What Size Tires Are On A Honda Recon 250?

Driving your Honda Recon across difficult terrain, deep muck, rugged paths, and rocky roads while taking in the crisp, clean air is an experience unlike any other. You’ll be traveling at speeds you didn’t anticipate before with the Honda Recon250. You might be curious about your maximum speed.

What is the highest speed of the Honda Recon 250? The Honda Recon 250 has a 45 mph peak speed. This sturdy and reliable vehicle will get you where you need to go and is a dependable option for anyone who enjoys outdoor exploration.

Although the peak speed is 45 mph, several people have claimed going a little faster, up to and including 50 mph. Your Honda Recon should travel smoothly and may go faster than 45 mph with regular maintenance.

What causes this monstrous machine to function as it does, then? We need to look more closely at the specifics to determine what causes this machine to operate at its top speed in order to respond to that query. Let’s go into the details and discover more about the features that make this an excellent ATV.

Are wheels made by Honda and Yamaha interchangeable?

Finally, the main event! We recently learnt about various bolt patterns and how to correctly measure them. Now that we have that settled, let’s address the question in the title: Do Yamaha and Honda Use the Same Bolt Pattern? The quick response is yes, they do. Most Yamaha ATVs and Honda vehicles follow the well-liked 4/110 pattern. So go ahead and evaluate the pattern of your ride.

It’s a match made in heaven if it is a 4/110 and goes with the wheels you wish to purchase! However, I want to emphasize one more that not all Hondas and Yamahas use the 4/110 pattern. This is particularly true for some earlier models, from a time when both brands experimented heavily with wheels, lugs, studs, and everything in between. However, you won’t often need to worry about any of that.

This is crucial: if there is a beautiful wheel out there that is reasonably priced but does not fit the hub on your Yamaha ATV, there is a fix. It’s referred to as an adaptor ring, and after you attach it to the hub, the pattern changes to fit that wheel.

How are ATV tire sizes read?

  • When mounted and inflated to the correct air pressure, the first number represents the overall height.
  • When attached and properly inflated with air pressure, the second number indicates the overall width.
  • The diameter of the wheel this tire will mount on is indicated by the third digit.

How to Convert a Metric ATV Tire Size

  • Find your tire size on the tire’s sidewall.
  • The first value, which is measured in millimeters, represents the total WIDTH when attached and inflated to the correct air pressure.

To convert this measurement to inches, multiply it by 25.4. The second number for a conventional ATV tire size will be this one.

  • When mounted and inflated to the recommended air pressure, the second number, which is measured in millimeters, indicates the aspect ratio of the tire’s height to its width (as a percentage).

You multiply this amount by two and divide it by 25.4 to get the standard tire size (in inches). The wheel diameter is then increased by that amount.

The “R” stands for radial construction, which is what the tire employs.

Are the bolt patterns on all Honda ATVs the same?

Honda: All non-sport ATVs and SxSs, save the Pioneer 1000 and Talon, are 4/110. The bolt pattern is 4/137.

With the exception of the 2019 YXZ, which has a 4/156 bolt pattern, all non-sport and contemporary ATVs and SxSs employ a 4/110 bolt pattern.

What ATV has a bolt pattern of 4 110?

The 4×110 bolt pattern is most frequently linked with ATVs, and for good cause, let’s face it. There are models from the most well-known ATV manufacturers, including Honda, Suzuki Can Am, Polaris, Kawasaki, and Arctic Cat, that ride on 4×110 bolt pattern wheels. The Vision Commander is the best option for commanding off-road.

ATV wheel offset – what is it?

The offset of your ATV wheels is the separation between the centerline of the bead seat and the hub mounting surface of the wheel. How much your wheels or tires stand out from or tuck in toward the vehicle will depend on the offset.

Can a RZR ride on Polaris Ranger wheels?

Even while many folks had their doubts about fitting RZR wheels into their Rangers, many others supported the concept. Fortunately, it turned out that RZR wheels can fit your Ranger just well.

You should be aware that RZR wheels don’t always fit a Ranger. You’ll discover that the tires are substantially smaller and have less clearance than the factory wheels in the majority of vehicle and wheel models.

The wheels may rub against the suspension components if you utilize those two together, but you can still drive your car without any problems. The rubbing will typically be so faint that you might not even realize it.

However, if you steer your car too strongly to the left or right through sharp turns, the friction will be more noticeable.

Are the bolt patterns on all Polaris Rangers the same?

The bolt pattern on all Rangers, Generals, and Razors bearing the Polaris name is 4/156, unless you purchased your Polaris General or Polaris Ranger from someone who made significant alterations. Although there are always going to be exceptions and edge circumstances, you can nearly always be sure that your car’s pitch circle diameter is 4/156. This indicates that the four stud holes where the bolts are supposed to pass are 156mm apart from their counterparts on the other side.

What size ATV tire is the most popular?

Understanding how to read tire sizes is just the beginning. You must learn how to use them properly. Is a quad’s appropriate diameter 26 inches? What size width do you require?

Tire Diameter Breakdown

Make sure you purchase tires that will actually fit on your stock vehicle when you’re thinking of replacing all of your tires.

The average ATV tire diameter falls between 20 inches for the smallest machines and 30 inches for the more heavily equipped manufacturer mud-fitted models.

Your quad will essentially fall into one of only a few categories:

  • 24 to 28-inch utility quads
  • Factory-built 27 to 30 inch quads with mud or rock equipment
  • quads for sports 20 to 25 inches

Remember that you should stay within a few inches of your factory tire size. You’ll start to rub on your fenders if you go too big (among other issues). If you choose to go smallwell, that is absurd.

Tire Width Breakdown

It’s simpler to grasp tire width. The best tire width for you will depend much on your riding style and personal preferences.

You typically get a flatter tread pattern and higher traction with a wider tire. You have a little bit more control with a skinny tire.

To get the most out of both tires, ATVs typically feature a wider tire on the back than the front. On a quad, the front tire is typically 7 to 8 inches wide, while the rear tire is often 10 to 11 inches wide.

You should take other factors into account in addition to adjusting your tire width to your riding style. Additionally, you must confirm that it will fit snugly on the wheel of your choice. There are two major methods for ensuring that it will fit.

  • Check the recommended wheel size from the tire manufacturer. They ought to list a selection of wheel widths that the tire is compatible with.
  • If you can’t discover that information, the usual recommendation is to choose wheels that are about two inches narrower than the width of your tire. This is a general recommendation, so it may not apply to all tires, but based on our experience, it usually does.

Wheel Diameter Breakdown

This one cannot be negotiated. The wheel diameter of your tire must match the diameter of your real wheel.

Since most off-road tires are made to fit those wheels, the majority of off-road wheels typically have a diameter of 10 to 12 inches. This is an excellent tire size because it provides ample of cushion between the tread and rim, resulting in smoother rides and more rim protection.

Of course, if you have bigger tires, you’ll wind up with bigger wheels, but that’s where we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

How do I determine the size of my ATV wheels?

Stretch your measuring tape from bead seat to bead seat across the widest area of the wheel to get the diameter. You must take a measurement from bead seat to bead seat across the wheel (from outside to inside or vice versa) to determine the width.