How To Setup A Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider?

  • Connect the USB connection (5) to a USB port on the gaming console.
  • Use the racing wheel or the XBOX button on the console to turn on the console. (Avoid any potential conflicts with the racing wheel by not turning on your console with an Xbox controller.) The white LED automatically turns on when your racing wheel turns on.
  • Utilize the buttons on the racing wheel to access your profile.
  • Use the buttons on the racing wheel to launch the game.

Do not use the pedal set when wearing only socks or bare feet for your own safety. When using the pedal set without shoes, THRUSTMASTER(r) SHALL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY PHYSICAL INJURIES THAT MAY ARISE. You can now start playing!


Review the different FAQs and tips in the spider section to learn how to utilize Xbox One / Xbox games.

The pedal set includes a wide foot rest and two independently adjustable pedals. The brake pedal also has progressive resistance.

How do I install drivers for Thrustmaster?

  • Visit the Thrustmaster support page to get both.
  • Select the wheel.
  • Install this on your Windows computer by downloading it.

Does the Xbox Series S support the Thrustmaster 458 Spider?

Xbox One with Series X Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel | S. The Xbox One and Series X | S can be used with the Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel.

On Xbox One, does Thrustmaster 458 Spider function?

A: The majority of driving games on the Xbox One console are compatible with the Thrustmaster – Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel. A: Using this wheel for F1 racing on Xbox is possible.

Is the Ferrari 458 Thrustmaster any good?

One of the least expensive sim racing wheels available is the Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider wheel. Because of this, it’s a great option for individuals on a tight budget, but it’s important to learn more about this wheel before making a purchase.

For individuals who are new to sim racing and want to get a feel for things without spending a lot of money, the Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider racing wheel is a decent option. It has respectable functionality but lacks force feedback, making it truly only useful for novices.

To help you decide if the 458 Spider racing wheel is the best option for you, I’ll go over every component of it in detail in this review. Before delving deeper into the design and functionality of the wheel, let’s first go over an overview of it.

Thrustmaster 458 Spider vibrates, right?

A few drawbacks result from the absence of the engine, which are also related to the price range that the Spider Racing Wheel occupies. There is no vibration or force input from the steering wheel.

What video games work with the Ferrari 458 Spider?

  • CarX Online Drift Racing.
  • Distinction RALLY 2.0
  • Xbox 360 backward compatibility for DiRT(r) 3.
  • Xbox 360 backward compatibility for DiRT(r) SHOWDOWN (*)

How do I alter the settings on my Thrustmaster?

  • The wheel and computer have not yet been connected. In the window that appears when you press the Windows key, type “Thrustmaster Control Panel” to access it.
  • By clicking it, you can access the Thrustmaster Control Panel.
  • Go to the “Test input” tab.
  • Rotation angle should be set to 1080 degrees.
  • Drag the axis to the 50% mark in the middle.
  • Make sure you replicate this in real life with the steering wheel by positioning it exactly in the centre.
  • The Thrustmaster Control Panel must be closed.

Does the Ferrari 458 Thrustmaster for Xbox work?

With the Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel for Xbox One, get your engines going. Enjoy the fun and thrill that racing games offer while driving without having to master a force feedback wheel.

How can I access the firmware for a thrustmaster?

Under “Racing Wheels,” look for your racing wheel and click it. You may find the Thrustmaster firmware file under the “Drivers” page. Install it on your computer. You can get an additional handbook for updating your firmware under the “Firmware” tab.

How is Thrustmaster connected to an Xbox One?

If it has a sync button, push it while holding the console button until a light flashes. Then it ought should sync. Simply attach it to a USB socket if it has a USB wire, and it should sync.

Is the Thrustmaster compatible with the Xbox Series S?

Utilizing this Thrustmaster TMX Racing Wheel, you may cruise and drift while using your Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, or PC. With a rotation angle that can be adjusted from 270 to 900 degrees, this force-feedback wheel may be customized to your driving preferences or used to challenge yourself in a particular game, car, or course.

Is the Thrustmaster compatible with Xbox?

You might have wondered whether of your Thrustmaster racing simulation wheels, pedals, and accessory gears will work with the Xbox Series X when it was first announced.

The great majority of Xbox One accessories, such as controllers, headphones, racing wheels and pedals, and more, will function on Xbox Series X, according to a statement from Microsoft. Thrustmaster, a company well-known for its racing wheels, has since written on the subject, confirming that its Xbox One attachments are also compatible.

With significant advancements in CPU, GPU, and storage technology, the Xbox Series X will be distinguished by aesthetically gorgeous and immediately engaging worlds that will expose you to new experiences and new creators on a regular basis.

The following simulated racing equipment will work with the Xbox Series X, according to Thrustmaster.

How is the Thrustmaster steering sensitivity changed?

In the Thrustmapper’s middle column, click the Axes tab. To fine-tune the axes’ sensitivity and other settings, select View, Advanced Axis Mode, and so on. You can modify the sensitivity of the axes in the displayed graphs to suit your own preferences.

How do I get my Xbox One to recognize my Thrustmaster joystick?

  • Switch the Xbox to PC mode on the joystick’s selector switch.
  • Connect your console to the USB cord.
  • Activate your console.
  • A game that supports the joystick/Flight Stick mode should be launched.

What does racing steering lock mean?

You could have come across a situation in a racing game when the steering wheel on the virtual automobile didn’t accurately reflect the amount of steering input you made. This is because your steering ratio is probably set improperly in the game’s settings. We first need to define the words steering lock and steering ratio in order to comprehend this problem.

  • The maximum angle of rotation applied through the steering wheel to maximize the steering angle of the vehicle is known as steering lock.
  • The relationship between the angle the steering wheel outputs and changes to the car’s wheel is known as the steering ratio. For instance, if the steering ratio is 15:1, a 15-degree rotation of the wheel will result in a 1-degree angle for the car’s wheel.

To achieve a 1:1 depiction between real life and the game, you must get the ratio between the game and your own steering wheel just right.

There is no ideal ratio to set your steering to, despite the fact that having your steering appear accurate in the game can be helpful. Instead, many drivers have these ratios tuned to suit their own preferences. Some drivers prefer a greater ratio since they need more steering lock to achieve a 1:1 ratio-equivalent steering angle. Other drivers, on the other hand, will have a lower ratio, enabling more reaction outside of a car’s normal steering range.

In light of the foregoing, having the proper steering ratio has the benefit of giving the car you are driving the proper steering response compared to its real-world equivalent. With most automobiles, you’ll probably discover that the steering lock in ACC is substantially less than the default setting of 900 degrees, which is probably what your wheel is set to by default.

A second benefit of using the proper steering lock is that you won’t “scrub” your tires, which happens when you turn beyond the car’s steering lock and attempt to add more steering angle than is actually possible. While doing this can help the tires heat up, it will also drastically reduce their lifespan and ultimately reduce their grip.

*PC gamers using ACC should be aware that this setting will automatically change to provide your wheel a mild lock at the appropriate wheel rotation for each car’s steering lock. If you just use one automobile frequently, however, console players or those who want to set these themselves can find the appropriate steering lock values below.

Wheel damper force: what is it?

A constant force maintains its level across time. The “Constant” maintains the force at the same level when a game chooses to apply a force that is x% of what the wheel can do.

As an illustration, the constant force is typically used in driving simulator games to approximate the G-Force. At zero percent, it will exert a constant force, but when the wheel angle and speed change, the force will also change.


A periodic force will change over time depending on the frequency, magnitude, and type of periodic effect. Some games will construct a periodic force and combine an effect they would display for a constant force (like the G-Force) and a periodic effect because a periodic force includes an offset that behaves the same as a constant force (bumping road).

Example: The wheel shakes as a result of a periodic effect. It will rumble when the frequency is high, but in some situations, very low frequencies are employed to produce crash effects in which the wheel spins fully to the left at first, then to the right, then back to the left, before coming to a stop. Of course, that depends on the choices made by the game designers.


When you are farther away from a given place on the wheel, a spring force increases. The simplest spring force that comes to mind is one where the wheel returns to the center position when it is released. However, if the force is adjusted to negative, the wheel will move further from its center.


The response of the wheel while it is traveling is governed by a damper force. It is typically applied as a (dynamic) friction, or if applied as the wheel returns to its center position (spring effect), it will act as a damping control for a spring-mass system. Typically, a game will employ the damper force to make it more difficult for the player to turn the wheel, but in other situations, it will make it seem incredibly smooth and simple.

Because the SPRING and DAMPER effects rely on information that depends on the wheel, they are referred to as “dynamic effects” (position for spring or speed for damper). Because you want a quick response dependent on how the player will turn his wheel, the Dynamic Effects are those effects that benefit the most from hardware force-feedback implementation (compared to software), such in the T500RS.

We refer to the CONSTANT and PERIODIC effects as Static Effects. Regardless of how the player turns the wheel, once the game sets them, they behave in accordance with the conditions imposed or altered over time by the game. Although they might be adjusted appropriately by the game, they are not a direct result of wheel position, speed, or acceleration.