Why Did Honda Stop Making Jet Skis?

It’s a little unclear why Honda vanished to anyone who is unfamiliar with the PWC universe. They were once among the leading manufacturers of personal watercraft until abruptly ceasing operations.

Honda produced PWC for a while, during which they developed a sizable and devoted following. Some find it challenging to comprehend what went wrong because people seemed to like their watercraft a lot.

Honda never really dominated the PWC game, despite having a substantial market share. While some of the features on their models were better than the competition, none of them were truly superior. Their jet skis weren’t bad, but they weren’t very impressive either.

They eventually decided to discontinue their PWC program due to a combination of falling sales and a contracting market. Honda discontinued manufacturing jet skis in late 2009 due of this.

It may be argued that Honda never actually lost money on PWC; they simply weren’t making enough to stay competitive. In any case, there aren’t any Honda jet skis on the market right now that were created after 2009.

Will Honda ever again produce jet skis?

Honda Jet Skis are only available as used vehicles as of 2022. There was a time when there were numerous manufacturers of jet skis, including Honda, Tigershark, Polaris, Sea-Doo, Yamaha, and Kawasaki. But as of now, the only manufacturers of modern watercraft are Sea-Doo, Yamaha, and Kawasaki.

Honda produced a dependable and outstanding Jet Ski, but their timing was off.

Honda entered the market a little bit too late, and the 2008–2009 Financial Crisis ultimately crushed them. In 2009, Honda ceased production of watercraft, and the 2010 models were cancelled.

Honda’s exit from the market made it challenging for dealers to move their new stock. I’ve heard from some dealers that their final 2009 Honda won’t be sold until 2014. It was a challenging period, particularly for the dealers. So don’t be shocked if you see some Honda Watercraft that appear to be quite new and have little miles on them. Even some owners who left them are known to me. There are some excellent offers available.

Does Honda Still Make Personal Watercraft?

No, Honda does not currently manufacture personal watercraft. To compete with the major three (Kawasaki, Sea-Doo, and Yamaha), they entered the PWC market in 2002; however, after a few years, Honda discontinued their PWC line.

When Did Honda Quit Making PWCs?

Honda abandoned the PWC industry in 2009, so models of its PWCs, known as AquaTrax, were produced from 2002 to 2009. On the PWC market up until that point, Kawasaki, Sea-Doo, and Yamaha were the leading producers.

Will Honda Make PWCs Again?

Will Honda ever again produce PWCs? Many Honda supporters continue to have faith that Honda PWCs will return. Could their wish for a brand-new, dependable, and robust Honda watercraft be fulfilled? It is unlikely. Honda, a Japanese business, doesn’t seem eager to attempt again after the initial AquaTrax production’s failure more than ten years ago.

What led to the end of jet ski production?

If they can even get a ski, anyone seeking for a great deal on a new Jet Ski or personal watercraft in the months leading up to the Australian winter of 2021 may have to pay full price.

Since the 2020 coronavirus outbreak, when more individuals opted to spend their holidays at home due to travel restrictions, production has slowed while demand has surged, trapping the Jet Ski and personal watercraft business in a pincer movement.

A confidential report confirms that Yamaha has been forced to halt WaveRunner manufacturing at its factory in Georgia, USA, for three weeks in March 2021 while it waits for parts from outside suppliers, making the supply deficit even worse.

The Yamaha bulletin to dealers states in part, “Due to the recent winter storm in Texas, some of our material suppliers… have been forced to temporarily shut down for repairs to their facilities.

“This has impacted their capacity to provide the necessary materials for the construction of (Yamaha WaveRunner). The statement (an excerpt of which is seen below) states that there is no confirmed timeline for the restart of operations at these sites.

The letter states that as a result, Yamaha WaveRunner production was suspended for three weeks beginning on March 11, 2021.

Yamaha states that it “still plans to build more WaveRunners in 2021 than we did in 2020” once production is back to normal.

Most versions are presently sold out, according to Yamaha dealers in Australia, and the company’s next shipments aren’t expected until June 2021 or later.

Although certain retailers who placed large orders late last year have access to good stock levels, Sea-Doo dealers in Australia claim that some of their most popular models are sold out until August 2021 or beyond.

The majority of Australian Kawasaki dealers have a very little supply of Jet Skis and aren’t anticipating new supplies until the second half of 2021.

Anyone searching for a 2021 winter deal in Australia should be prepared to pay full price or wait until the model year changes at the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022.

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Which jet ski manufacturer is most dependable?

The WaveRunner FX is the market’s most dependable Jet Ski. Yamaha developed a vehicle called the WaveRunner, which isn’t strictly a Jet Ski. Although the words “Jet Ski” and “WaveRunner” are frequently used interchangeably, the Jet Ski is exclusively made by the Kawasaki company.

The dependability of Honda jet skis

For good reason, many people are hesitant to purchase a Honda jet ski. Since production has been halted for years, many people are concerned about their dependability and general quality.

It makes sense to question the dependability of a vessel that is ten years old. It makes reasonable that after ten years, things would start to fail. Honda jet skis, on the other hand, aren’t like some of the other brands that have come and gone. Tigershark, please. *cough*

Honda jet skis have established their dependability, and you may still see them on the lake today. Honda jet skis are still a smart investment as long as you can get a good deal on a model with few hours.

Finding parts is a problem, to be sure, but oil filters and spark plugs are the two main items. Look around before purchasing one if finding the more expensive parts is genuinely an issue for you. There are still several pieces floating about, depending on what it was.

Overall, if you’re looking for a used jet ski, Honda jet skis are still a good choice. Although they won’t have all the bells and whistles of contemporary jet skis, they are dependable and useful. There is no reason not to purchase a Honda if you can get past the potential need to locate replacement components.

Which jet ski is the fastest?

Uva Perez recently clocked a staggering 127 mph while operating a specially customized Yamaha Waverunner, setting the record for the highest speed ever achieved on a watercraft.

The ability of the most potent and fastest Waverunner models to be modified to achieve extraordinary speeds is well known, and Perez’s model was no exception.

Carlito del Valle is the owner of the Sea-Doo that is the fastest in the world. With a speed of 113.7 mph, he set the (IJSBA-certified) world record for the first time in 2016.

Carlito recently surpassed his personal record on the same boat by traveling 118 mph!

The fastest Jet Ski in the world is unfortunately unknown, however it is most likely one of the customized racing variants.

Okay, let’s get back on track since we are aware that you are probably seeking for a model that is already in stock.

Unfortunately, you won’t find a stock model that has a top speed of much higher than 6567 mph, and this isn’t because the makers can’t make them.

Are jet skis still produced by Kawasaki?

For the first time in 14 years, the Kawasaki STX160 Jet Ski underwent an upgrade in 2019 as a 2020 model with a new top deck while keeping the previous hull. It’s now time to perform a similar upgrade on the top Kawasaki Ultra Jet Ski model line.

What Honda jet ski has the fastest speed?

What’s a number made of? possibly less than you believe. A PWC’s hull number or an outboard motor’s cowl number will never say “horsepower” because such numbers are merely labels and not measures of actual power output.

A high-performance watercraft’s horsepower rating on the spec sheet is unimportant when making a purchase. It doesn’t significantly affect the boat’s final performance. This is why.

When I first saw the preliminary specifications for the new AquaTrax F15-X about a year ago, I assumed Honda would finish last in the race across the lake. With only 200 horsepower, how could it compete with the 255 horsepower Sea-Doo RXT-X and the 250 horsepower Kawasaki Ultra 250X? I was promised by Honda that the new AquaTrax would provide “competitive performance,” and they were accurate. With a top speed of 66 mph, the F15-X is only 2 mph slower than the Sea-Doo and roughly as quick as the Kawasaki, which I’ve measured at 66.4 mph. There is much more to real-world performance than just horsepower, as we will find if we compare the actual horsepower of each boat.

The engines that power the Sea-Doo RXT-X, Honda F15-X, Kawasaki Ultra 250X, and Yamaha WaveRunner FX SHO are listed in the present table, each at max rpm. The EPA was informed of the following:

Are components for Honda jet skis difficult to find?

Check out our buyers guide before purchasing any old jet ski. It contains some useful advice that any buyer of used goods should be aware of.

The prospective cost of upkeep is what deters the majority of consumers from purchasing a Honda vehicle. Unfortunately, such risk simply cannot be eliminated. Every used jet ski will have a larger chance of malfunctioning. The only distinction is that since Honda doesn’t produce watercraft, replacement components might be more expensive or harder to come by.

There is never a guarantee, but costly problems can be avoided with things like regular maintenance or purchasing a jet ski with few hours. Simply said, it is a risk associated with used product purchases.

Sad to say, but for many people, purchasing a Honda PWC may not be worthwhile. Not everyone wants to take that chance because the money saved on the pricing doesn’t always cover the expense of upkeep. Of course, there are still some excellent models available, but finding them can be challenging.

The decision is ultimately up to the customer. Purchasing a Honda may still be worthwhile for some people, but for others, the risk simply isn’t worth it.

If you decide that purchasing a Honda is not worthwhile, have a look at our comparison of the other leading PWC brands.

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