Does The Thrustmaster Ferrari Gt Work On Ps4?

A: The PS4, PS5, and PC are all compatible with the T80 Ferrari.


Officially licensed by Ferrari and PlayStation 4, the T80 Ferrari 488 GTB Edition is an 8:10 scale replica of the 28 cm-diameter Ferrari 488 GTB wheel. The wheel includes PlayStation 4 official buttons (“PS,” “SHARE,” and “OPTIONS”) for simple navigating inside the interface of the PlayStation 4 and in menus of PlayStation 4 games. Compatible with all PlayStation 4 consoles, PC (Windows 7/8/10), and PlayStation 4 racing games that support wheels.

Does the Ferrari 458 Thrustmaster for the PS4 work?

This one is incompatible with the PS4.

no. A: Hello, the Xbox One S/X is not compatible with this wheel. You should have a look at some of our other products, such as the TMX racing wheel or the Ferrari 458 Spider wheel. A: You connect it to your PC using the included USB cable, and it is incompatible with Xbox.

Is the Thrustmaster T GT PS5 compatible?

The T-GT II, made by gaming wheel manufacturer Thrustmaster, is the company’s first officially licensed racing wheel that is completely compatible with the PS5. It is available starting today in Europe, but not until September 1 in the UK, October 5 in the US and Canada, and by the end of the year everywhere else. Only the most ardent racing enthusiasts may be willing to pay the premium, as the wheel is more expensive than the PS5. The price of the T-GT II servo base alone is PS449.99, the servo base plus wheel pack is PS599.99, and the servo base with pedals is PS699.99. The wheel works with the PS4 as well.

The T-GT II’s key characteristics are as follows:

  • T-LIN system, which guarantees that the force experienced by the user is exactly proportional to the force calculated in the game.
  • Using T-F.O.C. technology, the motor can respond quickly and dynamically to requests for more torque while minimizing power dips.
  • The T-incredibly MCE’s effective cooling system keeps linearity and dynamics with the potent T-40VE motor.
  • a 400 watt peak power T-TURBO power supply that provides steady power.
  • The official GT wheel is covered in real leather and equipped with two mini-joysticks, four on-the-fly selectors, differential braking adjustment, traction control, fuel mapping, and torque management—all of which are inherent to Gran TurismoTM Sport.

In addition, the wheel has a few new features over earlier versions. For the wheel to last and perform properly for years to come, it has real-time drift curve computation, also known as T-DCC, real-time force feedback, also known as T-RTF, and AEC-Q-certified printed circuit boards.

Does the PS5 support the Ferrari wheel?

  • For the best comfort while racing, a 4.3-inch (109-mm) IPS LCD display with up to 69 essential pieces of information and several skins is used.
  • compatible with Xbox, PlayStation, and PCs running Windows 10 (list of features available on the Thrustmaster technical support website)
  • Compatible with the TS-XW, T-GT, T300, TX, and TS-PC Thrustmaster T-Series racing wheel bases (available separately).
  • Compatible with paddle shifters from Thrustmaster called T-Chrono Paddles (sold separately)
  • replica wheel with Ferrari official authorization

Regarding the product:

This product, the newest from Thrustmaster and Ferrari’s decades-long partnership, is a 1:1 scale replica of the wheel from the classic Ferrari SF1000 single-seater race vehicle. The Thrustmaster Formula Wheel Add-On Ferrari SF1000 Edition has a 4.3-inch (109-mm) IPS LCD display that can show up to 69 pieces of racing data in addition to the classic labeling and official marks seen on the actual wheel.

The race dash has 21 LEDs: 15 for engine speed and 2 x 3 for race marshal flags, as well as various skins depending on the game or car being raced.

The faceplate of the wheel, which is made entirely of carbon fiber, offers balanced Force Feedback for incredibly accurate racing movements, especially in games that emphasize single-seater cars. The Thrustmaster T-Chrono Paddles paddle shifters (available separately) and the textured rubber grips on this reproduction wheel make it a fully adaptable racing tool that can be used to suit the needs of every driver.

The wheel, which carries the official license from Ferrari, works flawlessly with all Thrustmaster T-Series racing wheel bases (available separately) and on PCs running Windows 10 as well as the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S.

Thrustmaster T80 support on GTA?

In GTA 5, wheels like the Logitech G29/G920 have been used to good effect in the past. Regarding other steering wheel manufacturers like Thrustmaster, numerous online users have apparently been able to use the T80 wheel from that company for Grand Theft Auto 5.

Make sure you have the Logitech G HUB installed and ready to use if you intend to use a Logitech G29 or comparable steering wheel.

Make sure you have all the required drivers installed for Thrustmaster wheels.

How can I adjust my Ferrari Thrustmaster t80 PS4?

  • Directly attach your Thrustmaster steering wheel to the USB connection on your laptop or computer. Now, it will begin its own calibration phase.
  • Turn the racing wheel all the way to the right until it stops when the calibration procedure is complete. Immediately place the steering wheel back in the exact center and hold it there.
  • With your other hand, simultaneously press and hold the Share, Option, and Mode buttons for a short period of time. Your racing wheel’s light will now momentarily change color.
  • It has been calibrated at the center.

Can a PS4 and an Xbox wheel be connected?

Only steering wheels connected to Xbox One(R) steering wheels that are compatible with PlayStation(R)4 are compatible with both systems. Additional steering wheels are available, however they can only be utilized with the PC and PlayStation(r) 4. Click the PC tab to view every steering wheel.

Any wheel may be connected to a PS4?

Wheel compatibility becomes a significant issue when you race on both a PC and a console. You may purchase two separate wheels or choose a wheel that can be used on both platforms, which is frequently more expensive.

The makers of video game equipment Collective Minds have developed a workable fix for all your PC/Console compatibility issues. The DriveHub was unveiled.

On your Xbox One or PlayStation 4 gaming system, you can utilize almost any Force Feedback steering wheel thanks to the DriveHub cross-platform gaming adaptor. Your wheel is automatically set up by the Drive Hub to correspond to the recognized game Console. The Drive Hub doesn’t need any additional software and is just Plug and Play. All common Force feedback protocols, including but not limited to Spring Force, Dampers, Collision Force, road, surface, and airborne impacts, are fully supported by the Drive Hub.

Pre-orders for the Collective Minds DriveHub are being accepted; it will go on sale on August 28, 2017.

Can I use an Xbox wheel on a PS5?

There isn’t a wheel available right now that is pre-configured for both PlayStation and Xbox. I think Sony and Microsoft are more responsible for this than Logitech.

What PlayStation 4 games support steering-wheel use?

  • 2. Project Cars Some could argue that this game ought to come in directly behind GT Sport, but we weren’t as fond of it because of how unpolished it felt in comparison to our top pick.
  • Sonic Racing Team.
  • F1 2019.
  • 2.0 DiRT Rally
  • DiRT 4.
  • Sport Gran Turismo

What Xbox games work with the steering wheel from a Ferrari?

  • CarX Online Drift Racing.
  • Distinction RALLY 2.0
  • Xbox 360 backward compatibility for DiRT(r) 3.
  • Xbox 360 backward compatibility for DiRT(r) SHOWDOWN (*)

Can a PS4 steering wheel be used with a PS5?

Sony has made it clear how PS5 and PS4 accessories will function with its upcoming gaming system. Let’s first address the old DualShock 4: it can be used with PS4 titles that are backwards compatible with the PS5, but not with next-generation games. The adjustable triggers and “haptic feedback” rumbling of the DualSense controller, among other “new technologies and features,” will be included in numerous PS5 games, according to a blog post by Sony. Watch Geoff Keighley’s hands-on video with Astro’s Playroom, a PS5 exclusive, for an illustration of this.

Official PS4 controllers from third parties, like the Raiju and Revolution Pro from Razer and Nacon, ought to function similarly to the DualShock 4. Additionally, Sony has verified that backwards compatible PS4 and PS5 software can be utilized with licensed “special peripherals” such steering wheels, fighting sticks, and joysticks with an aviation theme. However, the business stated incomprehensibly: “We do not guarantee the functionality of all officially licensed items or ancillary equipment of other companies. Please verify the manufacturer for the PS5 and game title compatibility status. In a nutshell, the message is: “They should function, but don’t hold it against us if they don’t.

Sony also reaffirmed in today’s blog post that the PSVR headset and all of its add-ons, such as the camera, Move wands, and gun-shaped Aim controller, are compatible with the PS5. However, a specific adaptor is necessary, which Sony has assured PS5 customers would be “free of charge.” The business teased in a blog post that “Details will be disclosed later.” Although Sony has emphasized that its PlayStation 4-branded headset companion app won’t function with the PS5, headsets that use the PS4’s USB connector or audio terminal should also function without issue.

None of these explanations should come as a big surprise. With full compatibility between Xbox One and Series X, including its excellent Elite Controller and Adaptive Controller, Microsoft is taking things a step further.

Force feedback is there on the Thrustmaster T80 Ferrari 488 GTB edition?

For its most recent piece of hardware, the T80 Ferrari 488 GTB Edition, Thrustmaster is once more working with Ferrari. Don’t worry if you recently made a high-end equipment investment; this entry-level wheel is designed with the lower end of the market in mind.

The T80 is an 8:10 scale copy of the wheel used in the Ferrari 488 GTB and was created with “fun in mind.” It is intended for newcomers and those who have never owned a wheel before and substitutes a “Thrustmaster Bungee Cord” for a force-feedback motor.

The wheel has 11 additional buttons, a D-pad, two wheel-mounted, metal paddle-shifters, a pedal set, and an integrated table clamping mechanism in addition to the specialized PlayStation 4, “PS,” “Share,” and “Options” buttons.

Most sim-racers won’t be interested in the T80 since it lacks force-feedback, but other shoppers will be drawn to it because of its high price. It will perhaps draw some newbies to our hobby since it costs only $99.99 USD at a variety of shops.

Otherwise, more committed users looking at Thrustmaster products have to think about the T300RS or its flagship model, the T-GT.

How do I install drivers for Thrustmaster?

  • Visit the Thrustmaster support page to get both.
  • Select the wheel.
  • Install this on your Windows computer by downloading it.

The value of PS4 steering wheels

A: Whether or not a racing wheel is worthwhile is up to you. Yes, if you enjoy racing and want to get the most out of the games available. If you use a good racing wheel, your lap times should likewise get faster and you’ll have a better gaming experience. A racing wheel might not be cost-effective if you exclusively use vehicles in GTA games.