Is There Parking At Audi Field

At Audi Field, there is, in fact, on-site parking.

Where should I park to watch DC United?

Parking Options in the Area

  • South Spot: 1413 Carrollsburg Place SW. Excellent (15)
  • Personal Spot (North) at 1413 Carrollsburg Place SW is excellent (12)
  • Lot at 1411 South Capitol Street SW. Very good (27)
  • Personal space at 1404 Carrollsburg Place SW (63)
  • Dock 79 Garage, 79 Potomac Avenue Southeast (Lot 860)
  • 8 O St.

Will a bag be allowed at Audi Field?

We strongly advise spectators not to bring bags to the stadium so that entry into Audi Field can be processed more quickly. There will be separate lanes set up for spectators carrying bags and fans without luggage. Please read the critical information below if you must bring a bag to the stadium.

  • In Audi Field, no bags bigger than 14 by 14 by 6 inches are permitted.
  • Backpacks are not permitted (cinch bags that fit the size restriction will be allowed).
  • Coolers, luggage, huge handbags, and other comparable bags that are larger than permitted will also not be permitted at Audi Field.

In addition, D.C. United has teamed up with Binbox Lockers, a business that wants to change the way people rent lockers by using an app with a keyless locking system.

Are seat cushions allowed to be carried into the stadium?

Yes, only single-piece foam seat cushions without covers that are no wider than 16 inches and do not have armrests or a metal back are allowed.

Can I bring a blanket into the stadium?

Yes, blankets are allowed. In order for blankets to be easily inspected, fans will be allowed to bring them by throwing them over their shoulders or arms.

What happens if I show up at the gate with a bag that is not permitted?

Fans carrying bags that do not adhere to the stadium’s bag regulations will be turned away. Additionally, there will be Binbox lockers outside the gates where spectators may keep their non-compliant bags.

What should I do if the stuff I need to bring into a stadium for a medical reason won’t fit in a 14″ by 6″ by 14″ bag?

What can I do to get into the stadium quickly?

  • Make sure that any bags being brought in adhere to D.C. United and Audi Field’s bag policy regulations to expedite the security screening procedure.
  • At each gate, there will be designated no-bag and bag lanes to speed up the process.
  • Jackets and other bulky things should be taken out of your bag and carried by hand. Staff can screen bags when the contents are readily apparent and no contents removal is necessary. Staff must ask for their removal in order to conduct screening if blankets or other objects cover a bag’s contents, which adds time to the process.
  • Remove any keys, money, or other metal objects from your pockets before walking up to the metal detector and hold them out in front of you.
  • Do not, under any circumstances, carry a bag with you! Visitors who don’t have luggage will enter the stadium considerably more quickly.


  • cans of aerosol
  • Animals (except services animals)
  • Artificial noisemakers, such as any type of air horn or whistle
  • No bags of any size are permitted (cinch bags that fit the size restriction will be allowed).
  • Drones
  • Frisbees
  • any size hard-sided containers or coolers
  • Any and all substances, drugs, or chemicals that are illegal
  • any type of inflated ball
  • laser pens
  • Containers made from any combination of metal, plastic, glass, or aluminum.
  • outside eats and drinks
  • Poles of all types (metal, plastic, or wooden)
  • Professional cameras and equipment, including tripods, monopods, and lenses longer than eight inches
  • Projectiles
  • Rollerblades/skateboards/hoverboards
  • bigger seat cushions, ones with armrests, or ones with metal backs

Can food be brought into Audi Field?

For visitors with impairments or other mobility issues, visitors with young children, or visitors at Audi Field, there are two elevators in the VIP lobby. The east stands, including the premium sections, are served by these elevators. The Heineken MVP Club also has an elevator that serves the suites 27 through 31 as well as the rooftop bar.

In an emergency, D.C. United staff members are prepared and instructed to assist visitors in leaving Audi Field in a fast and systematic manner. We advise supporters to maintain composure and heed all directions from D.C. United staff members and the PA speaker.

Visitors entering Audi Field must go through a metal detection process for the protection of all spectators. Visitors can choose to have their belongings checked with a handheld metal detector if they don’t want to pass through a metal detector. If guests have bags and follow the bag rules, their bags may be searched. Visitors who refuse to be searched won’t be allowed into the stadium.

All spectators should put their cell phones and keychains into the designated bowls or put them in their own bag, which will still be subject to search, before passing through the metal detectors.

Fans need not be taken away:

  • Jackets and Coats
  • Shoes
  • Watches
  • Rings
  • Belts
  • Wallets

D.C. has four (four) primary entrances to Audi Field. United occasions

  • Gate A is situated in the stadium’s northeastern corner.
  • Gate B is situated in the stadium’s northwest corner.
  • On the stadium’s Southeast side, a gate was closed.
  • on the East side of the stadium, premium

Both outside the stadium outside Gate A and within the stadium, in the concourse behind section F1, there are Fan Assistance booths. The Fan Plaza booth opens two hours prior to kickoff, while the booth inside Audi Field is open from the time the stadium’s gates open until 30 minutes after the game has ended.

Services provided comprise:

  • bracelets for children’s ID
  • disability-friendly fan features
  • emergency support
  • general knowledge
  • formats for user comments
  • missing and found
  • Booking services
  • wheelchair assistance

Every letter must be addressed to a specific player or coach in order to be sent to the correct person. Fans should be aware that players and coaches get a lot of fan mail, and that D.C. United cannot promise that any particular player or coach will reply to any requests or letters.

Trespassers will be ejected from the area and arrested if they attempt to enter the playing field.

Near the Premium Entry and on the upper concourse behind section 102, Audi Field has two first aid stations. In case of emergency, there are EMTs on duty in the stadium. Please contact our Guest Experience team right away for assistance if you or someone you know is having a medical emergency.

  • Gate A is situated on the stadium’s northeast side at the intersection of First Street SW and Potomac Avenue.
  • Gate B is situated at S Street SW on the stadium’s southeast side. Fans seated in sections 111 to 123 are advised to use this gate.
  • Gate C is situated in the stadium’s northwest corner, at the intersection of R Street and Second Street SW. Any and all supporter organizations bringing in banners, pre-approved poles, musical equipment, and tifo must do so through this particular gate.
  • Between R Street and S Street SW, on the stadium’s east side, is the Premium Entrance. EagleBank Club and Heineken MVP Club ticket holders must enter through this door.

Unless otherwise specified by D.C. United, public gates for all home games of that team open 90 minutes before kickoff.

We will permit one (1) sealed bottle of water per person, up to 20 oz., during a Heat Advisory. Fans can replenish their water bottles at water stations located all across the stadium.

All housekeeping services at Audi Field are overseen by Star Services, LLC. They make sure Audi Field is kept in good condition for all those using the space. In order to report a spill or other janitorial issue, please approach the nearest member of the Guest Experiences team.

Any ticket holders agree to undertake all risk of injury arising from participation in the soccer match or other connected events. These actions might take place prior to, during, and following the game.

Take any missing children and visitors to the Fan Assistance Booth, which is on the concourse behind section F1. The child wristband services provided by D.C. United allow kids to carry their seat assignment and emergency contact information with them at all times. On game days, you can ask questions in the Fan Plaza or at the Fan Assistance Booth behind section F1.

Talon the ferocious yet endearing eagle is the beloved mascot of D.C. United. Throughout the game, Talon moves about the field and stands to motivate the fans in support of D.C. United.

At Audi Field’s official D.C. United Club Shop or one of the kiosk sites, supporters can purchase merchandise related to the team.

  • On the concourse at Gate A and in section 119, there are club shops.
  • In the concourse, behind sections F2 and F10, are kiosks.
  • The Audi Field Club Shop is open from the time the gates open on matchdays until 30 minutes after the conclusion of the game.
  • The Audi Field Club Shop is open from Monday through Friday from 11 AM to 4 PM.

In every public or private setting where the mother and child are allowed to be present, a woman has the right to breastfeed her kid. If they need a private space, nursing mothers and kids are advised to utilize one of the first aid stations. There are family restrooms in sections 103, 114, 123, and 131.

For everyone’s security in D.C. The concourse, field level, and seating bowl parts of Audi Fields are all guarded by police and security for United guests. In case of emergency, visitors are asked to alert security personnel.

The following items are not allowed inside the facility for our visitors’ safety and security:

*Guests with special medical needs and parents caring for infants will receive particular treatment.

  • Umbrellas
  • selfie poles
  • Weapons
  • any type of fireworks, flares, or smoke devices
  • containers made of metal, plastic, glass, or aluminum.
  • Bags bigger than 14″ by 14″ by 6″ are not permitted inside Audi Field.
  • No luggage or backpacks are permitted (“cinch bags” that fit the size restriction will be allowed)
  • Large purses or other bags of this nature that are larger than the permitted size will not be accepted.
  • any uninvited food or drink
  • Animals (except service animals)
  • Confetis and streamers
  • larger than 16 by 16-inch seat cushions, those with armrests, or those with metal backs

Rain or shine, games are played. In the event of lightning or other hazardous weather conditions, the match may be postponed. Any disruption will be announced to the visitors. Please be aware that you cannot bring umbrellas into Audi Field.

The District of Columbia strongly forbids the resale of tickets. District of Columbia and United States law. The District of Columbia will arrest and prosecute anyone who violates the aforementioned statute. Department of Metropolitan Police.

There are restrooms available on every level of the stadium’s interior. Accessible bathrooms are available in every section of Audi Field. Sections 114, 123, and 131 on the main concourse as well as section 103 on the upper concourse all include family restrooms.

We kindly request that everyone abide by the following rules for the protection and security of our visitors:

  • All visitors to the stadium must undergo a search for prohibited items. All jackets, coats, packages, bags, and other containers brought to any of the stadium entry gates will be thoroughly inspected as part of this.
  • The same ticket cannot be used to enter and leave the stadium.
  • Visitors must keep their tickets and present them each time they take a seat in the designated area.
  • To avoid bothering other guests, guests should only sit at their designated seat. Offending individuals will be led from the stadium.
  • All portions of Audi Field are smoke-free.
  • Outside food and drink are not permitted.

All supporters will receive a first-rate fan experience from D.C. United. The D.C. United personnel will verify that each fan is seated in the appropriate section by comparing all tickets to seats.

All areas of Audi Field, including the surrounding walkways and plaza spaces, are smoke-free zones.

At Audi Field, strollers are welcome in any concourse area. Strollers that cannot be folded and tucked under a seat must be checked at the Guest Services desk behind section F1.

Larger signs, flags, and banners are allowed in the supporter sections as long as they adhere to the following rules:

  • The object cannot block facility signage.
  • As assessed by event management, the item may not use or depict any vulgar, offensive, graphic, or obscene words or images.
  • No adhesive tapes, glues, or other fasteners of any type are used to secure the item.
  • The walls, paint, railings, glass, or other stadium property are not harmed in any way by the hanging of the sign, flag, or banner.
  • No wood, metal, or other materials that could injure other people may be used to make the item.
  • No commercial messages of any type may be present in the item.
  • The thing cannot be thrown as a projectile
  • If desired, a sign, flag, or banner may be fastened to a holding device so long as it complies with all the guidelines below:
  • The pole MUST be constructed from a hollow 1/2-inch PVC pipe that is no longer than 3.5 feet. The management of Audi Field must first accept any requests for taller poles.
  • The management of Audi Field must approve all signs, banners, and flags.

Guests should be ready to dispose of any banners, flags, or signs that do not adhere to the aforementioned rules or to take them back to their cars.

The item won’t be held by Audi Field in storage, security, or for return. In the interest of fan and team safety, team management reserves the right to reject banners, placards, or flags that they believe unsuitable.

D.C. For the comfort of our visitors, United and Audi Field offer televisions in a few seating areas as well as on the concourse.

Visit our Ticket Services windows (7 & 8) at the Box Office and the Fan Assistance booth for assistance with any and all ticket-related difficulties.

To police all rules and regulations pertaining to our events, ushers are stationed throughout the stadium. In order to maintain a secure and pleasurable environment, guests are requested to be kind to and respect all ushers. In addition, ushers are available to respond to any inquiries about the occasion and ought to be contacted in case of an emergency.

Except for authorized law enforcement officials, weapons and firearms are not permitted on the grounds of Audi Field. Before accessing the property, law enforcement personnel must register their firearm with building security at Gate B.

Visitors ought to view a D.C. Upon entering the stadium, a United Guest Experience representative. After the game, there is a fan assistance booth on the concourse behind section F1 where you can request transportation back to the gate entrance.

For each D.C. United stadium, a large range of kid activities are offered and can be purchased. United game at home. The following are these pursuits:

1. Two (2) young sports teams are required to escort D.C. at each game. On to the field, United and the guest team. To walk onto the field for the playing of the national anthem, each youngster will be paired with a player from the starting 11. A D.C. will also be given to each youngster. As part of the package, United received a replica kit to wear on the field. Player escorts must be 6 to 14 years old.

2. Flag Carriers – During the pre-game ceremonies, a number of young teams and kid organizations are given the opportunity to display the American flag on the field. Additionally, these groups will get to see the teams warm up from the field. 10 to 16 years of age.

3. D.C.’s Ball Kids United needs a minimum of 12 ball kids to help each team continuously keep a ball on the field throughout the game. Participants must be at least 14 years old according to MLS guidelines. A dinner and a t-shirt are provided for the ball kids.