Which BMW X5 Has 3rd Row?

Since a dedicated third row of seating is not included as standard equipment, the BMW X5 is not a true seven-seater. A third row of seats was available for the F15 generation X5, although it was basically only two very tiny seats in the trunk. Those optional seats are uncomfortable for anyone who is not extremely small because it is not a true seven-seater.

However, the F15-gen X5 isn’t a bad alternative if someone has a small family and can fit two of their young children back there, especially given that secondhand ones can currently be found for reasonable costs. Simply look for one with the third row, which is an optional extra but admittedly not always simple to find.


Space and Seating in the BMW X5 * Third-row seating is an optional feature. The BMW X5 sDrive40i and BMW X5 xDrive40i both come standard with five seats and two rows.

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Has the 2018 BMW X5 a third row?

The X5 is a 2-row SUV with seating for five passengers in its usual form. In some variants, a third-row seat is available, bringing the maximum number of passengers to seven.

Is there a third row in the BMW X5?

Is there third-row seats in the BMW X5? Yes! Two variants come with the option of the third-row BMW X5. The BMW X5 can now accommodate seven passengers, making it ideal for your school carpools.

Has a third row been added to the 2019 BMW X5?

A third row is an option that customers can choose for the BMW X5. Although this increases the seating versatility, keep in mind that children should use these seats. Any adult crammed back there would be irritable after even a brief journey. However, having the option to add a third row is useful if you occasionally need to transport more than five people.

When were the third row seats added to the BMW X5?

The inclusion of a third-row seat, which was made last year and received some criticism from critics because of its tiny size, is the greatest interior modification for the 2008 BMW X5.

Which BMWs have a third row of seats?

With third-row seating as a standard feature or option, BMW offers two SUVs. The third row of seats in the X7 is standard, while a bench seat in the third row of the X5 is an optional feature.

What X5 trim features the third row?

Does the third row of seats on the BMW X5 exist? A third row of seats is an option for the 2023 BMW X5 sDrive40i and X5 xDrive40i, making a total of seven seats available. Five people can sit in the conventional arrangement.

How many seats are there in a BMW X5?

The normal seating capacity of the BMW X5 is for 5, but a third row seat option allows you to raise the number of passengers to 7. The new BMW X5’s measurements for its regular seating capacity are as follows: headroom of 40.8 inches. Front and rear shoulder room is 60.0 inches and 58.1 inches, respectively.

Do all BMW X5s have seven seats?

Contrary to the XC90 and Q7, seven seats are not included as standard. The X5 only has five seats unless you pay extra to add the third row, and the PHEV xDrive45e doesn’t offer this option.

Can the X5 have a third row of seats?

The 2020 BMW X5’s basic model versions are 5-seaters without a third row. A third row can be added as part of an upgrade package for the xDrive40i models, allowing for the simultaneous seating of seven passengers.

What is the premium package for the BMW X5?

For the BMW X5 variants, several additional options and packages are available. While the Premium Package adds a head-up display and Harman/Kardon(r) audio, the Convenience Package includes features like remote start and wireless device charging.

What is the name of the BMW 7-seater?

The ideal balance of flexibility and dynamics: The BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer can seat up to seven passengers with the included third row of seats. However, it still has just as much athleticism as its smaller stable mates because of the 3- and 4-cylinder TwinPower turbo engines and the distinctive front with a striking double kidney grille. The big doors, extended wheelbase, and minimal overhangs guarantee further practicality. The single-joint strut-type front axles and the use of lightweight, high-strength components in the chassis ensure optimal road grip and make the BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer nimble, accurate steering. BMW xDrive all-wheel drive and dual-clutch Steptronic sports gearbox for even quicker, smoother gear changes are optionally available.

Due to a model change in 2018, the renowned BMW kidney grille has grown even larger and is now complemented by brand-new LED headlights. The updated front apron gives the whole thing an even more appealing aspect.

Are there captain’s seats in the BMW X5?

Choose either the X5 xDrive40i or the sDrive40i to obtain the most seats the X5 has to offer. The five-seat layout is normal for all other X5 models. The position of the rear wheels necessitates something different, even though many larger cars can carry seven seats by placing a three-seat bench in the farthest back row and two captain’s chairs in the front and center rows, respectively. A three-seat bench in the center, a two-seat bench in the very back, and captain’s chairs in the front make up a seven-seat X5.

What is the BMW X5 executive package?

Icon Adaptive LED Headlights with Laserlight; Head-up Display; Gesture Control; Panoramic Sky Lounge LED Roof; Manual Side Window Shades; Glass Controls; $3,300. ZRC. Front and rear heated seats; heated front seats, armrests, and steering wheel are all included in the climate comfort package. $700

What size SUV does BMW produce?

The largest BMW currently on the market in terms of cargo space, seating capacity, headroom, and grand external dimensions is the 2023 BMW X7.