How Do I Get An Audi Connect Sim Card

All you need is a data-only SIM card if all you want to do is use Audi Connect and not make calls or send messages.

However, a SIM that includes both data and calls is required if you want to use everything of Audi Connect, including the ability to make and receive phone calls and text messages.

Although it is always preferable to use an LTE (4G) SIM over a 3G one because it is faster, your Audi Connect won’t use a lot of data.

Your best option at the moment is AT&T since it is one of the few US carriers that supports the particular radios used by Audi Connect. The carrier offers a wide range of excellent options, from extremely affordable to premium data levels.

It’s usually better to have more data than you need than not enough, so make sure you have plenty to work with.

Because of this, the SIM cards we suggest are available in a variety of configurations in the table above.

8GB or 12GB of data should last you well over 612 months if you’re not using all of Audi Connect’s internet-connected functions.

You’ll have access to all of Audi Connect’s services, as well as Google Maps, Twitter, in-car WiFi, weather updates, parking information, fuel prices, traffic updates, and Audi Music Stream, with this.

Is my own SIM card OK for Audi?

All new cars using Audi’s second-generation modular infotainment architecture, including the A4 and Q7, now come standard with the Audi connect SIM. Drivers may access a variety of Audi connect online services right away, even outside of Ireland, with the data flat fee that goes with with it thanks to a factory-installed SIM card.

The Audi connect SIM is a permanently installed SIM card, also known as a “embedded SIM” or “eSIM,” that customers in Europe will receive in conjunction with the optional Audi connect equipment package. It is the first outcome of a partnership between Audi and Dublin-based tech company Cubic Telecom, a leading provider of seamless worldwide connectivity solutions. As a result, the vehicle becomes a mobile communications hub.

Through an LTE/UMTS module with a download speed of 100Mbps, Audi Connect services are added to the vehicle. These services include navigation with Google Earth and Google Street View, travel, traffic, and parking information. Additionally, drivers can access the calendar on their smartphone as well as their Twitter and email accounts. For these services, the new SIM card comes with an unlimited data volume. The Audi connect SIM automatically connects to the provider for each individual country in the majority of European nations, doing away with costly, location-specific roaming fees and annoying roaming confirmations.

Independent of the integrated Audi connect services, customers have the choice to purchase extra data packages for the Wi-Fi hotspot. This feature, which is part of the optional navigation systems, gives all passengers access to the internet at competitive prices with up to eight mobile devices. While choosing a European data plan, the data transmission also operates automatically and in accordance with fixed costs when crossing an international border.

You can access the Cubic Telecom online store through your myAudi account and, following a one-time registration, buy the Wi-Fi hotspot data plan. Once the necessary access has been given, purchasing data packages quickly and easily using the vehicle’s MMI system is simple. Additionally, you can set up Wi-Fi internet connection using your own SIM card and your own cellular operator. In this scenario, the customer’s SIM card will also be charged for the data volume utilized by the Audi connect services, and the Audi connect SIM will be momentarily disconnected.

When the automobile is purchased with a new SIM card installed, access to Audi connect services is granted, and MMI Navigation Plus is also free for three years. After that, an Audi service partner can extend it for a cost.

All new cars with the second-generation modular infotainment architecture utilize the Audi connect SIM. These include the Q7, the A2, the Q3, and the new A5. There will be other model series. At the moment, this new deal does not apply to the Audi TT, R8, A6, or A7.

For what does myAudi’s SIM card serve?

Audi is now adding Audi connect SIM to its new cars that utilize the second-generation modular infotainment platform. The benefit of a factory-installed SIM card is that customers may use the extensive list of Audi connect services right away, even outside of Germany, with the data flat fee that comes with it for up to three years.

Customers in Europe who choose to purchase the optional Audi connect equipment package will also receive an embedded SIM, also known as an eSIM, which is the permanent Audi connect SIM card. As a result, the vehicle becomes a mobile communication hub. With a download speed of up to 100 MBit/s, the SIM card uses an LTE/UMTS module to deliver Audi connect services on board. Services include travel, traffic, and parking information, as well as navigation with Google Earth and Google Street View. Drivers can also access the calendar on their smartphone as well as their Twitter and email accounts. For using these services, the new SIM card comes with an unlimited data volume. Another benefit is that, in the majority of European nations, the Audi connect SIM automatically contacts the appropriate service provider when necessary. The customer no longer has to deal with exorbitant, regionally specialized roaming fees or onerous roaming confirmations.

For the Wi-Fi hotspot, customers can also purchase extra data packages that are not part of the integrated Audi connect services. This belongs to the extra navigational systems. All passengers are able to use up to eight mobile devices to browse the internet at affordable rates. While a consumer chooses a European data package, data transmission automatically occurs in accordance when crossing an international border and, consequently, when switching internet providers at set pricing.

Through their myAudi account, customers can access our partner Cubic Telecom’s online store. They can purchase the data bundle for the Wi-Fi hotspot from this store after registering just once. Data packages can be quickly and easily ordered through the MMI system in the car if the necessary access is granted at the online store. Additionally, customers can keep using their own SIM card in the automobile and set up Wi-Fi internet connection through their own cellular operator. In this scenario, the customer’s SIM card will also be charged for the data volume utilized by the Audi connect services, and the Audi connect SIM will be momentarily disconnected.

When a car is purchased, a new SIM card is provided, and when combined with MMI Navigation Plus, access to Audi connect services is free for three years (depending on the model). Use of MMI Navigation is free for three months, and for a price, it is available for three years. After that, consumers can request an extension of access from their Audi service provider for a charge.

All new cars with the second generation of the modular infotainment platform utilize the Audi connect SIM. Currently, these include the Audi A3, A4, new A5, Q2, and Q7. There will be other model series. At the moment, this new deal does not apply to the Audi TT, R8, A6, or A7.

The deal is the first outcome of a partnership between Audi and Cubic Telecom, a premier provider of seamless global connection solutions.

Any SIM card is acceptable for myAudi.

Only the optional MMI Navigation plus with MMI touch and Audi connect are compatible with the services that Audi connect supports. A SIM card with a data choice and an LTE pricing option is also necessary for LTE usage. A standard-format card must be used for the SIM (no Micro or Nano SIM cards).

Within the mobile communication service network’s service area, the services are only accessible through an active or new mobile communication service contract. The receipt of data packages through the Internet may be subject to additional fees depending on your mobile communication service contract, especially when operating abroad. The usage of a data flat rate is advised due to the enormous volume of data!

Telephony and Audi Connect services can be used simultaneously. The inserted SIM card with data option is used for this by the Audi connect services. A mobile phone can be connected in parallel using Bluetooth for telephony use to provide hands-free communication.

Which mobile communication service network is now in use, and how can I tell?

The icon adjacent to the network strength indicator in the MMI display’s bottom right corner can be used to identify the current network technology for the Audi connect data connection, which can be LTE, HSPA (4G), UMTS(3G), or GSM (2G) (receiving connection icon).

If there is a data connection, “Above the 2G/3G/4G/LTE indicator in the status line, arrows are displayed.

How may the connection establishment information window be activated or deactivated?

The connection establishment parameters determine how the information window is displayed. The following menu option allows for manual adjustment of the settings:

The following options for settings can then be chosen in the “Menu item for connections:

  • “Upon inquiry: After the user confirms, the link is made. Thus, each service’s use needs to be verified on an individual basis. By doing this, it is made sure that services that require a lot of data, like WLAN hotspots or MMI Navigation plus with Google EarthTM photos, are not always approved. For each additional SIM card, a different configuration must be made for this particular setting.
  • Without additional investigation, the data connection is established. Users that pay a flat fee for data are advised to utilize this setting.
  • Never: This location does not support Audi Connect data services. The user is informed of the current setting when calling services that involve direct user engagement (Point of Interest search, Audi connect browser services, including Weather or News, destination input through myAudi, or Google MapsTM). If no data rate is available or no data services should be allowed, this option is advised.

By setting connection establishment to “Never,” a live data connection can be manually ended. The data module can also be disabled as an alternative. Connections are also terminated when the SIM card is removed.

Audi Connect’s use of mobile data can be disabled in the MMI Telephone menu. You can change this setting as follows:

What is the monthly cost of Audi Connect?

beginning at $85 per month Google EarthTM, Advanced 3D City View, Predictive Route Guidance, Natural Voice Recognition, Audi Traffic Light Information, and more are included.

Does Audi Connect cost money?

Audi connect charges are as follows if you choose to upgrade to Audi connect PRIME or Audi connect PLUS: Audi connect PRIME is available for $499 for 18 months or $199 for 6 months. Volkswagen connect PLUS Mobile data sharing costs $10 per month, while unlimited data costs $25.

What SIM size works with Audi Connect?

The front left corner of the small SIM card is where it should be absent. Once you feel it engage, insert the small SIM card into the slot on the SIM card reader shown in Fig. 220.

Select and affirm Yes to give the MMI permission to connect automatically in the future.

The infotainment display -10-/-11- linko’s status line will show the signal strength and kind of connection after a successful connection.

For phone calls, choose the preferred type of connection: Vehicle-installed phone (SIM card) or Bluetooth-enabled personal mobile phone.

Verify the system’s inquiry about whether a connection to the Internet has to be established with Yes, connect whenever necessary.

Press the small SIM card just once. The small SIM card can then be removed after being expelled from the slot.

  • When you use your own small SIM card, the eSIM card linko connection is broken. Your SIM card will be used for all data connections for all Audi connect infotainment services. You can be charged for this service depending on your network provider, especially if you use the system while traveling. Therefore, we strongly advise using an unlimited data plan. Get in touch with your service provider for further details.
  • When using SIM card adapters, there is a chance that the SIM card will break loose from the adapter due to vibrations from the moving vehicle, which could harm the SIM card reader.
  • To make phone calls, you can linko connect a mobile phone via Bluetooth (Handsfree).
  • When the MMI system creates a link to the Internet, you can tell.
  • While using the Audi connect infotainment services, the micro SIM card must remain in the SIM card reader.
  • You will require a micro SIM card with a data option in order to utilize your own mini SIM card for Audi connect infotainment services; the SIM card also has to support LTE*.

Whom does Audi Connect employ as a carrier?

NEW YORKAudi of America, Inc. and Verizon Business Group have teamed to provide improved connectivity and embedded in-car Wi-Fi, starting with the next iteration of Audi’s connected vehicle service launching on the 2020 Audi A4 and A5 model lines* in the U.S. Customers of Audi can get quick, secure in-vehicle internet access with the Audi connect CARE, PRIME, and PLUS packages on these models thanks to a Verizon Unlimited data connection supported by Verizon’s 4G LTE network.

Audi customers will receive a free six-month trial of all Audi connect services, including the subscription-free Audi connect CARE package, for vehicles that meet certain requirements. Customers who sign up for Audi connect PRIME after the six-month trial period will have access to Verizon Unlimited at speeds ideal for music streaming, while those who sign up for Audi connect PLUS will have LTE speeds.

Pom Malhotra, director of Connected Vehicle & Data at Audi of America, stated, “Partnering with Verizon provides us the ability to deliver Audi connect services with unlimited Wi-Fi and reliable connectivity to Audi customers every time they get behind the wheel. “Our dedication to clients and the future of mobility is demonstrated by keeping them linked to the outside world and what matters to them.

According to Andy Brady, vice president of sales at Verizon, “Our relationship with Audi is giving customers a fast and dependable Wi-Fi experience and the chance to connect to devices and stream content outside the four walls of their house. “We are offering unmatched user experiences and cutting-edge solutions to Audi customers. Audi’s dedication to integrating cutting-edge innovations and giving customers access to the nation’s most dependable network has made this possible.

Additionally, some 2020 Audi models sold in the US will be integrated with Verizon’s eSIM network, streamlining wireless carrier possibilities around the world in Audi vehicles.

1 Based on RootScore Reports 1H 2019 of 4 mobile networks from RootMetrics by IHS Markit. Results could differ. Not a recommendation.

Customers can connect to devices and stream content outside of their home thanks to our collaboration with Audi and receive a fast and dependable Wi-Fi experience.