How Many Seats Does A Volkswagen Atlas Have

Everyone will be able to sit comfortably thanks to the enormous 2,741L of adaptable load capacity and the standard 7 roomy seats.

Has the VW Atlas a third row of seats?

The Volkswagen midsize SUV does really feature three rows. Fortunately, it’s one of the types with a larger interior space from front to back. The spacious third-row seat and enormous interior were praised by Consumer Reports. Space for third-row passengers is a regular issue with three-row SUVs. But even adults of ordinary size can fit comfortably in the back of the Atlas during a protracted road trip.

The third row is “adult-worthy,” the center row is “limousine-like,” and the front seats are “supportive,” according to CR. As a result, it’s among the top three-row midsize vehicles on the market. Additionally, the inside is adaptable and easy to maneuver. Additionally, the second row may be easily moved forward and backward, and every seat can be folded.

The Volkswagen Atlas has eight seats, right?

All three rows of the 2021 Volkswagen Atlas are praised for having plenty of room for adults to sit. The first two rows of the 2021 Volkswagen Tiguan have plenty of room for adults, but the third row is best reserved for young passengers. Even so, one of the few cars in its class with a third-row option is the 2021 Tiguan.

Can the Volkswagen Atlas be outfitted to seat up to eight?

No, the Volkswagen Atlas has seven total seats, with three in the middle row, two in the back, and two in the front.

What Atlas model has a third row?

Volkswagen Atlas Interior: So Much to Love The three rows of seats in the inside of the 2021 Volkswagen Atlas, which can accommodate up to seven adults, are its greatest convenience. It has been updated for 2021 and is spacious and inviting.

Volkswagen produces vehicles that seat seven people?

The Atlas, Volkswagen’s first full-size, seven-passenger SUV, has a ton of capability to help you extend your trips. Highlights include class-leading third-row legroom, a hands-free power liftgate, optional 4MOTION all-wheel drive, and a panoramic sunroof. The Atlas has a starting price of $34,335**, which includes standard amenities like Bluetooth connectivity, LED headlights, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto. A Wi-Fi hotspot is part of the standard VW Car-Net 2.0 infotainment system.

Enjoy your favorite musicians with the 480-watt Fender Premium Audio System, which is an option. The optional Overhead View Camera (Area View) and Rearview Camera System, which combines numerous cameras to inform you exactly what’s around you, makes parking or maneuvering in confined places simple. Are you prepared for that family vacation? With a 5,000-lb towing capacity, the Volkswagen Atlas allows you to haul all of your toys and equipment.

Which VW models come with seven seats?

Size and interior room are two of the most crucial considerations when shopping for a new SUV. The Volkswagen Atlas and Volkswagen Tiguan models are available at Volkswagen of Corpus Christi if your Corpus Christi family requires a larger car. These accommodating SUVs for families can accommodate up to 7 people and include a ton of conveniences to make your trip convenient. Find out more about the benefits of our 7-passenger Volkswagen SUVs for you!

What is VW’s largest SUV?

There are now nine SUV models available from Volkswagen, with sizes ranging from tiny and compact to large and spacious.

The new ID.4, which starts with the tiniest, demonstrates how appealing electric mobility can be. The VW T-Cross SUV is a fantastic all-around vehicle with a wide range of customization options to let you express your personal style. One of the newest members of the VW family, the Taigo, adds Coupe styling to the SUV lineup. The next largest SUV is the aggressive, nimble, and stylishly urban VW T-Roc. Or, for a truly unique SUV, meet the VW T-Roc Cabriolet, the only readily accessible mainstream convertible SUV. The VW Tiguan SUV, which is the ideal family SUV and is extremely safe, roomy, and comfortable, comes next. One of Volkswagen’s largest SUVs, and perhaps the largest in the electrified ID Range, is the ID.5. Everything you love about the Tiguan is present in the Tiguan Allspace, but there is space for up to seven passengers. The VW Touareg SUV, the largest in the company’s lineup, dazzles with ground-breaking technology, strength, and grace.

It can be challenging to decide which Volkswagen SUV model is best for you when there are so many appealing SUVs to pick from.

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Price ranges for Volkswagen SUVs range from 22,130 for the base T-Cross to 46,015 for the base Touareg.

  • ID.4 – 36,550
  • 55,320 Touareg
  • Taigo – 23,155
  • 31,495 T-Roc Cabriolet
  • ID.5 – 52,185
  • 33,785 Tiguan Allspace
  • 29.550 Tiguan
  • 22,130 T-Cross
  • T-Roc – 25,810

With the seats up, the following are the largest book spaces in order of size:

The VW Atlas: a reliable family vehicle?

The Volkswagen Atlas is a great family vehicle in 2021. I’ll get to that, though, in a moment. I want to make a couple things clear. After having the hot, red VW Atlas for a week, I was bombarded with strange inquiries.

People asked to see inside the engine after giving it bewildered looks and statements such, “Why Volkswagen? ” and “I didn’t know VW created this.” There is a photo above since a total of five individuals asked to see that German engineering.

The Volkswagen Atlas SE V6 was mine. The MSRP is approximately $34,895. Along with the technological bundle, it has a few extra features. A 3.6-liter V6 engine with 276 horsepower and 265 lb-ft of torque is available. A 2.0-liter four-cylinder basic engine with 235 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque is available.

Which VW SUV offers a third row of seats?

The Atlas and the Tiguan, two elegant and functional SUVs in the Volkswagen portfolio for 2020, maintain the company’s illustrious legacy. Both spacious cars have three rows of seating and can hold up to seven people in comfort. Continue reading to discover more about what to anticipate while operating a vehicle.


The Tiguan has enough power to get you where you’re going and back again with plenty left over. The SUV is powered by a 2.0-liter, inline, four-cylinder, turbocharged/intercooled TSI engine that generates 185 horsepower and 221 pound-feet of torque. All-wheel drive with 4MOTION is also an option. Passengers benefit from a seven-seat layout and optional third-row seating, just like the Atlas. The SUV’s extra foot of length, which increases cargo space, makes it even more roomy. The second row of seats can be adjusted up to seven inches forward or backward for convenience. The Tiguan has a Discover Media touch screen and optional technological features including an overhead camera, pedestrian monitoring, and a premium audio system from Fender are available.

There are eight seats in a VW?

The Volkswagen Atlas won a Family Car Award in 2021, so why? for a variety of factors. But one of the biggest is how enormously spacious it is. In all seriousness, the Atlas is a pretty big crossover with eight seats. However, here’s the secret: Although it appears to be only slightly bigger than the Subaru Ascent, it boasts 10 cubic feet extra load space and a few more inches of additional rear seat legroom. Why is that? excellent packing and engineering.

When your children get a little older, they’ll appreciate that the second-row seat backrests tilt backward by up to 14 inches (this is also important for taller adults you might put back there), and that row also slides a lot (7.7 inches forward/backward), making it much more comfortable for anyone in the third row or for taller people in the second row. Even with a child seat in installed, VW intended the second-row seats to tilt and move forward. That’s a huge victory, and one we wish other automakers would take into account.

Although it’s not required, consider our SEL package recommendation. The more inexpensive $36,795 SE includes a second-row center armrest with integrated cup holders and a 10-way power-adjustable driver’s seat. But upgrading to the SEL offers you all of that in addition to inside leather upholstery, three distinct driver profiles, and in-car WiFi with a hotspot that supports tethering of up to four devices simultaneously. The latter comprises preferred safety-assistance settings and seat position. Each profile is connected to a certain car key.

The SEL includes additional safety technology. You also get start/stop functionality for the cruise control system (automatically following and stopping in traffic and allowing restarting), automatic high beams, and road sign detection in addition to the standard adaptive cruise control, blind-spot detection, automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, and rear cross-traffic detection.

Is the Volkswagen Atlas a big SUV?

The Volkswagen Atlas: Is it a Reliable SUV? The midsize SUV class’s best choice for 2022 is the Volkswagen Atlas. Both the two-row and three-row versions of the Atlas offer spacious seating, a sizable cargo capacity, numerous active safety systems, and a user-friendly infotainment system.

Does the VW Atlas exceed the Tiguan in size?

In comparison to the Tiguan, the Atlas is roughly 13 inches longer and 6 inches broader. Both vehicles have seven seats, however only the Tiguan has an optional third row. The Atlas has a larger cabin, as you would anticipate from a larger car, but you might be surprised to hear that the Tiguan has more rear headroom.

The Atlas Cross Sport has 7 seats, right?

Five-person, two-row seating is included as standard on the 2020 Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport. In contrast, the 2020 Volkswagen Tiguan has standard seating for five passengers in FWD variants and seven passengers in AWD models. Additionally, it differs from the 2020 Volkswagen Atlas, which has six-person seating as standard on top versions and seven-person seats on basic trims. The Atlas Cross Sport is made for smaller families, couples, or single people who have active lifestyles, therefore this is by design.

Seating Dimensions

Not just the front passengers are given priority in the Atlas Cross Sport; all passengers are. The size of the back seats is practically identical to the front ones. Look at this:

  • 40.4″ of rear legroom
  • 60.6 inches of rear shoulder room
  • 41.6 inches of front legroom
  • Back Shoulder Space
  • 61 1/2 inches
  • forward headroom
  • 39.4 in.
  • 37.8 inches of rear headroom

Everyone will feel at ease and have the space they require, whether you are traveling with your family or going out with friends for the evening.

Comfort and Convenience Features

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard on every Atlas Cross Sport. The SE includes a power liftgate, heated front seats, and simulated leather upholstery. A household-style power outlet is added to the back row as part of the technology package to keep you and your passengers fully charged. The SEL adds a heated steering wheel, a panoramic sunroof, and an integrated navigation system. Genuine leather upholstery, heated and ventilated front seats, and a rear sunshade are included in the top-tier SEL Premium model. A top-notch Fender audio system is also included.

Has the VW Tiguan a third row?

It actually offers a three-row option despite its size and location behind the Atlas Cross Sport in the current Volkswagen lineup. Simply choose the S, SE, or SE R-Line Black to obtain the Tiguan with three rows. A three-row arrangement is the default for all three.