How To Replace Volkswagen Key

You must visit our dealership to have your Volkswagen key replaced if you don’t have a spare. However, make sure you have the necessary paperwork, such as a driver’s license and evidence of vehicle ownership, before you leave the house in order to expedite the procedure.

Recall that you must first purchase the key component before paying an additional labor fee to have it programmed to your vehicle. Your vehicle identifying number (VIN) will be used by the dealer to place an order for a replacement key, which will take two to three days to come from Volkswagen. The dealer will then manually modify your car’s computer to accept the replacement after cutting the key.

How can I obtain a spare VW automobile key?

The recommendation on the official Volkswagen website is to simply contact your neighborhood Volkswagen retailer, preferably the one where you bought the car. You’ll be asked for identification documentation and any other documentation that demonstrates your ownership of the vehicle because only the registered owner of the car can acquire the key.

How much are new Volkswagen keys?

Replacing your automobile key can be rather expensive. Since many contemporary Volkswagens have keyless ignition and entry systems that utilize key fobs with wireless transmitters and encrypted chips, this is not surprising. It costs a lot to purchase technology of this caliber. Most Volkswagen models will cost you around $300, but some new keys may cost you as much as $350.

Expect your expenses to go up if you manage to lose all of your keys (it happens!). You must now pay the towing fee in order to have your car delivered to our dealership. As you can see, getting new keys can be an expensive affair.

How much does programming a Volkswagen key cost?

A customer rings in to report losing one or more of their VW’s keys. We inform the purchaser that they must provide documentation proving they are the legal owners of the vehicle. The vehicle will then need to be towed to the dealer.

We must program the new key to the car once the key is received. A new Volkswagen key, remote, and programming will set you back approximately $300.

So why on earth do Volkswagen replacement keys cost $300? My best assumption is that a top-secret material is used to make the little mechanism that allows the key to flip out. possibly a form of turbonium? Okay, that is certainly not the case. Before we discuss why it is so expensive, let’s first discuss

Are there standard VW keys?

Simple no is the response. Since 1995, an immobilizer system has been installed in every Volkswagen vehicle, preventing the vehicle from being started without the proper key. The immobiliser is turned off by the transponder chip in the key’s head. Early VW vehicles were equipped with a separate immobilizer box, while later versionsthose made after 1999had the device integrated into the dashboard.

With the use of a specialized key reader, the locks on all VW models may be read, allowing a new key to be cut to the correct code without removing the lock. The unique code is then programmed to match the vehicle after the correct transponder for the vehicle is inserted into the key.

This technique is comparatively simple for VW cars made between 1995 and 2006. For vehicles made after 2006, a more secure technology is employed in which the transponder is pre-coded. Because each transponder chip is specific to each car, security is increased. However, because the VW’s coded information isn’t easily accessible, this also makes the procedure of replacement keys considerably more difficult for auto locksmiths. Instead, this encoded data is recorded in a file that matches the chassis number of the vehicle.

Normally, you would need to get in touch with the VW manufacturer to have a new key made with a transponder chip that has been coded, which would then need to be shipped to your local dealership. This is a drawn-out process that might take up to 7 days, not to mention the exorbitant charges.

When a car key is lost, how do you get a new key made?

You can start your car by inserting the industry-standard key into the ignition cylinder and turning it.

If you misplace it, you can call a locksmith, who will be able to make you a new key right away. A locksmith might not be able to help in such situations if the car is uncommon or antique. It’s possible that you’ll need to purchase a new ignition lock cylinder and key from the dealer or an unaffiliated repair facility.

Can an old VW key be reprogrammed?

I’m here. As long as the key is the same for each vehicle, you can reprogram a key fob to work with that vehicle. In this situation, if the key can open the doors, you would need to take the following actions:

  • After unplugging the vehicle’s battery wires, wait 30 seconds, then reconnect them (reset computer).
  • Turn the key to the ON position after inserting it into the ignition.
  • Try using the remote to unlock the doors while the door is closed after taking the key out of the lock.
  • Put the key in the ignition switch and attempt to start the engine if the doors will lock.
  • Remove the ignition switch’s key.
  • Push the lock and unlock buttons on the key fob simultaneously with locking and unlocking the door with the key – (do this 3 times).
  • While simultaneously using the remote and your hand to unlock the door, turn the key to the ON position.
  • In the OFF position, turn the key.
  • Locking the door simultaneously with your hand and the remote requires turning the key to the ON position.
  • The key fob’s battery should be removed and then replaced (unless you put in a new battery)
  • the driver door with the key.

After completing these procedures, the key fob has been successfully reprogrammed to your car if the engine starts. If the key does not lock the doors or start the engine, it may be completely different, and you will need to get a new key. Seek out a specialist, like one from Your Mechanic, if you require more help with your keyless entry system.

How is a car key with a chip programmed?

There are a few manufacturers who will let you program a single key even if you don’t have a working key. Remember that you’ll still need to have the key cut to suit the ignition, which necessitates presenting the locksmith with evidence of ownership.

Nevertheless, it is far easier to do this than to program a second or third key:

  • Thirdly, repeat the procedure.
  • In order to test your new key, start the engine.
  • To program the key, turn it back to the on position.
  • Turn the ignition to the on position after inserting the key. Just the electronics, leave the engine off.
  • Restart the key, then wait another 10 minutes and 30 seconds before turning it off once more.
  • After 10 minutes and 30 seconds, switch off the light by turning the key.

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Your neighborhood Volkswagen dealer can assist you. For security reasons, only the registered owner of the car can order a new key, thus we will need identification and confirmation of ownership of the vehicle. You will need to supply all keys needed for coding, including new keys and those that you want to keep using because the key memory is erased during the process. Coding a replacement key should take just over ten minutes. Locate a nearby retailer.

As it’s possible the key fob may need to be synchronized once the battery has been replaced, we advise having the battery changed at a Volkswagen Retailer. Locate a nearby retailer.

What should you do if the key to your automobile splits in two?

Nobody likes to call the dealership. To put it another way, nobody enjoys shopping at a dealership. Let’s face it, costs can add up. You may, however, bet that you will receive the precise components you require. You can phone the dealership, explain the situation, and request a replacement key. They could require information, like the VIN number.

You can be sure that you’ll receive a functional key. This could take a while. In the interim, try to come up with alternative transit arrangements.

Transport used in the interim could be:

  • A taxi
  • The Uber
  • friends or family (make sure you give them some gas money for the trip)
  • A bus

Super Glue It

Superglue can be used to temporarily repair shattered automobile keys. However, you have to exercise extreme caution. The key shouldn’t come off in the door or ignition. You may always leave the key in the ignition and gently turn the car off until the replacement arrives if you live in a secure neighborhood.

Call a Locksmith

Using a locksmith is not limited to residences. To enter your car, make a locksmith phone call. You can call a locksmith if your key breaks in half or you lose it. They will immediately make you another key when they get there. For the newest cars, it’s crucial to make sure they contain programmable processors.

For modern vehicles, keys without chips are absolutely useless. The chip must be programmed before you may start your car. This can grow rather expensive. However, it is a rapid method of getting a replacement.

Without a key, how do you start a Volkswagen Jetta?

To start an automobile without a key fob, follow these steps:

  • Hold your broken key fob against the car’s steering wheel.
  • Find the start button that is close to your gear knob while holding your key fob against the steering column.
  • Holding the key fob against the steering column, press the start button.

AutoZone can keyless remotes be programmed?

Without an appointment and for a lot less moneytypically $20 to $90than a dealership, AutoZone creates and programs transponder keys. For a wide range of automobiles, including Toyota, Ford, Dodge, Honda, Mercedes, GMC, and others, they may create transponder keys.

Transponder keys, commonly referred to as chipped keys, are unique keys that contain an RFID chip. These chips have a distinctive code that is read by a receiver in the ignition of the vehicle. When the key is turned, the engine won’t start if the code matches the receiver’s code.

This increases security and guarantees that only programmed keys may start the car.

An estimated 70% of automobiles on the road today utilize a transponder key, and if you own a car produced in the 2000s, you most certainly have one as well. You can usually recognize these keys by their black plastic head.

Transponder key programming and cutting may be very expensive when done by a dealership, sometimes costing hundreds of dollars per key.

But when it comes to transponder keys, AutoZone really is a blessing in disguise because you can often order one for less than $100.