How To Delete Home Address From BMW Navigation?

I have a really poor sense of direction and will be moving to a new place in a few weeks, so I’ve always used my BMW’s navigation system to find my way home. However, once I’ve moved, I don’t want to unintentionally navigate to my old home. How can I get rid of my old address from my BMW’s navigation system?

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Many thanks for the move! I’m delighted to report that it’s simple to change your home address on a BMW. Here’s how to remove your home address from your BMW’s navigation system:

  • Open the BMW navigation system first.
  • Select Settings, then Address Book, from the menu.
  • Your current home address can be found, chosen, and deleted.
  • Include your new address if you wish to save yourself time later.

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We must sell the X3 now that we have owned it for seven wonderful years. A “factory reset” option to remove all addresses from the MKIV navigation system cannot be found in the settings menu, which is something I really want to accomplish before giving the car to someone else. There must be a more effective solution than manually erasing each and every address. Additionally, all of the “Last Destination” entries would still be present.

EDIT: Okay, since I located a copy of the navigation manual online, I was able to respond to this very quickly.


When selecting “Delete address,” hold the button down for 10 seconds after selecting Address Book and an item. All addresses in the address book will be deleted as a result.

The same actions apply for “Last Destinations.” Choose one, then long-press “Delete address”

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Getting rid of locations?

I have a few pointless locations saved in my navigator. I can see them, but I have no idea how to get rid of them. For instance, the map depicts my home address, 9011 Randall Rd, Huntsville, AL, to be two homes away. When using a GPS reading in the driveway, the precise destination is 9035 Randall, and when driving home, the address arrival is announced as expected.

While receiving a rapid charge, I looked through the built-in documentation but could only discover the instructions for adding a destination. No information was provided regarding how to remove them from the navigation list.

The “Option” button is located at the bottom right of the rotary dial. A YouTube video demonstrates how to utilize it. Choose the destination, press “Option,” choose “delete,” and then press the rotary dial to confirm the deletion. It is ineffective to press “Option” while over “Delete.”