Why Did Toyota Discontinue The Fj Cruiser?

Toyota’s FJ Cruiser was one of the most distinctive and tough SUVs to ever reach the market, but it was discontinued for North American buyers in 2014. The firm had determined that sales were inadequate to cover the manufacturing costs of a second generation, leading to the discontinuance of the vehicles. The FJ Cruiser, on the other hand, has remained a popular vehicle long after most automobiles cease to be produced. The popularity of this sturdy vehicle has been impacted by a few different elements.

First, there is now a sense of scarcity among people who are interested in purchasing the FJ because there won’t be a new generation for the foreseeable future. Despite the fact that Toyota had discontinued the model almost ten years prior, many owners who still have one have opted to keep the car due to its increased rarity. Toyotas, unlike many other brands, tend to retain their value over time, and because of their reputation for producing durable, high-quality cars, demand for this dependable vehicle has only increased over the past 10 years.

Depending on the model and the year, a FJ Cruiser would probably cost you between $24000 and $51000 if you were shopping now. Finding one is less likely because special edition and limited-edition models get the highest prices at auction.

The FJ Cruiser is also highly regarded among off-road vehicles for its durable exterior, which can resist extreme circumstances, in addition to its reputation for performance and dependability. This amazing device is more expensive than other models in its class because it was made to survive extremely difficult conditions.

These off-road vehicles are frequently utilized for sports like off-road racing and rock crawling. The waterproof inside of this car was one of its most intriguing selling points because it opened up new possibilities for things like driving into deeper water or leaving your windows open in a downpour. The FJ Cruiser has an enormous advantage over other SUVs in that it can tow up to 5,000 pounds and does it with improved capability.

Overall, because of the FJ’s distinctive charms and rarity, a good-quality used version of the car will probably cost you about as much as it did when it was first launched onto the market, if not more.

Will Toyota bring the FJ Cruiser back?

Toyota has a history of building tough off-road SUVs, including the luxury Land Cruiser, the 4Runner, and the FJ Cruiser. While the Land Cruiser will stop being sold in the United States starting in 2022 and the FJ Cruiser hasn’t been offered here since 2014, Toyota is determined to maintain its position as a leader in the off-road segment as the automotive industry shifts to electric vehicles, and it will soon introduce a tough compact electric SUV. The Compact Cruiser EV concept foreshadowed the boxy appearance, tough bumpers, and body cladding of the SUV. The electric engine is unknown, but given the rapid torque of electric motors, it should be reasonably speedy and capable of handling tough terrain.

What caused them to discontinue making the FJ Cruiser?

The first stone in the FJ Cruiser’s coffin was the recession of 2008, which signaled the beginning of declining sales and the end of profit. To honor Toyota FJ Land Cruisers, the Toyota FJ Cruiser had its concept premiere in 2003. As 2006 year models, the first production models hit the market. They were designed as a vintage off-road vehicle and were first highly well-liked.

Unfortunately, Toyota was severely impacted by the 2008 recession, which had a negative impact on FJ Cruiser sales. Although it was performing well prior to then, it was ultimately canceled by 2014. That was partly due to the FJ Cruiser’s likeness to the original Jeep.

Toyota wanted to build an off-road vehicle that stood out from the rest of what they were producing at the time, and the FJ Cruiser was their attempt to do that. The FJ Cruiser was discontinued in 2014 as a result of Toyota’s decision that the sales were too poor to justify the manufacturing costs associated with developing a second generation after the recession officially began.

What vehicle did Toyota use to replace the FJ Cruiser?

2014 was the final model year for FJ Cruiser before it was discontinued. But with adventure-ready Toyota vehicles like the 4Runner and the off-road capable TRD Pro Series, excitement and capability continue to exist. There is a tough Toyota 4×4 ready to take you exploring, no matter who you are. You will continue to receive excellent servicing from your local Toyota Service Center if you currently possess a FJ Cruiser. Search for a Toyota Certified Used FJ Cruiser below or Keep It Wild with 4Runner.

Is there a FJ Cruiser for 2021?

The single FJ Cruiser sold last year was the one Toyota sold in the first half of 2021. It took dealers some time to get rid of their inventory, so the sale is astonishing given that the FJ was dropped from Toyota’s lineup in the US after the 2014 model year. Toyota has revealed its 2021 sales data, and the business had a strong year despite, well, everything. 2021 is finally receding into the rearview mirror.

Toyota sold slightly over 2 million vehicles in 2021, up 10.3 percent from 2020. Sales of Lexus, Toyota’s luxury business, increased in 2021 to 304,476, up 10.7% from the previous year. It was sufficient to unseat General Motors as the leading automaker in the country. The devastating December sales report, both of which were down over 30%, contrasts the successful sales year.

Gallery: Toyota FJ Cruiser Final Edition

Toyota was mostly unaffected by the semiconductor scarcity that has startled the auto industry this year. Late in August, the company started to experience financial difficulty, which compelled it to halt some manufacturing. Trouble began for other automakers much earlier in the year.

The one FJ Cruiser that was sold last year is the most recent example of how abandoned vehicles continue to be purchased years after their manufacturers stopped making them. Despite having built all 500 units by the end of 2012, Motor1 announced in 2018 that Lexus has sold three new LFA supercars in 2019. However, sales of the supercar fell short of Lexus’ expectations.

Will there be a FJ Cruiser in 2022?

The 2022 Toyota FJ Cruiser comes in two trim levels, each with a single 4.0-liter six-cylinder engine choice that produces 270 or 275 horsepower and is coupled to an automatic transmission that may be used with either front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive.

Will Toyota produce a FJ Cruiser in 2022?

Toyota winning the 2022 Car Design Award for Concept Cars makes us ecstatic. Not because we believe Toyota deserved it (although it might have), but rather because it led to the publication of additional images of the Toyota FJ Cruiser EV concept. We now have scale, real-world pictures of Toyota’s concept vehicle, which the company calls the Compact Cruiser EV. The vehicle you are viewing below is a 1:1 scale replica of the concept car rather than a render.

Given its future size, we might understand if you assumed it was some type of FJ-flavored render. But the thing is actually sitting on genuine tires. The Toyota Europe Design development center in France originally came up with the idea, which is obviously based on the vintage FJ Cruiser, which was in demand all by itself.

This is undoubtedly more retro-futuristic than the FJ Cruiser was when it was first introduced. It already incorporates elements from the earlier FJ Cruiser and FJ models. That is probably most noticeable in the grille, which combines a modern-looking skidplate with “Toyota” letters and a retro-inspired front. The wheels also have a relatively contemporary appearance, partly as a result of their common characteristics of being black and diamond-cut in today’s wheels. We urge you to bring the steelies back.

Notably, the FJ’s peculiar back door design, which at the time was more Mazda RX8 than Toyota, is not present in this concept. Nevertheless, it’s one of several peculiarities that have given the earlier model a cult following. With the integrated roof rack and ladder on the rear quarter panel, this automobile is obviously attempting to replicate that. Thankfully, Toyota also displayed some much more vintage wheels that give the vehicle a sort of white wall tire look.

Toyota hasn’t given us much information on this idea in recent months, but given its latest prize, we might get some in the next weeks or months. The moment is ideal for a compact Toyota off-roader because the Bronco Sport has arrived and the current generation Toyota 4Runner is beginning to show its age.

This might very likely debut on a platform comparable to the tiny vehicle that the brand has already alluded to as a new small pickup truck competitor. If the tiny vehicle is going to be electric, which would greatly simplify production, then that is doubly true. For the time being, all we can do is speculate about what a future FJ Cruiser might look like.

What will a 2021 FJ Cruiser cost?

The base model’s median sales prices increased significantly, from roughly $14,000 in 2019 to $27,500 in 2020, and then increased again to $30,450 in 2021.