How Do I Contact Volkswagen Germany

  • Chairman of the board of directors is Herbert Diess…
  • Address for correspondence: Berliner Ring 2, Wolfsburg, Germany 38440.
  • Tel.: +49-5361-9-0.
  • Fax: +49-5361-9-28282.
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Where is the German headquarters of Volkswagen?

The German government established the Volkswagen Group, commonly known as Volkswagen AG, as a significant vehicle company in order to mass-produce an affordable “people’s car” in 1937. German city of Wolfsburg serves as the headquarters.

Where is the global headquarters of Volkswagen?

One of the top car companies in the world and the biggest in Europe is the Volkswagen Group, which has its headquarters in Wolfsburg.

In 2021, the Covid-19 epidemic and the constrained vehicle supply brought on by the semiconductor shortage hurt business at the Volkswagen Group and its brands. The Volkswagen Group produced an operating result before exceptional items in the reporting year of 20.0 (10.6) billion. Special items related to the diesel problem cost the operational result 0.8 (0.9) billion. In the fiscal year under review, the Volkswagen Group sold 8.6 (9.2) million automobiles. Due to mix-related variables, sales revenue climbed by 12.3% to 250.2 billion.

Ten brands from five different European nations make up the Group: Audi, Lamborghini, Bentley, Porsche, Ducati, KODA, SEAT, and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. The Volkswagen Group also has a large number of additional brands and business divisions, including financial services. Volkswagen Financial Services includes leasing, leasing for customers and dealers, banking, insurance, and fleet management services.

The development, manufacture, and marketing of light commercial vehicles, trucks, and buses under the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Scania, MAN, and Navistar brands, as well as the associated authentic parts business, make up the Commercial Vehicles Business Area. Within the TRATON GROUP, the cooperation between the commercial vehicle brands MAN, Scania, and Navistar is organized. The portfolio of commercial vehicles includes buses, large trucks, and pickup trucks. The large-bore diesel engines, turbomachinery, special gear units, and propulsion components companies are all part of the Power Engineering section. Additionally, it covered the Renk company up until October 2020.

The Volkswagen Group also provides a wide range of financial services, including as leasing, banking, insurance, fleet management, and mobility services, in addition to financing for customers and dealers.

The Group has 120 production facilities spread over 10 countries in the Americas, Asia, and Africa in addition to 19 countries in Europe. 662,575 workers worldwide build vehicles, provide services for them, or work in other industries. In 153 nations, the Volkswagen Group sells automobiles.

The Volkswagen Group, with its honed NEW AUTO Group strategy 2030, offers solutions to the challenges of today and tomorrow under the vision “Mobility for generations to come.” We want to shape mobility in a sustainable way for both the present and the future. Our aim is that we will make cars cleaner, quieter, smarter, and safer by utilizing electric drives, digital connectivity, and autonomous driving. In addition, our main product offers an entirely new driving experience, making it even more emotive. In this way, the automobile may stay a pillar of modern, individual, and economical mobility in the years to come. We also support the Paris Agreement on climate change and are among the first businesses in our sector to pledge to become carbon-neutral by the year 2050. This applies to our equipment, facilities, and operations.

What is Volkswagen known as in Germany?

In 1937, Volkswagen was established in Germany. Given the occasion and setting, it should come as no surprise that the German governmentmore especially, Adolf Hitlerdesigned the vehicle with the intention of fostering a sense of nationalism among its citizens. The German government, who controlled it, chose the name “Volkswagenwerk,” which means “the people’s automobile firm.” The German Labor Front ran it from Wolfsburg, Germany. On select Volkswagen vehicles, the Wolfsburg Edition trim can be found. It is typically positioned in the center and comes with extra amenities not present in the base trim. For instance, the Wolfsburg trim of the 2018 Golf comes after the S trim and offers extras like keyless entry with push-button start, V-Tex leatherette seats, blind spot monitoring, and more.

The Volkswagen factory was in ruins after World War II, and it appeared that the Volkswagen brand might vanish. However, as a result of the Allies’ efforts to revive the German auto sector, Volkswagen started to thrive and is now one of the most popular vehicle brands in the world. Due to the Nazi connection, it took some time for it to catch on in the United States, but it quickly gained popularity.

I want to complain about Volkswagen; how can I do that?

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  • Freephone number. 1800 102 0909.
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What is the world’s largest automotive factory?

With slightly about 6.5 million m2, the Volkswagen Wolfsburg Plant is the biggest in the world in terms of area. It serves as the global headquarters of the Volkswagen Group, which produces 815.000 vehicles annually.

The factory was transformed during World War II to produce jeep-style military vehicles, aircraft supplies, and to repair jets that attracted frequent allied air raids. As construction workers discovered indications of possibly unexploded bombs in 2016, the factory was investigated for World War II munitions.

Of the 125,000 residents of the municipality, which occupies a territory three times the size of Monaco, 48 percent (60,000 people) work at the Wolfsburg auto plant.

How big is the Volkswagen plant in Germany?

One of the largest and most technologically advanced automotive manufacturers in the world, Volkswagen’s North German headquarters in Wolfsburg covers an area of around 6.5 million square meters.

It has earned a reputation for setting higher standards for quality, productivity, and efficiency in the automobile manufacturing industry over time. Up to 3,500 Golfs, Tourans, and Tiguans leave the Wolfsburg assembly line each day. More than 45 million vehicles have left the facility since it started producing automobiles there in the 1930s.

What model sells the most units for Volkswagen?

Due to outdated data, this article’s factual veracity may be jeopardized. Please contribute to updating this article with new information or recent events. 2012 December

The most popular cars on the road today are light trucks and passenger cars, which have held this title since the Benz Patent Motorwagen was first introduced in 1886.

Despite the fact that sources to back up the manufacturers’ claims have been provided, there is always a chance of inaccuracy or exaggeration. As with the Nissan Sunny, a single vehicle may be sold concurrently in many markets under various nameplates; in these cases, manufacturers frequently simply provide total units sold data for all models. Consequently, there is no unambiguous standard for sold measuring units;

Over 16 million Chrysler minivans have been sold globally. Volkswagen claims that because the Beetle saw minimal changes over its entire manufacturing cycle, it is the most popular automobile in history. [1] On the other hand, Toyota has used the Corolla moniker on 12 generations of cars since 1966, with over 50 million units sold as of 2021. [2]

Does Volkswagen belong to the German government?

(Reuters) BERLIN Even while one of the two major parties in the German state has called for reforms in the way the firm is run, Lower Saxony, Volkswagen’s VOWG p.DE second-largest stakeholder, indicated it will keep its interest in the automaker.

The state of North West Germany owns an 11.8 percent share in VW and holds 20 percent of the voting rights in the largest automaker in the world. The state receives hundreds of millions of euros in dividend payments and business taxes from VW.

“Lower Saxony’s premier, Stephan Weil, addressed the regional parliament in Hanover on Wednesday and stated, “We openly acknowledge our obligation to the state holding in Volkswagen which we adhere to.”

“According to him, this state holding is crucial to Lower Saxony’s economic growth.

The global headquarters of Volkswagen and its 120,000 employees are located in Lower Saxony.

The previous SPD-Green coalition was defeated in a poll on October 15 and Weil’s Social Democrats (SPD) and the Christian Democrats (CDU) this week formed a grand coalition administration that will rule Lower Saxony for the next five years.

The liberal, pro-business Free Democrats in Germany, who withdrew from exploratory coalition negotiations with Chancellor Angela Merkel’s CDU and the Green Party last Sunday, have urged for the possible sale of Lower Saxony’s VW stake.

Incoming Lower Saxony economics minister Bernd Althusmann sought to give one of the two state board seats to a non-political expert and preferred someone from outside the auto industry to succeed VW CEO Matthias Mueller.

However, Althusmann has asserted his right as the economics minister to join VW’s supervisory board with Weil after his CDU party lost the regional election to the SPD last month.

Volkswagen is dependable?

With a reliability rating of 3.5 out of 5, Volkswagen is ranked 12th overall out of 32 automobile brands. This evaluation is based on the average of 345 different models. Volkswagens have above average ownership expenses with an average annual maintenance cost of $676. Volkswagen reliability is further influenced by an average of 0.5 annual repair visits and an 11% likelihood that a repair may be major.

What does the English word “Volkswagen” mean?

Volkswagen is a German word that means “People’s automobile.” Its main office is in the Lower Saxony city of Wolfsburg. Adolf Hitler requested that a car with a Ferdinand Porsche design be produced, so it was started in the 1930s.

Why is the F in Volkswagen pronounced?

Volkswagen The Beetle was the first car that Volkswagen built as a brand. As a result, it was given the name Volkswagen, which is pronounced “folks-va-gun” and means “The People’s Car.” Essentially, “v” becomes “f.”

Where can I find Volkswagen UK?

Volkswagen UK

  • Yeomans Drive in Blakelands, Milton Keynes, England, MK14 5AN.
  • Email address.
  • Phone: 0800 333666.

Where do I file a grievance against Volkswagen India?

Customers can call the Volkswagen Customer Support Number if they are interested in any Volkswagen products or if they want to provide direct feedback. The toll-free number for Volkswagen is 1800 102 0909 or 1800 209 0909.

How can I make a complaint to VW UK?

Contacts for Volkswagen (UK) complaints

  • Visit the Customer Complaints page.
  • Dial 0800 333 666 to reach customer service.
  • The CEO’s email address is
  • Contact the managing director via email at
  • Facebook Volkswagen (UK)

What renders a VW warranty void?

The majority of car components are covered by the Volkswagen warranty, which has a 4-year/50,000-mile duration and only a few limitations.

The majority of your car’s components are covered by the Volkswagen warranty, with the exception of wear-and-tear items, glass, tires, the bumper, and upholstery. Damages brought on by auto accidents or environmental factors are not covered by the warranty.

For up to 10 years/120,000 miles, Volkswagen offers Platinum, Gold, and Powertrain extended warranty coverage options. Generally speaking, extended warranties from third-party suppliers will cover your car for longer and cost less.

Any inappropriate maintenance or vehicle modifications that result in problems with your car will void your Volkswagen warranty. The guarantee covers damage caused by owners but does not cover components that are defective or have workmanship defects.

Volkswagens require annual maintenance and repairs that cost an average of $676, according to RepairPal. This is more than what drivers generally pay for comparable vehicles from Toyota, Chevrolet, and Hyundai and is somewhat higher than the $652 annual industry average.