Does Ups Still Sponsor Ferrari?

After almost ten years, Ferrari and UPS are ending their collaboration. The oldest and most well-known courier service in the world will no longer support the Italian group. This was made public before the 2022 campaign.

Due to decals on the F1 car’s bodywork, UPS, RayBan, and Shell, among others, who were among Ferrari’s bigger sponsors, received considerable publicity.

Ferrari F1 team contract with UPS is not renewed

The Scuderia Ferrari F1 team has informed SBJ today that UPS’s sponsorship agreement with the team has expired without being renewed. Since becoming the official logistics and shipping partner of the F1 team in 2013, UPS has repeatedly renewed their partnership. For F1 teams, logistics is a crucial sector because they often ship cargo around the globe to accommodate the series’ extensive travel schedule. However, as the calendar moved to the year 22 this week, Ferrari revised its team partner page, leaving off both UPS and Mission Winnow, the tobacco corporation Philip Morris International’s marketing initiative that highlights the business’s long-term plans to stop selling cigarettes.

Ferrari recently stated that the parties were still in talks about a potential renewal of the Philip Morris arrangement, so its future is not yet certain. However, Ferrari told SBJ that the deal with UPS has now expired. A request for comment from UPS did not receive a prompt response. A more encouraging development for Ferrari is that it just added the Santander bank and the Velas digital collectibles company as new sponsors, and it believes more collaboration announcements are on the way. In Bahrain, the F1 season of ’22 gets underway in March.

Ferrari cancels a nine-year sponsorship relationship with the world’s largest shipping company, UPS.

After nine years of serving as UPS’s official shipping and logistics partner, Scuderia Ferrari has dissolved its sponsorship agreement.

Since 2013, Ferrari race suits and branding have featured the UPS emblem, and according to the Maranello team’s official website, UPS has been “offering time-critical deliveries, insights, and support to the Ferrari network worldwide” during that period.

UPS had been a partner of the F1 team since 2013, becoming its official logistics and shipping partner, and it had extended the deal several times since then. Logistics is an important category for F1 teams because they transport freight all over the world on a monthly basis to support the series’ globetrotting schedule, according to Sports Business Journal.


Since 2013, UPS has partnered with Ferrari to provide time-sensitive deliveries, information, and support to the Ferrari network globally.

As a leader in logistics around the world, UPS provides a wide range of services, such as shipping packages and freight, facilitating international trade, and implementing cutting-edge technology to manage business operations more effectively. With its global headquarters in Atlanta, UPS offers service to more than 220 nations and territories.

Ferrari ends its partnership with UPS

The Formula One team and the US shipping company’s nine-year collaboration come to an end.

The United Parcel Service collaboration with the Italian Formula One team Scuderia Ferrari has ended (UPS). The Scuderia revised their list of sponsors for the upcoming season and left out the shipping company, signaling the end of the two parties’ nine-year partnership.

The F1 team used UPS as their Official Logistics and Shipping Partner; the two parties originally agreed to a partnership in 2013. In 2017, the two had rekindled their agreement.

Ferrari has changed their sponsorship portfolio in front of the 2022 season. Most recently, they stopped using Philip Morris International’s marketing initiative Mission Winnow as its title sponsor. Along with removing the Chinese diesel industry major Weichai from its roster of sponsors, the Italian squad also added the Swiss blockchain company Velas Network and renewed their agreement with Spanish bank Santander.

Both companies are still in negotiations, therefore it is not yet certain whether Philip Morris will remain a sponsor of the Italian team.

The 2022 season begins in March, and when it does, the Scuderia will be back in action. Following a reasonably strong campaign in which they finished third in the Constructors’ standings and returned to the front of the grid, Ferrari will hope to compete for victories and podium finishes once more in the upcoming season.

UPS signs a Formula One sponsorship agreement

UPS has increased its interest in motorsports by endorsing the Scuderia Ferrari F1 team for a longer period of time.

Before Fernando Alonso drove the team’s 2013 F138 race vehicle with the UPS shield for the first time at a Barcelona testing event featuring the Spaniard as the driver, the alliance was made official.

UPS will receive tremendous exposure as part of the sponsorship as Scuderia Ferrari participates in the Formula 1 World Championship in 19 different nations, from Australia in March through Brazil in November. Alonso and teammate Felipe Massa’s Ferrari F138 vehicles, racing overalls, the Scuderia’s fleet of transporters, and trackside equipment will all be adorned with the UPS shield. Additionally, UPS will carry out a thorough activation effort across the entire organization on a global level.

Additionally, UPS becomes Ferrari’s “Official Logistics and Shipping Sponsor” and fully integrates into the business’s daily operations by offering vital and intricate delivery and transportation services.

Since its founding in 1947, Scuderia Ferrari has become one of racing’s most recognizable and profitable brands. The only team to have participated in the Formula 1 World Championship continuously since it began in 1950 is Scuderia Ferrari, which also holds nearly all of the championship’s records.

Stefano Domenicali, team principal of Scuderia Ferrari, said, “We are really happy to have UPS on board as our new partner as they are one of the most successful and well-known businesses worldwide. Working with an organization that has the global scale and reach of UPS and that also shares these values will enable us to jointly explore and implement ways to improve operations and increase efficiency across the team. “Excellence, innovation, and precision are critical across every process within the team.

At the agreement’s signing at Ferrari’s headquarters in Maranello, Italy, Christine Owens, senior vice president, communications and brand management for UPS, stated that the company was “happy to join Ferrari and be a part of their racing organization.” The expansion of UPS’s involvement into Formula 1 with one of the most recognizable racing teams in the world brings together two global brands with rich histories and cultures as well as a track record of unmatched commitment to excellence. UPS has been involved in motorsports for more than 12 years.

Being a part of Scuderia Ferrari helps reinforce the UPS brand globally, positively affecting our business both on and off the track, and by investing in key growth markets around the world, according to Owens. “Both UPS and Ferrari constantly strive to develop and implement new technologies, using speed and efficiency to go beyond what’s expected.”

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Since when does UPS support Ferrari?

Since 2013, UPS had served as Ferrari’s official logistics partner. Scuderia Ferrari, a Formula One team, has dissolved its nine-year association with UPS, a US-based logistics company. Since 2013, UPS has served as Ferrari’s official logistics partner, and the agreement was most recently extended in 2017.

What makes UPS a Ferrari sponsor?

Ferrari and UPS have ended their nine-year partnership as the company’s official shipping and logistics partner.

Since 2013, the UPS emblem has been present on Ferrari race suits and branding, according to the team’s official website, and during that time, UPS has “provided time-critical deliveries, insights, and support to the Ferrari network worldwide.”

Ferrari’s website no longer lists UPS as a racing team partner, and Sports Business Journal has confirmed that the agreement between the team and sponsor was not renewed.

The effort “Mission Winnow,” launched by tobacco company Philip Morris International in 2018, to promote their goal to reduce cigarette sales and transition to generating alternative products, is also absent from the team’s website.

Prior to Christmas, it was announced that the team had dropped Mission Winnow from its official moniker and returned to calling itself Scuderia Ferrari on the official 2022 entry list.

The entire course of Philip Morris International’s engagement is still up in the air, and conversations about their potential partnership are still ongoing.

However, the team has acquired new sponsors in their stead. Santander, a bank whose emblem appeared on the team’s cars throughout the 2010s, has rejoined as a team partner, and the sponsorship agreement has been resurrected on a multi-year term.

Velas, a Swiss technology business, is also joining the squad as a sponsor, and Ferrari is likely to make its first foray into the realm of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Farhad Shagulyamov, the CEO and co-founder of Velas, commented on the partnership in this way: “Having developed a next-generation blockchain that prioritizes both performance and sustainability, it was only natural to join with another icon of perfection, Ferrari.

“Velas has incorporated a creative array of cutting-edge technology into the blockchain and linked products, which will now be displayed at the pinnacle of motorsport,” says the company.