my car contains a chip?

A chip or rfid (radio frequency identification transmitter) tag is located in the head of a transponder key. This chip has a code that needs to be entered into your car’s computer in order for it to start. This is an additional security measure in addition to the key’s metal mechanical part.

Locksmith Directory Your vehicle’s key and transponder information is stored in our databases.

Safety Light There is a security light in each car with a transponder key system. The security light can be a simple light or one with a picture of a key, a lock, or letters like “sec.” The center console and dashboard both have the image of light.

Every time you turn the ignition on for the vehicle, these security lights come on and flash. Your transponder key will go out if it has been properly programmed in and is recognized by the car. If the security light keeps flashing, your key hasn’t been programmed into the car. view the videos below

Numerous keys have engraved or stamped letters and numbers on them. These codes serve as important identifiers. Your key’s identification code can help us determine whether or not it has a transponder, so please provide it to us. A chip is also present in the head of transponder keys. Usually larger than the mechanical key, they have a plastic head. Here are images of a Ford H75 mechanical key blank and a H74-PT transponder key blank, respectively.

In the image below, you can also see the slot that the transponder chip fits into:

A different approach is to seek up your key using the vehicle’s year, make, and model information. Attached is an automotive key guide. Look up your vehicle; if it has a transponder, you can find instructions on how to program the key under the “Transponder Equipment Required” column.

Testing Keys Bring in your key so we can test it with a machine if the information above does not allow you to determine whether or not you have a transponder.

Programming We have purchased computers and equipment worth over tens of thousands of dollars to link and configure vehicles with transponder chips. More than 95% of the vehicles on the market can be programmed.

Call 541.632.3968 if you require new or duplicate transponder keys. Or we can program keys into your car if you need that service.

A number of our clients enjoy fixing things themselves or are really curious in what goes on. This is for you, the rest of you can simply skip it.

Transponders with fixed codes always save the same code on their chip. The chip sends the code to the car’s computer in a single direction.

Data from the computer and chip is transmitted both directions when using rolling code transponders. Before changing the code, it first verifies the key’s code. The key receives the updated code. The vehicle will start after both codes have been modified and accepted.

The three different types of physical transponders are glass tubes, ceramic wedges, and integrated circuit chips.