Does Kylie Still Have The Ferrari From Tyga?

Imagine that you adore a sweater that belongs to your best buddy. You constantly take out loans against it. When you question her about it, you’ve started affectionately referring to it as “our sweater.” She then gives it to you as a gift on your birthday, doing you the largest favor ever. How considerate, yes? After all, she is aware of your passion for it.

However, you eventually learn that you are merely borrowing it for her. (Perhaps she wants it back? We are unsure.)

That is, in a sense, what happened with Kylie Jenner’s magnificent birthday gift. The reality-TV star’s six-figure Ferrari that boyfriend Tyga gave her at Bootsy Bellows, complete with a large white bow, was apparently rented rather than outright purchased. The car was reportedly leased in Kylie’s name rather than Tyga’s, according to Radar Online, but since Kylie is the one who “owns” it, this makes sense. Since the insurance is in her name if she drives it, it is in a sense her car for the time being.

Additionally, it’s possible that this isn’t Kylie’s first time leasing a car rather than purchasing one given the way she frequently switches around the fleet of vehicles in her garage (not to alter their paint jobs). Since a car loses value the moment you drive it off the lot and some celebrities always like to have the newest model, leasing a car may be a better option if you plan to switch up your vehicle in the relatively near future. (However, we’re not sure if you can exchange a birthday present for something you like. That might come off as a bit impolite to the gifter.)

Even though Kylie, age 18, has a multi-million dollar mega-mansion and more vehicles than the typical family, she still needs to be careful when signing contracts in her name, especially for things as expensive as luxury cars. There was undoubtedly a lot of pressure on Tyga to do something truly amazing for Kylie’s birthday because he was obviously attempting to make a big gesture for both the recipient and the media. Perhaps now is the perfect time for all of us to reflect on the proverb “It’s the thought that counts.”

A list of the three vehicles that Kylie Jenner and Tyga have purchased together

It’s no secret that Tyga and Kylie Jenner frequently express their affection through their vehicles.

Even though their relationship has been sporadic since last year, they have invested all in their relationship. Check out all the automobiles that the two have bought for each other below, from the Maybach Tyga gave her last year to Jenner’s kind Bentley surprise for her guy!

On August 10, 2017, Tyga went all out for his sweetheart Kendall Jenner’s 18th birthday, giving her a stunning Ferrari during her party in Bootsy Bellows. According to E! News, the white 458 Spider has a suggested retail price of roughly $240,000.

Rumors that Jenner had crashed the Ferrari started to circulate a few days after Tyga gifted it to her. The “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” celebrity merely made a few improvements to the car, it turns out. The expensive sports car received a fresh coat of paint from Jenner, as well as unique wheels and rims. On August 23, 2015, she uploaded an Instagram picture showcasing the matte gray car’s new red rims.

Prior to Jenner’s 19th birthday, Tyga and the reality star split up. But they reconciled in time for the two of them to commemorate yet another milestone together, and the “Rack City” couldn’t resist treating Kendall Jenner to a lavish birthday celebration. He bought her another automobile for her birthday like he did the year before, but this time it was a 2016 Mercedes-Benz Maybach S600, which has a starting price of $189,000.

Jenner and her mother Kris Jenner demonstrated the new vehicle in a series of Snapchat videos, showcasing all of its features, which reportedly include a mini-fridge, folding tables, pink inside lights, and “Chanel mirrors.” See them listed below.

Tyga made news this week when it was claimed that the rapper skipped many lease payments and that his Ferrari was repossessed on Tuesday, August 30. His fiancée, according to a source in Us Weekly, was quick to fix the matter by giving him a brand-new car. The following day, she gave him a brand-new white Bentley Bentayga, which is said to have a suggested retail price of about $229,100.

Tyga was seen dancing and jumping with excitement in front of his new Bentley in a video Jenner released on Snapchat. The head of lipkit further emphasized that it was untrue that Tyga joined her on Tuesday to the Bentley dealership, stating, “Thus, false reports surfaced today. When it was actually only me at the Bentley dealership, the blogs almost wrecked it by reporting that T was there as well. I had to tell T I had no idea what the story was, which was a lie. Despite that, I was at a Bentley dealership.”

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Can’t Kylie Jenner date someone who can’t afford his Ferrari payments, for crying out loud?

Inconveniently, Tyga’s persistent legal issues caught up with him on Tuesday while he was out with Kendall Jenner at a Bentley dealership and a repo man arrived to take his Ferrari, according to TMZ.

To check out yet another luxury car purchase, the couple had drove to the Bentley showroom in Jenner’s hometown of Calabasas in Tyga’s sleek red Ferrari.

The rapper apparently didn’t like the Ferrari folks that he had skipped multiple lease payments for the vehicle, and they were concerned that he wouldn’t be good with the money given that he had recently been sued by his former landlord for failure to pay rent.

So, while the couple was looking around the Bentley dealership, they sent someone with a key who gained entry to the Ferrari. The man got in, fired it up, and sped off toward the closest freeway.

According to Complex, Tyga’s propensity for buying his girlfriend expensive cars has resulted in numerous uncomfortable situations. He gifted her a Mercedes G-Wagon and a $320,000 Ferrari last year for her 18th birthday. Many people questioned whether Tyga had actually paid for the Ferrari once it was revealed that he had bought it in Jenner’s name.

The G-Wagon, meanwhile, may have previously belonged to his ex-fiancée Blac Chyna, which has led many to believe he gave it to her again. Later, Tyga asserted that Jenner had not been given the automobile; rather, she was merely using it. Whatever the case, Tyga’s failure to make payments on the G-Wagon caused it to be on the verge of being repossessed earlier this year.

Tyga just gave Kylie Jenner a Mercedes Maybach for her 19th birthday; 2017 models start at about $200,000. The gift arose right away as a problem in the landlord case.

Tyga nearly went to jail earlier this month for skipping a court date related to that lawsuit. He is being sued by his previous Malibu landlord for months of delayed rent payments and substantial property damage.

The landlord charged Tyga with “fraudulent transfer of assets” in relation to the Mercedes Maybach and continuing to live a luxury lifestyle despite owing a lot of money to other people.

Tyga is being sued for $480,000 in debt, which would require Kylie Jenner to return her birthday gift.

Last week, there were rumors that Tyga had driven Kylie Jenner to a Bentley dealership in Calabasas to look at a new powertrain. While the car was parked, the men from the repossession company arrived with a spare key and took it away.

After Tyga missed a few payments on the car’s lease, “and the lessor wasn’t taking any chances,” according to TMZ, the repo men “showed up armed with a spare key for the Ferrari, jumped in, fired it up, and proceeded down the nearest interstate.”

Kylie later dispelled the rumors, claiming that they were untrue and that Tyga wasn’t even present during the intricate ruse. Instead, she had a friend drive the car away so she could surprise Tyga with a brand-new Bentley.

Tyga shared a photo of the present with the remark, and Kylie posted a lengthy Snapchat movie about it “when your infant steals your Bentley and hides your Ferrari. Guess I’m not mad anymore.”

The most confused scenario ever has it that the car WAS repossessed, but now that Tyga has paid off his obligations, he has been given the car back, further complicating the plot.

TMZ cited a source as saying, “Because the Ferrari is so uncommon, the person who leased it could only have done so by purchasing another car from the dealer, which wouldn’t be available for another six months. Tyga and the person came to an agreement whereby Tyga would take the Ferrari and pay the lease until the second car became available, after which he would give it back.

“The down payment was made by a guy who leased the automobile who relied on another guy who relied on another guy, but the middleman retained the money. The person who signed the lease received criticism from the Ferrari dealership, who afterwards demanded Tyga pay the down deposit.

“The down payment was allegedly then sent to the middleman by Tyga, but the money never reached the dealership. The person who rented the automobile became irate and pursued Tyga and Kylie to a Bentley dealership, where he used force to repossess the vehicle.”

Anyway, Tyga allegedly hired a lawyer to threaten the individual who had taken the car back with legal action, prompting the individual to give Tyga the car back so that he could use it for a few months. Phew.

Flash Kash! Tyga’s Ferrari was “repossessed” by Kylie Jenner as part of a complex plan to get her boyfriend a new $230,000 Bentley.

On Tuesday, Tyga once again made headlines when he had yet another car repossessed, but it turns out Kylie Jenner, not some missing lease payments, was the reason for the car’s removal.

The extremely kind 19-year-old paid someone to hide his Ferrari, leading him—and the rest of the world—to believe his car had been repossessed. On Wednesday, she made the very kind decision to surprise him with a gorgeous new car.

Pricey joke: Tyga once again made headlines on Tuesday when he had yet another automobile repossessed, but it appears out Kylie Jenner, not some missing lease payments, was the reason for the vehicle’s removal.

The generous present of a brand-new Bentley and the extremely complex prank the 19-year-old had planned for Wednesday afternoon were both revealed by Tyga and Kylie on Snapchat.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star simply wrote, “For my baby,” beside a photo of her boyfriend’s new car.

Following the repossession of Tyga’s Ferrari, Kylie Jenner purchases him a Bentley.

The rapper observes one car going out and one coming in as the week progresses, so hopefully his garage door is in good working order. TMZ reports that his girlfriend Kylie Jenner has given him a new Bentley Bentayga, a $300,000 SUV, in response to news that he had his Ferrari confiscated because of unpaid bills yesterday. The two can be seen driving off in the SUV above.

The pair was shopping for a car when the Ferrari was repossessed from a Bentley dealership in Calabasas, so the timing of the new whip couldn’t be better. According to Jenner, the news that Tyga’s red Rari was repossessed almost ruined her surprise because it put her at the Bentley showroom as well. The two went to Neuehouse Hollywood on Wednesday night in their new automobile, according to the celebrity news website.

Tyga’s year with automobiles has been fairly up and down; just last month, he gave Kylie a Maybach for her 19th birthday, despite the fact that it was likely that the payments on the Ferrari were still past due.

He spent a lot of money on a Ferrari for Jenner last year, but the birthday present was not without controversy. Given that the whip was leased in Jenner’s name, it appears to have been just for show.

According to rumors, the two split up early this year, but judging by the lavish gifts and probable engagement in the works, it’s reasonable to say that they’re still together.