Is A Honda Grom A Scooter Or Motorcycle?

Honda Motor Co. Inc. creates the 124.9 cc (7.62 cu in) air-cooled motorbike known as the Honda Grom (MSX125 in Europe and East Asia). It took the the 2014 Motorcycle USA Motorcycle of the Year award. [4]

What kind of person is a grom?

The Honda Grom and its stablemates The Honda Grom is one of three 125cc-powered bikes that Honda currently sells. Additionally, there are the Monkey and Super Cub, two contemporary iterations of vintage Honda bikes. While the Super Cub is more akin to a scooter, the Grom is similar to a miniature sports bike.

For a Honda Grom, do you need a motorcycle license in Texas?

To operate a scooter or moped, you might require a motorcycle license, depending on the state in which you reside.

Depending on where you live, there are different rules governing scooters and mopeds. Almost often, a motorcycle license and registration are needed for scooters. These cars frequently feature 150 cubic centimeter (cc) or smaller engines. On the other hand, mopeds with engines under 50cc do not need a specific motorcycle license or registration.

California and other states only need that you have a regular driver’s license or learner’s permit if your moped or scooter has an engine that is 50cc or smaller. Other states impose age restrictions on riders but don’t require a license. Riders in North Carolina and elsewhere must be at least 16 years old.

Most states demand that you obtain a motorcycle license or a driver’s license with a motorcycle endorsement if your moped or scooter has an engine larger than 50cc. For example, a Vespa is regarded as a scooter in the majority of states. You typically require a motorbike license to operate a Vespa that is more than 50cc.

A motorcycle license is normally required to ride the Honda Grom, another well-known sports bike, as all of the variants have engines larger than 50 cc.

In Pennsylvania, is a motorbike license required for a grom?

An Autocycle’s driver simply needs a driver’s license (Class C), not a motorcycle license, unlike a typical motorcycle (Class M).

It is prohibited to take a Class C driver’s skills test on an autocycle.

Do Honda Groms qualify as mopeds?

With its new Grom, a kind of supermoto-moped that bridges the gap between various classifications of two-wheeled vehicles, Honda is further muddying the waters.

Does a 150cc scooter require a motorcycle license?

For instance, because 150cc scooters and above may travel at speeds greater than 50 mph and be driven on highways, the majority of states demand a motorcycle license for them. Even for 50cc cars, several states also demand a motorcycle license.

For a Honda Grom, is insurance necessary?

Although groms are smaller and slower than most motorcycles, they are just as entertaining! Additionally, they are excellent first bikes for novice riders. According to your age and the state, insurance might cost anywhere from $100 to $1,000.

Similar to auto insurance, the cost of motorbike insurance relies on a number of variables, such as:

  • level of intended coverage
  • vehicle location
  • the motorcycle
  • Vehicle age

For comparison, North Dakota has the least stringent standards for motorcycle insurance, which is why it costs only $330 on average. Contrarily, California has the strictest minimum motorcycle insurance requirements; the average premium there is $1,816 per year.

The quickest approach to learn how much your insurance will cost is to compare prices from several providers by shopping around. Download the Jerry app if you want assistance with the procedure. Jerry, a certified broker, can assist you in comparing customised quotations from more than 50 leading companies, including Progressive and Nationwide, without cost.

Do I need a license to operate a scooter?

Yes, you are allowed to ride a 125cc scooter or motorcycle off-road if you possess a valid driver’s license. Before riding a motorcycle on the road, you must complete and pass your mandatory basic training (CBT).

Do I need a motorbike endorsement to operate a car?

Short answer: No, there isn’t. If you only have a full driving license, you cannot legally ride any kind of motorcycle on public roads without passing the necessary examinations and possessing additional qualifications.

There is one exception, though. If you obtained your driver’s license prior to February 2001, you are only permitted to ride mopeds up to 50cc at a top speed of 50km/h. without taking your CBT or other examinations.

As previously said, you must pass your CBT before you may ride a motorcycle up to 125cc if you have a full automobile driving license. This one-day course includes basic motorcycle instruction in a parking lot and ends with you operating the motorcycle on the open road. Once you’ve finished, you can ride any vehicle with L plates up to a 125cc capacity, and you have two years before you need to retake the CBT.

What kind of scooters can you drive legally in Pennsylvania?

WHEELCHAIRS AND OTHER ELECTRIC MOBILITY DEVICES The regulations governing title, registration, insurance, inspection, and driver’s license do not apply to these devices since they are not considered vehicles as that term is defined in Section 102 of the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code.

In California, do I require a motorcycle license to operate a 150cc scooter?

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April 20, 2013Comments Off on California’s Requirement for a Motorcycle License

We frequently get asked about the California motorcycle license requirement because there is so much misunderstanding about it “Is a license required to operate one of these scooters? greater than any other query. No of the size of the scooter, if it has an engine and two wheels, you will need a motorcycle license to operate it in California, thus the quick answer is that you do need one. Visit the DMV page for proof of this “Scooters, mopeds, and motorcycles are defined.

Most of the misunderstanding surrounding this topic stems from the way the statement “There is a scooter. Although we frequently use this term to refer to Vespa and Genuine scooters, for example, the California Vehicle Code defines “scooter as being something entirely distinct from the Vespas and other scooters that Vespa Motorsport sells. Since they have 150cc or more, the scooters at Vespa Motorsport are legally classified as either “motorcycles” or “motor-driven cycles” (if they have fewer than 150cc). For instance, at the DMV page linked above, they display a picture of a 49cc Yamaha and describe it as a “cycle with a motor that needs an M1 motorbike license.

Consequently, all of the motorbike operators must have a license “Scooters that we sell and those with 150cc or more are allowed on freeways.

However, if a motorbike or scooter has three wheels, like the Piaggio MP3, California does not require a motorcycle license. For them, a class C, driving license, will do. Despite this, we still urge you to obtain a motorcycle license before driving one of these cars.

There are two simple steps to get a motorbike license in California:

Step 2: Enroll in a motorcycle safety course (OR, after passing Step 1, take the DMV’s driving exam).

I’m done now! The good news is that California’s 2-step license application process is quite simple. The additional good news is that you may visit Vespa Motorsport and test-drive some of our scooters once you obtain an M1 permission or license.

What distinguishes a moped from a scooter?

Similar to a moped, a scooter often features a step-through frame, but what distinguishes it is the engine.

Although there is no standard engine size for scooters, there are high and low powered powertrains available. Scooters range in engine capacity from 50cc to 750cc or more for the largest models, such the Honda Forza 750. For riders looking for environmentally friendly options, more and more electric scooters are entering the market.

In essence, you are riding a scooter if it has a platform where you can put your feet while you are moving. It is classified as a moped legally if it has less than 50cc.

Given their benefits over mopeds in terms of power and engine size, scooters are typically more expensive. Mopeds typically have larger wheels, although scooters typically feature a mix of automated and manual transmissions.


  • Its nature. Today’s mopeds have a step-through frame (with or without pedals) and a 50cc (cee-cee is moto-speak for cubic centimeter) or smaller motor. The original moped was named because it was a bicycle with a motor (literally a motorized pedal vehicle).
  • What you must understand Mopeds can reach top speeds of 40 mph (less with more weight on the rider) and get triple-digit gas mileage.


  • Its nature. A scooter features a step-through frame similar to a moped but a 250cc or larger motor.
  • What to be aware of Scooters have worse gas mileage and faster top speeds. For instance, a 150cc scooter can go up to 70 mpg and has a top speed of 60 mph, whereas a 250cc scooter can go up to 75 mph and only obtain less than 60 mpg. Check your local engine size or horsepower minimums before using a scooter on the freeway, though.


  • What to be aware of The majority of motorcycles have an engine size that allows them to travel on all roads alongside all other motorized vehicles.
  • Its nature. Motorcycles can be identified by their distinctive designs. In contrast to scooters and mopeds with step-through frames, the engine is located forward, between the driver’s knees. The driver is seated straight and with her back parallel to the ground.

What kind of license do I require for a 125cc?

Light motorcycle license type “A1” (max power 11kW) Your license will allow you to ride any motorcycle up to 125cc as long as its power is limited to 11kW, without L-plates, and as long as you are allowed to carry a pillion passenger.

Why is it okay for e-bikes but not for scooters?

An electric scooter is a slightly distinct species. At least for the time being, the law views e-scooters significantly differently.

Unlike the e-bike, the electric scooter is classified as a motor vehicle under the road traffic laws because it is a powered vehicle (officially a Personal Light Electric Vehicle). However, because it does not adhere to the same construction and use rules as other motor vehicles (such as having a registration plate and rear facing lights), it is prohibited from being driven on our roads.

Even if your e-scooter complied, you would still need to go by the laws requiring insurance, a MOT, road tax, and a helmet in order to lawfully ride one on the road. So far, they are only permitted on private property (with the owner’s consent).

According to Transport for London’s annual report on casualties in Greater London, the number of serious injuries brought on by “other” vehicles, such as e-scooters, has increased—from 10 the year before to 56 this time around.

How quickly can a 125cc bike travel?

There is a wide variety of 125cc bikes available, ranging from scooters to sports bikes, so it is worthwhile to shop around before making a decision.

As the biggest engine size that can be legally ridden by anyone who is at least 17 years old, has a provisional license, and has completed Compulsory Basic Training, 125cc bikes are very popular (CBT).

They also compare favorably in terms of pricing, running costs, and performance, all of which are likely to have an impact on the bike you ultimately decide to purchase:

  • The typical 125cc bike should be able to easily cruise around at 50 to 60 mph and have a top speed of roughly 70 mph.
  • They are typically inexpensive to operate, and several can achieve more than 100 miles per gallon.
  • A used 125cc motorcycle costs only a few hundred pounds, but a brand-new, high-performance vehicle might cost up to four thousand pounds.