Will Toyota Dealership Install Lift Kit

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All lifts are expertly fitted, carry a warranty from the lift manufacturer, and are a monthly payment option.


  • various tire choices up to 35
  • kits for leveling ReadyLift Suspension in sizes starting as 1 1/23
  • Numerous wheel variations, from 100 to 20
  • FOX shocks with BDS Suspension

A lift kit will a dealership add?

Traditionally, there were a number of concerns with financing and warranty compatibility when buying a lift kit. Thankfully, this is no longer the situation for drivers. Today’s market offers a huge selection of lift kits that are compatible with warranties. Even dealers themselves will install such kits.

Will a leveling kit be installed by a Toyota dealer?

You must have the item installed by a Toyota dealer in order to be covered by the warranty. There is a price for that tranquility. Just the parts cost $1,350. The kit installation is expected to take a dealership four to five hours, and you will be charged for that labor.

What is the cost for Toyota to raise a truck?

The Price of Lifting a Truck You should anticipate spending between $1,000 and $5,000 to elevate a truck for performance-related reasons.

Does a lift kit cancel a Toyota warranty?

The warranty on any parts impacted or harmed by the raise kit will be void if you lift your truck over 2 inches (or at all for some models, including Toyota). However, coverage will continue for anything not connected to or impacted by the lift kit.

According to the MOPAR Extended Warranty, lifting/suspension packages for RAM cars are as follows:

The following losses or expenses are not covered by the plan and are not applicable:

Repairs necessary as a result of alterations or modifications made to the vehicle that were not authorized or advised by the maker, such as, but not limited to: (a) failure of any aftermarket or custom part (unless specified as a specific covered part); (b) changes made to the engine, transmission, or drive axle, including any performance changes; (c) Oversized or undersized tires; (d) any alterations to the frame or suspension;

lift kits larger than two inches; repairs to covered components caused directly by a lift kit failure larger than two inches;

Therefore, they will still be covered if your A/C unit breaks down or your head gasket leaks. However, we do not advise lifting your brand-new 2020 RAM 1500 or 2020 Jeep Gladiator any higher than the manufacturer’s recommended 2 point. Until the warranty expires, at least.

Want a truck you CAN lift?

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Is the TRD lift kit a warranty breaker?

The fact that adding this factory TRD lift kit won’t void your warranty is another significant benefit. The package actually comes with the same factory warranty as all other TRD components and accessories.

How long does it take to install a Jeep lift kit?

Depending on the size of the lift, the kind of kit, and the quantity of work required, lift kit installation costs can change. In general, the cost to install a Jeep raise kit ranges from $500 to $1,000 or more.

Remember that this cost could change based on where you are. For instance, a Jeep dealership may be able to provide you with a more accurate pricing estimate if you are having the installation done there.

Get quotes from various auto accessory stores if you’re not having the installation done at a Jeep dealership before making a decision. Additionally, be sure to inquire about any warranties that are provided.

Additionally, it doesn’t hurt to get referrals from others. People you know may have had positive experiences with a particular store that you should take into account.

What is the price of lifting a jeep?

A Jeep Wrangler lift typically costs between $1,000 and $20,000, on average. However, the sort of lift kit you select will have a significant impact on how much you pay. The price you pay to boost your new Jeep Wrangler might vary dramatically depending on the kind of lift kits and suspension heights you choose.

Ford does it offer lift kits?

Considering lifting your truck? In and around Columbia, F-150 leveling systems and lift kits can raise your truck’s ride height, enhance handling, and increase capabilities. But how do the two differ from one another? Although both F-150 leveling kits and lift kits move the truck’s body further from the axles to lift your vehicle, they do so to varying degrees. As you choose what kind of update you’d like for your truck, Jim Hudson Ford talks out some crucial points below.

What is the cost of installing a lift kit on a Toyota Tundra?

The majority of the information was previously unknown when Toyota announced the availability of a “3-inch TRD-developed suspension raise for the all-new 2022 Toyota Tundra.” This week’s SEMA 2021 exhibit in Las Vegas, Nevada, features the lifted Tundra. Here is how it appears, what is included in the raise kit, and how much it will cost.

The 32.533 inch tall all-terrain tires that come standard on the new Tundra TRD Off-Road or TRD Pro variants are in production. What if you need additional ground clearance and a tire with a bigger diameter? This TRD lift kit is a lifesaver. According to Toyota, it delivers enhanced approach, breakover, and departure angles as well as an additional 2.6 inches of frame ground clearance. For a complete list of specifications, see the table below. Bilstein shocks are used in this setup (similar to the ones on the factory TRD Off-road package).

This raise kit is completely compatible with the most recent Toyota Safety Sense 2.5 driver assistance technologies because it was created by Toyota’s TRD division. The 360-degree camera system, emergency braking, and adaptive cruise have all been calibrated to function well with the raise kit.

This red truck’s 35-inch tall tires are possible thanks to the raise package. It is expected to cost $3,995 and has a 36-month warranty. In the summer of 2022, according to Toyota, this dealer-installed equipment will be made accessible.

Toyota installs lift kits for the Tundra, right?

The majority of overlanding enthusiasts use every chance to improve their rigs’ trail capacity. Better still if such changes contribute to making it stand out from the competition. If you purchased a brand-new Toyota Tundra in early 2022, you now have more options for customizing your truck with dealer-installed accessories.

According to Toyota, this dealer-installed TRD lift kit will be offered for practically all 44 of the Tundra’s model levels in 2022. The item balances the truck well and gives a 2.6-inch raise. It comprises TRD front lower knuckles, front extended axle-shafts, front stabilizer links, front outer tie rods, front tie rod sleeves, tuned Bilstein front and rear shock absorbers, as well as a number of other enhanced components. It’s important to note that Roush manufactures the forged upper control arms. The package offers increases to the approach, departure, and break-over angles of five degrees, one degree, and two degrees in addition to the three inches of greater ground clearance. The kit’s estimated list price (MSRP) is $3,995.

There are other dealer-installed upgrades available to Tundra drivers besides this lift kit. Additionally available are a bed extender, a dash camera, two in-bed swing-out boxes, a folding hard tonneau cover, a TRD skid plate, TRD cast aluminum running boards, a TRD off-road wheel and tire package.

It will be simple to make your Tundra trail-ready straight off the lot with choices like these.

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How much does it cost to install a raise kit?

Here is an estimate of how much it would cost to elevate a truck utilizing the kits we covered above.

  • If you do it yourself, buying and installing a raise kit might run you $400 to $4000. If done by a professional, it may cost between $800 and $12,000.
  • A leveling kit that you purchase and install on your own may cost between $400 and $2000. You might pay between $800 and $4000 on a professional.

What does a 2 inch raise kit cost?

Prices for a 2 inch Economy lift kit start at only $371. For people on a tight budget who merely want a raise to improve appearance in a cost-effective manner, this is fantastic value.

In spite of this, the majority of people choose a 2 or 3 inch Premium or Extreme lift package. These are without a doubt the Hilux lift kit packages that are the most in demand.

Prices for these packages range from $1.3k to $3k depending on your car, its configuration, and the suspension parts in the raise kit.

How does a lift kit affect fuel economy?

Fuel mileage Fuel efficiency might suffer from a lift kit in a few different ways. Weight gain is the first. Following the installation of a lift kit, your car’s mileage will suffer if it weighs more. Increased wind resistance is the second factor.

Does elevating your truck affect its fuel efficiency?

Although it’s challenging, improving your truck’s miles per gallon is not impossible. Due to their increased height and tire size, raised trucks generally get poor gas mileage.

Your truck loses aerodynamic efficiency as soon as you lift it. Driving creates more wind resistance, which forces it to use more force. Additionally, the weight of a lift kit can affect how much gas you need to utilize, depending on the lift kit you use. Once more, your truck’s gas mileage will decrease if it has to work harder to move.

Your mpg may be affected by the tires you use. Using larger, heavier tires reduces fuel efficiency.

You might install a lighter lift kit to aid in getting better mpg. Your car won’t have to work as hard if the materials you use are lighter. You might also think about selecting the smallest tire that would fit your truck. You’ll get higher gas mileage the smaller your tire is.

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Lift kitsdo they pose issues?

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