Are BMW Motorcycles Worth The Money?

Although BMW is best known for its luxury automobiles, the company actually got its start making airplane engines in 1916, during World War 1.

A flat-twin boxer engine, which is still present in their bikes today, was incorporated in the original BMW Motorrad, which is German for motorbike.

Currently, the German company creates a range of motorbike types, including Street, Touring, and Roadsters… but are they pricey?

Due to its high-tech features, pleasant riding ergonomics, stylish aesthetics, sturdy build quality, and dynamic handling, BMW motorbikes are a good investment. The exceptional on- and off-road suspension and high-performance engines of BMW motorcycles make riding one of a kind.

You can decide for yourself after reading the following paragraphs whether BMW motorcycles are pricey or not.

Most reliable motorcycles are BMW models. Not.

Brands are frequently linked to specific traits and stereotypes over the course of years of consistent advertising campaigns and personal experiences. BMW motorcycles are tough, utterly bulletproof, and will run forever. Ducatis are unreliable and expensive to repair. Porsche convertibles are for middle-aged men with little hair. In fact, they will continue moving even if you ride them through the gates of hell. Or not.

It turns out that the latter claim is untrue. According to the most recent Consumer Reports customer satisfaction survey, reliability is where BMW falls in the last. The reliability of newer Beemers appears to be a major problem, and owners are not happy about it. Similar problems have been observed for Ducati, which is not far behind. Issues are practically expected with Ducati because the brand has never been considered to be dependable.

Unsurprisingly, the top 4 brands are all Japanese. So basically, if you want dependable and indestructible bikes, stay with Japanese models. I simply wish they could figure out how to give their bikes a little personality and character. Or maybe the reason they feel like appliances is what makes them so dependable?

Strangely, every BMW owner I know raves about how dependable their vehicle is. However, it ranks worst in a reliability poll. There is a lie being told by someone. Could brand loyalty be rendering owners illiterate?

So get Japanese stone if you want it to be reliable. Stay with Germans if you seek character and excitement. Or Italians, if you’re feeling particularly daring.

BMW R1200 CLC is the most expensive.

BMWs are renowned for being highly dependable and constructed from premium materials. You shouldn’t be surprised to learn that one of their motorcycles on our list of the most expensive to maintain as their products are likewise rather expensive.

This motorcycle is heavy and a little tricky to maneuver due to its large shape. It also has a police motorcycle-like appearance. Despite its aesthetics, you will pay more for parts for this motorcycle than for parts for other motorcycles due to its size and, obviously, brand.


As previously said, it varies on the BMW. With the exception of the ABS system, my boss’s 2002 BMW K1200RS is as dependable as the sun. The “flying brick” engine is renowned for its dependability. On the other hand, I would prepare for and anticipate occasional breakdowns from an S1000R. I could probably “afford” to ride an S1000R as well, but doing so would be quite reckless on my part. Ask yourself if the BMW name is truly worth it after comparing the cost of a 15k service on that car to that of a Japanese bike; I for one do not believe it is. Money is always a factor; if you disagree, skip the BMW and purchase a Ducati 1099, an Aprillia RSV4, or perhaps even an MV Agusta.

Is purchasing a BMW worthwhile?

When BMW began promoting its cars as the “Ultimate Driving Machine” in the 1970s, the company soon grew to become one of the world’s top luxury automobile manufacturers.

BMW has a long history of producing eye-catching vehicles and SUVs that receive high praise from automotive writers.

Both auto fanatics and everyday people who just want the best for their vehicles greatly prize them.

Because they are high-performance luxury vehicles with excellent interiors, a smooth ride, high levels of comfort, and some of the best technological features available, BMWs are a good investment. BMW is a brand that embodies high status, and their cars offer an exceptional driving experience.

Is purchasing a BMW motorcycle in Germany less expensive?

Germany and Austria offer BMW and KTM at lower prices than the US or Canada. Even new BMW models cost less in the UK than in the US. Japanese bicycles cost a lot less.

Which BMW motorcycle sells the most?

Still out front is the boxer. The boxer models continue to be the foundation of BMW Motorrad’s success, having sold close to 80,000 units overall. With the introduction of the 1800 cc displacement R 18 engine in 2020, the already dominant position of the signature BMW Motorrad drive was further enhanced.

The most dependable BMW motorcycles are which ones?

A used BMW R 1150 GS that has been well-maintained is a tough, dependable motorbike. Bennetts advises staying away from the servo-assisted ABS or looking for a late-model R 1150 GS with the’standard’ version already installed. However, the bike normally just has age-related issues; it even escaped the earlier stated fuel pump recall. Cycle World claims that this bike possesses “durability and reliability rivaling an anvil” for a reason. Furthermore, you may enjoy the advantages of a long-travel suspension without the disadvantages of brake dive thanks to the Telelever front end.

The R 1200 GS is similarly durable but is considered to have several weak areas. According to MCN, early models had some growing pains. The 2006 and later versions are typically more dependable, and MCN refers to the 2010 and later models as “the best of the bunch.” The clutch slave cylinder, according to Bennetts, is a “notorious weak place,” so be sure to inspect it. Additionally, the engine contains some foam soundproofing, which frequently collects moisture and promotes corrosion. For this reason, it has been deleted from several examples. Additionally, the aforementioned fuel pump recall included a few pre-owned BMW R 1200 GS motorcycles.

Bennetts warns that it’s important to keep in mind that the electronic suspension, often known as the “ESA,” cannot be fixed. You must replace the complete shock if it breaks. Thankfully, there was a choice. So stay away from bikes with it if you’re concerned about labor and part prices. Additionally, according to RideApart, some R 1200 GS motorcycles from the years 2014 to 2017 have been recalled owing to fork damage from heavy off-roading. Models made before 2014 and after 2018 seem to be excluded, though.

Since the BMW R 1250 GS models are so recent, it is challenging to assess their long-term dependability. However, some 2019 and 2020 bikes were recalled for a variety of reasons, including fuel pump issues, swingarm pivot pin issues, and front brake caliper leaks. It’s important to remember that all of these recalls also applied to other BMW motorcycles. Some pre-owned BMW GS motorcycles even have warranties left on them.

As long as the bike you’re interested in has been properly maintained, none of these problems are necessarily deal-breakers. The R 1150 GS, however, is undoubtedly the most dependable pre-owned BMW motorbike for optimum peace of mind.

Which BMW bike is the best to purchase?

Despite being a bit of an anomaly, the BMW HP2 was a great motorbike that handled very well on the road and was always prepared to race. It had a strong 1170cc engine that produced 128 horsepower and 80 lb-ft of torque. The HP2 Enduro and HP2 Megamoto were two BMW auxiliary models, however they weren’t well received.

Although the HP2 only existed for a brief time, it prepared the way for several generations of fantastic sports-ready BMW motorcycles, many of which are still in use today.

How much does a service on a BMW motorcycle run?

Since 1921, BMW has been a well-known manufacturer of premium motorbikes in a variety of styles. A basic Urban scooter or Adventure dirt bike model from BMW costs $6,000. Their luxurious Tour variants cost $26,000. You may frequently find secondhand BMW motorbikes for as little as $1,100 on used automobile websites, yet custom-made bikes can cost more than $100,000.

It can be challenging to determine the repair costs for BMW’s wide selection of motorcycles. Maintenance on new motorcycles through BMW dealers and mechanics can be pricey—up to $700 per visit—and parts for luxury and bespoke models are in high demand. Some parts are less expensive and easier to find for smaller, less expensive models.

How durable is a BMW motorcycle?

The average lifespan of a BMW motorbike is around 200,000 miles, but this might vary depending on the model, how well the bike is maintained, and the type of riding it is exposed to. A well-maintained BMW motorcycle can last 50 years if you ride it 4000 miles each year on average.

What country produces BMW motorcycles?

present-day production All BMW Motorrad motorcycle manufacture, with the exception of the G310 series, takes place at the company’s plant in Berlin, Germany. TVS produces the G310 series at its plant in Tamil Nadu, India. Some engines are produced in Taiwan, China, and Austria.

All BMW motorcycles have shaft drives, right?

Shaft drives are even present on a few of BMW’s dual sport, or on- and off-road, motorcycles. The exception, not the rule, is BMW. Despite belt drives becoming more and more widespread, chain drive models still exceed shaft drives by a large margin.

What motorcycle made by BMW is the fastest?

Unlike many Japanese motorcycle manufacturers, BMW Motorrad inherits its racing DNA from its parent company, BMW. With a top speed of 224 mph, the S1000RR is the fastest BMW motorbike to date.

The BMW S1000RR was completely redesigned for the 2019 model year, elevating it to the company’s flagship supersport motorbike position. The motorcycle has a brand-new 999cc engine with 204 horsepower and 113 Nm of torque. At 197 kg, the bike is not very heavy.

What models of BMW motorbikes include boxer engines?

  • R 1250 GS by BMW. You may overcome every challenge in your trip with ease and playfulness because of the control in every engine speed range.
  • R 1250 GS Adventure by BMW.
  • R 1250 RT by BMW.
  • BMW R 1250 R.
  • R 1250 RS BMW

What BMW motorcycle is the rarest?

One of the final 1926 BMW R42s in existence It was reported that fewer than a few thousand R42 units were made during the course of its 2-year production cycle. It is now regarded as one of the most uncommon BMW models still in existence.

What does HP in relation to BMW motorcycles mean?

higher, quicker, and further Sport is renowned for being the world of superlatives. HP is also no different. However, High Performance demands more than just going higher, faster, and further. We are after all looking for the unattainable. And the starting point is not the finish line.

It’s all about sportiness, performance, and high-quality materials with HP. Setting new benchmarks and pushing boundaries are key. Long before the HP brand was created, the R 32, the first BMW motorbike, already reflected this attitude. Ernst Henne achieved record after record with the machine from 1923, earning her the nickname “the sporting jock.” Schorsch Meier made history in 1939 when he won the senior TT on the BMW Kompressor RS 500 TYP 255.

With the victory of the R 90 S in Daytona in the 1970s, Steve McLaughlin, Reg Pridmore, and Helmut Dahne made sure that there was a lot of controversy in the Superbike race. The success story was then continued by Hubert Auriol and Gaston Rahier riding the R 80 G/S over the desert and the impassable Paris-Dakar rally route. Following this, everything around BMW Motorrad Motorsport became quiet. The workers thought it was too quiet. Out of a passion for riding and motorsport, they therefore started things on their own. This marks HP’s beginning.