How To Program A Volkswagen Key Fob

While the ignition is still on, press and hold the lock button. Your remote VW key fob functions should be restored once the red light on your VW key fob starts to flicker. The procedure of reprogramming may be repeated as many as necessary.

How is a Volkswagen car key programmed?

You need one primary key that functions properly in order to program a key fob to your VW vehicle. This key will act as the new key’s “trainer.” This is how it goes down.

  • Put the key that you want to program into the ignition first. then move the vehicle to the “on course. Do not start the car or turn the motor on.
  • After that, exit your Volkswagen and lock the driver’s door. Put the main key into the door lock using your hand. After that, manually lock the door by turning the key to the right. Once the door is locked, take the key out.
  • Press the primary key while holding it “Using the fob’s unlock button. After at least a brief delay, hit the “Repress the unlock button.
  • Turn the ignition on and open the driver’s door “out of place. Take away the new key. Your vehicle needs to be programmed with the new key.
  • Test the new key by locking the driver’s door and closing it. The steps should be repeated if not.

How is a Volkswagen key fob reset?

It’s easy to replace the battery in your key fob if it’s entirely dead, but it still needs to be reset if the light is blinking. Only your master key will work for this, but it’s quick and easy to do:

  • For one second, press and hold the lock or unlock button. The car should continue to be locked.
  • You may unlock and lock your Volkswagen with the master key.
  • Your key fob should automatically reset.

Of course, you could need a new key fob if the old one is broken. Fortunately, we can set you up with a new key that has been programmed for your VW at our service center.

How much does programming a VW key cost?

A customer rings in to report losing one or more of their VW’s keys. We inform the purchaser that they must provide documentation proving they are the legal owners of the vehicle. The vehicle will then need to be towed to the dealer.

We must program the new key to the car once the key is received. A new Volkswagen key, remote, and programming will set you back approximately $300.

So why on earth do Volkswagen replacement keys cost $300? My best assumption is that a top-secret material is used to make the little mechanism that allows the key to flip out. possibly a form of turbonium? Okay, that is certainly not the case. Before we discuss why it is so expensive, let’s first discuss

How do you program a push-button start VW key fob?

You may be able to program a keyless ignition fob for vehicles with a push-button starter in some circumstances. Even though it’s far from foolproof, it’s worth a shot before paying a dealer to program it for you.

  • Press the lock button on your fob after the fifteenth button press. The car doors will lock and the fob will be fully functional if the pairing process was completed. If the attempt failed, it could be worthwhile to try it again to determine if there was a mistake in the first attempt. The timing of this strategy can be a little tricky and challenging to master the first time.
  • Get into the driver’s seat and close the door behind you while holding the key fob in your hand. Prepare to place one hand on the key fob and the other on the start button of the car. You’ll need to work rapidly, just like the processes mentioned before, so get ready for that.
  • When you’re ready, quickly hit the start button on your car 15 times, with no more than two seconds passing between each try. Remember, you’re not actually trying to start the engine while doing this, so keep your foot off the brake.

What is the price of a new VW key fob?

Replacing your automobile key can be rather expensive. Since many contemporary Volkswagens have keyless ignition and entry systems that utilize key fobs with wireless transmitters and encrypted chips, this is not surprising. It costs a lot to purchase technology of this caliber. Most Volkswagen models will cost you around $300, but some new keys may cost you as much as $350.

Expect your expenses to go up if you manage to lose all of your keys (it happens!). You must now pay the towing fee in order to have your car delivered to our dealership. As you can see, getting new keys can be an expensive affair.

Do I need my original Volkswagen car key in order to get a new Volkswagen key?

There is always a way to replace a Volkswagen car key successfully when you call a locksmith. Even if you don’t have a spare car key for a classic Volkswagen model, the locks can be broken open so a key can be produced from scratch. The better if you have a spare, but a skilled auto locksmith can create a new Volkswagen key.

Due to the ability to cut a new key from code using the VIN, replacing a Volkswagen car key nowadays is more quicker and simpler. In the case of replacement Volkswagen key fobs, this data is accessible by hacking into the onboard computer of the vehicle. The essential element is that a new key can be created without the original Volkswagen key, regardless of the type of key or Volkswagen you own.

What is the cost of Volkswagen car key replacement?

Volkswagen automobile key replacement services start at $120. This is a standard initial pricing that we maintain across all replacement vehicle key situations. The final cost to replace a Volkswagen key will depend on a variety of factors, of course. The price of car key duplication varies significantly depending on the model and year of the vehicle.

How long does it take for Volkswagen car key replacement?

Replacement of a Volkswagen automobile key typically takes 20 minutes. Parts might need to be ordered if a new Volkswagen key is needed for a vintage vehicle or for any type of unusual circumstance. Do not worry; the ordering procedure will be handled expertly. You won’t have to worry about the risks associated with aftermarket keys. A locksmith can produce you a new, functional key when they order a replacement for a Volkswagen key.

What should I do after changing the battery in my key fob?

The majority of people use their key fob to unlock their car doors and trunk. But what occurs if the battery runs out? You might believe that getting a new key fob requires visiting a dealership or a locksmith, but did you know that you can simply reset it yourself?

This is how:

Find the little button on your key fob first. This is typically found on the fob’s backside.

2. For around 15 seconds, press and hold the button.

3. Release the button after 15 seconds, and your key fob should be reset!

The owner’s manual for your car should always be consulted if you have any issues or inquiries.

Simply press and hold the reset button for a few seconds if your key fob has one. Remove the battery cover and press the tiny reset button on the circuit board if your key fob lacks a reset button.

If I change the battery, do I need to reprogram my key fob?

A remote key fob needs to be associated with your vehicle particularly in order to be secure.

This stops people who drive the same make and model of automobile as you from using their remote to access your car. You’ll need to reprogram the fob if changing the batteries has erased this connection or if it was somehow disrupted in order for it to once again recognize your automobile.

Standard programming sequence

Your key fob can typically be reconfigured by following this typical procedure:

Instead of starting and then returning to the locked position, turn the key into the run position. Repeat this several times.

You’ll typically hear a chime or other sound when you’ve cycled the key enough times. At that point, you can push the lock or unlock button on your key fob to hear another chime.

How do I find out which battery my key fob uses?

Open your fob to find the battery your automobile key fob uses. There will probably be an engraving that starts with CR followed by a string of digits if the item contains a battery. Check your owner’s manual or search online for your car’s make, model, and year without a battery or engraving.

Will changing the battery on my key fob make it work again?

A dead battery is the most frequent cause of a key fob not functioning. Having said that, your keyfob might be having more serious issues. A key fob replacement or even automobile door lock repair may be necessary if it stops operating after a battery change.

How do I know if changing my key fob battery will fix my car key?

When the key does not function under any conditions, it is likely that the car key fob has a dead battery. On all door locks, all buttons have the same lack of effectiveness. When buttons are pressed, no lights illuminate, suggesting that no signal was transmitted. The backup fob, however, functions flawlessly.

What do I do if my key fob is not working after a battery change?

Before you replace the automobile remotes if your key fob still won’t work after a battery change, make sure your locks are operating properly. Additionally, make sure you didn’t unintentionally deprogram your keychain.

Can you fix a key fob not working after a battery change?

Although replacing the remote’s batteries might be the quickest repair for the problem, this is by no means your only option. Check to see if the key fob or the vehicle is the root of your issue. After determining the root cause, correct or change the damaged components.

DIY Key Fob Programming

You might be able to program a replacement yourself, depending on the make and type of your vehicle.

The steps for programming a key fob yourself can differ: Owner’s manuals from certain automakers include instructions. In many circumstances, information can be available online. The problem is that in order to complete the process quickly or at all, you might require two functional key fobs.

Therefore, it is wise to acquire and set up an extra remote before you require it. Additionally, it’s a wise move because most used-vehicle buyers, particularly auto dealers, would pay extra for a car that has at least two functional sets of keys or key fobs. Therefore, having a spare key will not only be useful when you need it, but it will also benefit you in the long run.

After-Market Key Fobs

You may be able to buy an after-market key fob via a locksmith or online if your automobile is more than five years old. These sorts of fobs range in quality, but they are less expensive than other options.


If you have the option of receiving your replacement key from a locksmith or the dealership, the latter may be less expensive. Before making a choice, be sure to inquire about prices with your nearby vehicle dealership.