Is A Honda Grom Manual?

A hugely successful “pocket-sized motorcycle from Honda’s “MiniMOTO series is the Grom. It is among the most fuel-efficient motorcycles, getting 134 mpg and producing 10 horsepower. It is a small bicycle with a wheelbase of 47.7 and a curb weight of 213 lbs (105kg).

Other characteristics of this popular motorcycle include:

  • Electronic ignition
  • Powertrain: PGM-FI
  • Transmission: Manual 4- and 5-speed
  • Vehicle: SOHC
  • 9.7 horsepower

The Grom has a manual transmission, therefore it is not an automatic motorcycle. As a result, you must change gears depending on the road conditions and speed. Like any manual motorcycle, it has a manual clutch that must be depressed in order to change gear.

On the left handlebar, beneath your left foot, you can see a gear-shift pedal and a clutch lever.

Although a manual motorcycle may seem challenging to ride, especially for a beginner, the Grom is a favorite among new riders.

It’s easy to manage and smooth ride make it a good vehicle for beginners to practice on. It’s ideal for both road and city trips and provides an enjoyable ride for both inexperienced and experienced riders.

It has undergone significant updates and is now one of the best-selling Honda bikes in the US. The 2022 model has a strong 124cc engine with better compression. It also requires very little maintenance, uses less gasoline, and has a 10:1 compression ratio, which also makes it faster.

The revised model has a fifth gear, making it faster without over-revving the engine compared to the earlier models’ four gears.

Are there gears on the Honda Grom?

Despite being a 125cc fuel-injected, 2-valve engine The Grom’s single overhead cam engine now features a more undersquare bore/stroke (50 x 63.1mm vs. 52.4 x 57.9mm before), a higher compression ratio (10:1, up from 9.3:1), and a larger airbox, all of which are intended to increase the torque and fuel efficiency of the little engine that might. Maintenance is made simpler by a removable oil filter, and the down pipe and muffler are now two pieces for simpler replacement.

The Grom’s gearbox now includes five gears (up from four), broader gear ratios, and a bigger 38-tooth rear sprocket (up from 34 teeth), which together allow the bike to travel more effortlessly at high speeds. However, the Grom is too small to handle the motorway due to its top speed of roughly 60 mph, not that I’d be willing to do it even if I could. The gasoline sipper’s tank capacity has increased from 1.45 to 1.6 gallons, allowing it to travel even longer between fill-ups. The model from last year achieved 134 mpg in EPA testing.

I arrived at the Grom press ride following a really demanding week. I felt like an old dishrag the day before after sending our August issue to the press. Our get-along group of eight riders buzzed through the streets of the city before heading up into the San Gabriel Mountains after touring the Steady Garage shop in Irwindale, California, and admiring some of their incredible Grom builds.

I’m 200 pounds overweight and 6 feet tall. Honda hasn’t disclosed the curb weight of the 2022 model, but the 229-pound weight of the outgoing model has been supplied. The Grom is swift and ready to leave stops even with my large sack of potatoes on board. Since keeping the Grom in the go zone demands the appropriate gear and all the throttle you can twist out of the right grip, the clutch pull is incredibly light, and shifting through the gears is effortless.

The ascent into the mountains was a little slow, but the descent was a complete riot. The Grom is all about corner speed and drafting the person in front of you, despite having 12-inch wheels and only 10 horsepower. For a $3,399 motorcycle, its brakes and suspension are as rudimentary as you’d expect, but they are reliable and consistent. (You can have ABS for an extra $200.) The Grom is resilient and tolerates abuse without complaining.

By the time we returned to the valley, I had almost completely forgotten the source of my anxiety. All of my worries had been replaced by enjoyment as I was so preoccupied with keeping up, being smooth, and smiling under my helmet at how ridiculous it was all.

There’s a myth that a motorcycle is never parked in front of a psychiatrist’s office. This is especially true if it’s a Grom motorcycle. Go ahead and enjoy yourself!

Is the Honda Grom a decent first vehicle?

The Honda Grom is a fine entry-level motorcycle for folks with no prior motorcycle riding experience, but it isn’t really practical outside of parking lots or the suburbs. You don’t have to worry too much if you drop it because it’s cheap and simple to ride.

Is a Grom a machine?

Honda’s latest toy bike has a clever moniker. Although this tiny urban apex straffer is known as the MSX125 around the world, Americans can call theirs the Grom. For those who are unaware, a “Grom” is a young surfer who typically shreds, is a brilliant upstart, and is the type of whippersnapper who makes classic tricks look modern. (Or, Noonz, the Polish special forces)

Honda’s Grom seems like a blast, so perhaps the chipper branding is working. The Grom comes equipped with a hooligan-friendly four-speed manual transmission rather than the CVT typical of scooters and other less respectable people mover. Honda’s decision to keep the clutch where it belongs will allow Grom riders to fully use the fuel-injected 125cc four-stroke.

Surprisingly, the Grom’s complete lack of concentration is what I find most intriguing about it. It’s new territory for Honda to create a motorcycle whose primary purpose is to make you laugh so hard you cry. This return to intuitive and pleasant riding is a boon for riders of all skill levels. Honda is well accustomed to excelling on the track and in the showroom floor with serious, goal-oriented machines like their CBR1000RR and CRF450R.

Despite its vintage design, the Grom has purely modern appearance. The little Grom appears as contemporary as anything on the road because to its odd Rukus and CB1000 combination. Just shrunk down.

No of the situation, the 225-lb curb weight and 47.4-inch wheelbase will appear insignificant. Honda’s ground-breaking CB77, which debuted in 1961 and today appears diminutive on the road, rolled out of the factory with a three-inch-longer wheelbase and an additional 75 or so pounds. The Grom should have no trouble bringing its light weight down from speed thanks to disc brakes on both ends (a single piston unit in the rear and a dual-pot unit up front, both from Nissin).

Before the Grom hits showrooms in November, we’ll be bugging the Honda team to get our hands on it so we can test drive it. In the meantime, enjoy Honda’s wheelie-filled video:

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Honda Groms can be automatic, right?

This lightweight, compact model fully embraces Honda’s “City Adventure concept, which gave rise to tough-yet-capable scooters, and combines rugged styling that encourages fun backroads adventures with practical features like an automatic transmission, two-stage adjustable windscreen, and under-seat storage.

Are motorbike shifts difficult?

Don’t worry; changing gears on a motorcycle is really not that difficult. Surprisingly, many riders find that changing gears on a motorcycle is simpler than doing it in a manual automobile since bikes use a “sequential gearbox.” This ensures that the gears can only be changed sequentially and prevents unintentional gear switching.

A Honda Grom—is that a moped?

With its new Grom, a kind of supermoto-moped that bridges the gap between various classifications of two-wheeled vehicles, Honda is further muddying the waters.

How far can a Grom travel?

A Honda Grom should last between 120,000 and 130,000 miles with proper upkeep and routine maintenance.

The Honda Grom can last for many years on the road because the typical yearly mileage for a motorcycle is about 5,000 miles.

Your Grom will breakdown much before it logs 130,000 miles on the odometer if you neglect routine maintenance or ride it roughly.

You must maintain your Honda Grom in excellent shape if you want it to endure as long as possible.

You may achieve this by making sure you routinely replace filters, rotate your tires, and perform oil and coolant changes.

Which motorcycle is the simplest to operate?

The top 10 motorcycles for beginners

  • CBR500R Honda. The thief’s bicycle.
  • Sporter Harley Davidson. In a week-long crash course at Harley’s Welsh center, I learned how to ride the vintage Sportster 883 R.
  • 650cc Kawasaki Ninja.
  • T100 Triumph Bonneville.
  • Monster 797 Ducati.
  • SV 650 Suzuki.
  • Yamaha Model 07
  • Duke 390 KTM.

What motorcycle is the safest?

One of the safest motorcycles is the KTM adventure model 1190. Along with its antilock brakes and potent traction control, among of its distinctive features include a special motorcycle stability control (MSC) braking system that supports the rider. The motorcycle’s features, according to a post about it on Bennett’s website, prevent rear wheel skids, a rider from rolling over when making emergency stops, and the wheels from slipping and braking when leaning to one side. When accelerating, the MSC characteristics also prevent the front wheels from lifting.

What makes Grom so unique?

Continue reading to learn more about the qualities of the Honda Grom that make it so well-liked, valuable, and potent.

The success of the Honda Grom surprised the executives. Dealerships nearly instantly ran out of stock when it first hit the sales floor in 2013, and customers kept going back multiple times a week. To get a Honda Grom, people made higher-priced offers and created waiting lists. The Honda Grom is a highly desired motorcycle among all demographics due to its affordable pricing, noticeably high fuel economy, user-friendliness, quick maintenance, and light weight. People are also taken aback by how well the bike handles on busy streets and how well it can keep up with certain full-size motorcycles. Even today, the bike is still very popular and has undergone various upgrades.

Which Honda motorcycles are automatic?

The Best Auto-Transmission Motorcycles

  • 2021 Honda Gold Wing Tour DCT, $29,300; luxury touring.
  • 2021 Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES DCT, $17,999; adventure.
  • Honda Rebel 1100 DCT until 2021, $9,999.
  • 2021 Indian eFTR Mini, $499, from Kids Electric.
  • 2022 Zero FXE electric commuter; price: $11,795.

A clutch—does a grom have one?

Potential buyers may typically find the motorcycle that meets their preferences thanks to today’s large selection of motorcycles, which includes café racers, dual sports, and touring bikes. However, these bikes all have one thing in common: a clutch. And it’s something that, if you’re not experienced with manual gearboxes, may terrify a lot of younger riders. The rider needs to utilize a clutch to change gears on even entry-level motorcycles like the Honda Grom and Yamaha MT-03. There are still some automatic motorbikes on the market, despite the fact that manual bikes still dominate the market.