Who Was In The Toyota Tundra Commercial

The 2022 Toyota Super Bowl ad was hilarious, star-studded, and memorableeverything you want from a big game TV promo. Tommy Lee Jones from Men in Black, Leslie Jones from Saturday Night Live, and Rashida Jones from Parks and Recreation race each other in “The Joneses” while operating three very different 2022 Toyota Tundras. From arid highways to snow-covered mountaintops, they travel on this trip. Nick Jonas eventually decides to join them.

The Toyota truck commercial’s actors are who?

“Even though Jones is one of the most popular last names in the world, it serves as a symbol of star power in one of Toyota’s Super Bowl commercials this year, which is full of famous people with that last name.

Aside from one oddity, actors Tommy Lee Jones, Leslie Jones, and Rashida Jones appear in the Toyota Tundra halftime commercial.

In a humorous all-terrain racing, Nick Jonas is operating the truck. And the iconic 1965 song serves as the soundtrack “Tom Jones alone is the singer of It’s Not Unusual.

Leslie Jones

Leslie Jones pulls up next to Tommy Lee in the Toyota commercial and enters the action as the second celebrity present.

The American comedian is most recognized for her work from 2014 to 2019 as a writer and cast member on Saturday Night Live.

Alongside A-list stars like Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Chris Hemsworth, she also played Patty Tolan in the 2016 remake of Ghostbusters.

She was recognized as one of the 100 most important people in the world by Time magazine in 2017 for her frequent public commentary on significant subjects, such as politics and social injustice.

Rashida Jones

The 45-year-old, who was born on February 25, 1976, is the daughter of famed music producer Quincy Jones and actress Peggy Lipton.

The actress gained critical praise for her role as Ann Perkins in the American political satire comedy series Parks and Recreation.

Additionally, she played Karen Filippelli on the American version of The Office. Since 2016, she has played the lead role of titular police detective Angie Tribeca.

Rashida has also appeared in the comedies I Love You, Man (2009) and The Muppets (2011). In The Social Network, she co-stars with Jesse Eisenberg as the young defense attorney Marylin Delpy.

Nick Jonas

As a voiceover says: “Stay ahead in the all-new Tundra,” Nick Jonas appears in the final moments of the commercial and earns the reluctant approval of his almost namesakes.

The family frequently traveled because Paul Kevin Jonas Sr., the singer’s father, is an ordained clergyman. Jonas, 29, is a musician who was born in Dallas, Texas.

He joined the band The Jonas Brothers together with his older brothers Joe, 32, and Kevin, 34.

Jonas went solo after the band broke up in 2013, and he also served as the tour’s creative director in 2014.

Indian actress Priyanka Chopra, 39, whom he married, and the couple had a kid together, born in January 2022.

Who are the actors in the Super Bowl ad for the Toyota Tundra?

Despite several esteemed coworkers, the recently disclosed pickup continues to be the center of attention.

The most popular auto brand worldwide and the best-selling automaker worldwide is still Toyota. It has a worldwide reputation for quality and dependability that makes people envious. In spite of this, the Japanese business invests millions of dollars in marketing and advertising in an effort to draw in new clients.

Its most recent advertisement is a real tearjerker; it tells the tale of two brothers and their perseverance in overcoming enormous obstacles to become professional athletes. The most recent commercial from the Tokyo-based company features a star-studded cast and is significantly more lightheartedly promoting its brand-new Toyota Tundra pickup truck.

The Big Game ad, titled The Joneses, begins with two Tundras in a desolate, rural setting. Tommy Lee Jones, a legendary actor, and Leslie Jones, a comic, are behind the wheel, racing each other at great speed through a whirl of muck and dust. The exhilarating off-road journey is unavoidably matched to Tom Jones’ It’s Not Unusual.

But as Rashida Jones joins in on the off-roading excitement, the race only becomes rougher as the extremely capable Tundras race toward the top of the mountain, crashing through snowbanks and sliding through slick terrain. Before the race begins, the trucks come up next to one another so that the drivers may assess their rivals.

However, a fourth, unheard-of Tundra shows up, and inside is none other than Nick Jonas. Before saying “try to keep up…whoever you are,” Tommy Lee Jones deftly draws the three Joneses’ suspicion toward him. The sixty-second commercial was directed by two-time Academy Award nominee Brian Buckley. Each production has its own excitement, but the actors’ star power and the brand-new Toyota Tundra from 2022 brought it to an epic level.

Toyota ran other Big Game commercials besides The Joneses, though. A motivational sixty-second ad called Born to Lend a Hand was shown to Telemundo viewers. Here, the Tundra is seen in a variety of difficult circumstances, employing its powers to assist when needed.

Toyota is attempting to capture a piece of the luxury truck market with the introduction of the Capstone trim. The luxurious Tundra comes equipped with a variety of amenities, such as semi-aniline leather trim, ambient lighting, and a panoramic moonroof. Efficiency is also increased by the addition of a hybrid drivetrain, with the 437-horsepower i-Force Max hybrid earning an EPA-rated 19/22/21 mpg on the city/highway/combined cycles.

At the Barrett-Jackson auction in January, two of the first-ever Tundra Hybrids sold for a combined $1.25 million, with all the money going to Toyota’s US Paralympic fund.

Who is the girl in the most recent Toyota ad?

Rashida Jones is the woman that appears in Toyota’s 2022 Tundra Super Bowl commercial. Here is a brief summary of her career in the entertainment industry thus far in case you are still a little confused.

It should come as no surprise that Rashia Jones has been involved in film and television for some time given that she is the daughter of actress Peggy Lipton and musician Quincy Jonesthe man famously responsible for the “Austin Powers” theme song, among other far more prestigious musical compositions. She made her television debut in the late 1990s, and during the 2000s and 2010s, she gained notoriety as a regular on “Boston Public,” “The Office,” and “Parks and Recreation.” “Toast of Tinseltown” is her most recent project, but it’s likely not her last.

Rashida Jones has accumulated a respectable number of filmography credits over the years. Her first to film came with “Myth America” in 1998, which paved the way for a wide range of subsequent productions. She expanded her resume with roles in dramas like “The Social Network,” comedies like “I Love You, Man,” and family movies like “The Muppets,” with “On the Rocks” in 2020 serving as the setting for her most recent on-screen appearance. Alongside comedy great Bill Murray, she starred in a film under the direction of Sophia Coppola.

It’s likely that you have seen Rashida Jones before, whether you enjoy watching television or movies. If you haven’t, her work with Toyota for the big game might be a hint to get you to check out some of her other work.

What is the name of the Toyota girl?

That is the adorable and bubbly actress who portrays “Jan” in the Toyota commercialsyou know, the one who consistently gets the correct responses? Here is what we do know about Laurel Coppock, even if we don’t even know if she drives a Camry.

Recently, Laurel has appeared in several films, including Crazy, Stupid, Love and Comedy Jam. She has made guest appearances on sitcoms including 2 Broke Girls and Modern Family. She also performs with the renowned improv comedy troupe The Groundlings in Los Angeles, which has produced performers such as Phil Hartman, Lisa Kudrow, Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Jon Lovitz, and Paul Reubens.

Therefore, if you want a vehicle that will get decent gas mileage and be dependable, get a Toyota. If you’re lucky, you might even run across Laurel in the showroom!

How much money does the Toyota woman make?

Toyota Actresses make $60,000 annually, or $29 per hour, which is 10% less than the average yearly wage for all working Americans and 67% more than the national income for all Actresses, which is $30,000 annually. The highest-paid actresses get $28,000 a year working for Entertainment Partners, while the lowest-paid actresses make $21,000 a year working for Central Casting.

Tommy Lee Jones’ estimated net worth

An American actor named Tommy Lee Jones is worth $100 million. Without a question, one of Hollywood’s most known faces, Jones has starred in a number of memorable movies over his career. In Western movies, Tommy Lee Jones frequently plays a rancher, a ranger, a cowboy, or a combination of all three. These are likely the roles for which he is best known. Having said that, he is a very adaptable performer. Throughout his career, Jones has racked up a ton of accolades and praise from the critics.

How old is Toyota’s Jan?

While her mother Susan Coppock, an actress and Broadway dancer in New York, was not given many specifics about him, we may infer that she inherited her mother’s talent for performing. Jan, the Toyota lady, is how old? Laurel will turn 44 this August.

Jake from State Farmwho is he?

State Farm has grand intentions to increase awareness of its brand through advertising at both offline and online gaming events. In many of these efforts, Jake from State Farm will play a significant role. In a recent “Battle of the Khakis” Twitch livestream, Jake from State Farm participated among other NBA2K streamers.

It’s true that Kevin Miles is most recognized for his role as Jake from State Farm and his happy demeanor. However, he has a substantial career as a commercial actor and has worked with numerous brands. He has appeared in advertisements for Pepsi, Slim Jims, Taco Bell, and other brands.

One of State Farm’s Super Bowl-themed television advertising campaigns targets sports fans. At the major event, Miles’ Jake from State Farm character made an appearance with Drake, Aaron Rodgers, and Patrick Mahomes from the NFL.

Most certainly, Jake from State Farm will continue to appear on television and in the newest sports action video game. The majority of us don’t mind that.

Who is the most well-known actor in commercials?

Stephanie Courtney, often known as Flo, is the most well-known commercial actor, taking the top rank. For the Progressive advertisements, Courtney is well-known for her role as the insurance agent. Who can forget her signature blue headband, crimson lipstick, and bumped-up hairstyle?

Audiences may have heard Courtney’s voice earlier in other works because, in Tom Goes to the Mayor in 2004, she is credited with providing the voices of Renee the Receptionist and Joy Peters. She appeared in Cavemen and Mad Men in 2007 in a minor capacity. She portrayed Eassie Karp in The Goldbergs for three seasons.

How much money does Progressive’s Flo make?

How much money does Progressive’s Flo make? In Progressive, Courtney, who portrays Flo, reportedly makes $1 million annually for her part. Only a select few other commercial actors receive pay as high as this.