How Much Is BMW Connected Drive?

BMW ConnectedDrive creates a fluid driver experience by fusing together your mobile devices, smart home technology, and your vehicle’s intelligent interfaces.

What features come with BMW ConnectedDrive?

  • Use BMW Financial Services to log into your account.
  • Create “Time to Leave” alerts.
  • Verify the status of your charge or fuel level.
  • Get immediate on-street parking information and forecasting help.
  • 3D view in real time on the screen of your smartphone.
  • Utilize remote services to locate your vehicle.

Exists BMW ConnectedDrive today?

Customers in the United States will be able to download the My BMW App on April 12, 2021, for use on iOS and Android-compatible mobile devices; the My BMW App will completely replace the BMW Connected app by the end of June 2021. Since 1975, BMW of North America, LLC has operated in the United States.

Is ConnectedDrive BMW uncomplicated?

All eligible BMW vehicles with the software installed are eligible for free registration with ConnectedDrive. For three years, most BMW vehicles come standard with it. BMW offers the majority of the Digital Services capabilities separately or as a trial since it understands that not all owners will want or require all of the ConnectedDrive functions.

The majority of these have different prices, ranging from PS1 for a one-month trial of real-time traffic data to PS79 for a map update for the My Journey system. BMW, on the other hand, offers four ConnectedDrive packages that range in price from PS59 to PS239 and run for a full year. As the price rises, each bundle includes more ConnectedDrive features.

Only BMWs with the most recent OS7 infotainment system and up receive Apple CarPlay for free, which may surprise some BMW owners. When their BMWs reach their third anniversary, some owners will still be required to pay up to PS265 for Apple CarPlay. In 2020, BMW vehicles finally offered Android Auto connectivity as an option, providing wireless integration to the vehicle’s infotainment system at no additional cost.

What functions does my BMW ConnectedDrive have?

  • Type your VIN’s final seven characters here.
  • Choose whether you are the primary or backup driver of the car.
  • On the infotainment screen on your car, look for the security code. It may be accessed by going to Main Menu > ConnectedDrive > Messages. Your phone’s ConnectedDrive app will ask for the same code.

What is the price of BMW real-time traffic?

Real Time Traffic Information (option code 6AM) looks to be a paid service now in the US. It was a component of the Premium Package for MY19, however the MY20 manuals do not mention it. And when I configured my MY20 X4 in BMW Connected, RTTI was listed as an add-on option for $50 per year.

What advantages does BMW ConnectedDrive offer?

  • eCall for BMW Assist. Get the emergency assistance you require.
  • Roadside Assistance by BMW.
  • Information from traffic cameras.
  • Recorder for drives.
  • Animal & Pedestrian Detection in Night Vision

How much is a subscription to BMW Assist?

You may rely on BMW AssistTM to assist you with your busy life by purchasing the optional Convenience Plan for $199 per year of service, which is accessible to all Safety Plan subscribers.

When does BMW ConnectedDrive end?

Select automobiles will no longer be able to offer ConnectedDrive services starting in February 2022 due to cellular providers’ phase-out of the 3G network. The choice to discontinue use of 3G network technology was made at the discretion of the individual cellular carriers and is outside of BMW’s control.

Is BMW SOS a paid service?

Having tire trouble? Fuel run out? Require a tow? With BMW Roadside Assistance, you can be sure that you can always turn to us no matter what occurs while you’re driving.

BMW Roadside Assistance provides exceptional roadside assistance without any mileage restrictions, at no additional cost*, around-the-clock, every day of the year. You are protected in all 50 states, Canada, and Puerto Rico. If someone else is driving your BMW, you are still protected.

We can offer route advice for the ideal journey on your upcoming road trip in addition to emergency roadside assistance. If your trip is unexpectedly cut short, we can even assist with arranging alternative transportation and hotel accommodations.

You get access to free BMW Roadside Assistance for the first four years after the vehicle’s original in-service date, without mileage limitations. After taking delivery, BMW of North America, LLC would have sent you your Service and Warranty Booklet, which contains all the information.

If you own a Certified Pre-Owned BMW, you have unlimited mileage coverage for six years after the vehicle was first put into service. Your Consumer Information Statement, which was given to you by your local BMW store at the time of delivery, has all the information you need.

BMW Roadside Assistance can be reached directly at 800-332-4BMW for covered assistance in the case of a breakdown (800-332-4269).

Is there a subscription fee for BMW?

For vehicles sold throughout Europe, BMW has introduced feature subscription programs. Even though your vehicle might already have these capabilities installed, you will need to pay a rolling membership or a one-time price of several hundred dollars to take use of these extra benefits.

What distinguishes the BMW Connected app from the My BMW app?

Every each generation of BMW apps has injected more technology into the driving experience, further fusing your personal life with that of your car. This generation was no exception. Except that the most recent premiere was meant to be a wink to the drivers of electric cars.

My BMW remote app enhanced their overview and broadened their operational range while the BMW Connected app started to enable remote access to car statistics, executing upgrades to the on-board software, or controlling specific vehicle operations. It provides direct access to service facilities, significantly improves plug-in hybrid and all-electric model functions (displays electric range, charging status, tracking of charging history, programming of charging in a time slot, etc.), and provides more practical use of maps and navigation (e.g. convenient vehicle location, sending routes from the app to BMW Maps).

Does the WIFI on the BMW cost money?

The BMW ConnectedDrive connectivity plan includes unlimited pleasure surfing at LTE speed among other features. You need a phone provider with wireless charging and at least the most basic Connected Package option to use this service.

Can I use my phone to start my BMW?

With the BMW Digital Key and BMW Digital Key Plus, go keyless. The key fob for your car can be replaced with an iPhone, Google Pixel, or Samsung Galaxy smartphone that is compatible. To lock and unlock, simply touch it to the driver-side door handle. To start the engine, place your device in the wireless charging tray.

Spotify is it free with a BMW?

BMW and MINI drivers can experience seamless music:

  • Use features like Radio and your personal playlists and songs to
  • Enjoy a simple viewing experience on the high-resolution vehicle display.
  • Useful and secure when paired with the iDrive Controller
  • On-demand music of an even higher caliber is available to premium customers.

How much does installing WiFi in your car cost?

as of June 23, 22 data. Offers and availability are prone to change and may differ by area.

Numerous in-car Wi-Fi hotspots require an AT&T Connected Car data plan, with rates and capabilities varied depending on the make and model of your car. Some automobiles, notably Volkswagens and those equipped with T-SyncUP Mobile’s DRIVE Wi-Fi technology, allow you to access data from either Verizon or T-Mobile.

You can connect five to ten devices based on the hotspot features of the car you own.

Do I have GPS tracking on my BMW?

No, the BMW Assist system simply relays the position of your vehicle. When the “Concierge,” “Customer Relations,” or “Service Request” menu option is selected, or when the vehicle’s sensors detect the need for upcoming services and the system automatically transmits service information to your local BMW center on BMW Assist-equipped 2004 and later 5 and 6 Series, 2006 and later 7 Series and 3 Series Sedans and Sports Wagon, 2007 and late models, the vehicle will start the Automatic Collision Notification service after a serious impact occurs. 3. If you press the “SOS,” “Wrench,” “Emergency,” or “Roadside Assistance” button, 4. If you call (888) 333-6118 to request Stolen Vehicle Recovery service after filing your police report (on all 7 Series produced between September 2005 and later, as well as all other 2005 and later BMW Assist-equipped and activated models produced between October 2004 and later).

Which package is connected?

The Connected Package Professional is a package made for consumers who like to be informed before and throughout their travels and maintain control no matter what happens.