Who Owns Toyota Financial Services?

Toyota Financial Services Corporation (TFSC), a wholly owned subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) in Japan, oversees a bigger global network of financial service businesses, including TFS. More than 22 million clients in 30 countries are served by this network.

Our Passion

Thanks to our various financing and leasing options, voluntary protection programs, and comprehensive auto insurance selections, Toyota Financial Services enables millions of Toyota customers to drive the car of their dreams. We have built solid ties with our clients and dealers over the years, and these relationships motivate us to continuously strive for consistency, convenience, and quality. Delivering great customer service that matches the exceptional quality of Toyota cars is one of our top priorities.

Our Background

In Denver, Colorado, in 1983, a credit agreement for a pre-owned Toyota Corolla was approved, and that was where it all began. From that point forward, Toyota Financial Services expanded from a tiny business with just eight employees to a company with over 3,000 employees across the country and over $115 billion in managed assets. As a result, we rank among the biggest global providers of vehicle financing.

The marketing of the goods from Toyota Motor Credit Corporation (TMCC) and Toyota Motor Insurance Services is done under the umbrella brand Toyota Financial Services (TFS) (TMIS). TFS offers numerous financial services to authorized Toyota and Lexus dealers, affiliates, and their clients in the majority of the United States in addition to financing, leasing, and protection plans.

Visit the Toyota USA Newsroom for the most recent information about TFS and our connected Toyota companies.

Our Commitment to Fair Lending

At Toyota, we are motivated by the idea of treating people with respect in all we do. Toyota Financial Services recognizes its need to uphold all applicable fair lending rules and regulations, and we do so with a dedication that includes respect for people. Toyota Financial Services is committed to treating all credit applicants and customers fairly in our lending and servicing procedures, and we abide by the text and the spirit of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act and other fair lending legislation.

Service Mark

Toyota Motor Credit Corporation (TMCC), Toyota Motor Insurance Services, Inc. and its affiliates, and Toyota Credit de Puerto Rico Corp. all use the service mark Toyota Financial Services. Toyota Lease Trust’s designated attorney-in-fact and servicer is TMCC. (NMLS ID # 8027) Toyota Motor Credit Corporation

What financial institution does Toyota employ?

The finance brand for Toyota in the US is Toyota Financial Services (TFS), which provides retail vehicle financing and leasing via affiliated dealers, Toyota Motor Credit Corporation (TMCC), and Toyota Lease Trust. Additionally, TFS provides vehicle and payment protection solutions via affiliated companies of Toyota Motor Insurance Services (TMIS) and participating dealers.

Does Toyota have a bank of its own?

Bank exists at TFS. You might be thinking that TFSB employees are swimming in cash in a bank vault after hours, but that is not the case. TFS, however, does have a bank! In order to provide our dealers and consumers with more goods and services, TFSB opened in Henderson, Nevada in 2004.

Toyota Financial Services South Africa is owned by who?

Wesbank was submitted to the Tribunal for prosecution by the Competition Commission for allegedly conspiring with Toyota Financial Services SA.

WesBank, a financier of automobiles, claims that its collaboration with Toyota Financial Services was a sincere business cooperation without any antitrust goals.

The FirstRand-owned financing company was sent to the Competition Tribunal for prosecution on Thursday by the Competition Commission, which claimed that it had conspired with Toyota Financial Services (TFS) South Africa.

According to the commission, its inquiry showed that WesBank and TFS South Africa entered into a deal to split markets, harming consumers by denying them the advantages of competition.

It stated that WesBank will not finance “new” Toyota, Lexus, or Hino vehicles as per an agreement between the two businesses. Additionally, according to their agreement, McCarthy Group was the only authorized Toyota dealership WesBank could finance used cars sold through.

They reached that agreement via a shareholder agreement due to the fact that WesInvest, a FirstRand affiliate, owns a 33.3% stake in TFS South Africa.

The commission emphasized that by allocating clients or suppliers in violation of the Competition Act, such an agreement constituted market division.

WesBank stated that it was currently examining the rationale behind the tribunal’s referral of its case and that it would adhere to proper due process in any future interactions with the commission and the tribunal. However, it initially did not notice any issues with the shareholder agreement.

The company released a statement in which it stated that “WesBank sees its joint-venture agreement with Toyota Financial Services and the corresponding restraining clause as legitimate and appropriate in the circumstances of the commercial arrangement.”

According to the commission, it requested that the tribunal fine the corporations 10% of their annual revenue. WesBank reported normalized earnings of R1.2 billion for the fiscal year that ended in June 2021.

A R26 million profit was declared by Toyota Financial Services SA for the fiscal year that ended on March 31, 2021, as a result of Covid-19 supply interruptions and additional provisions that were raised. However, its profits typically range between R400 and R500 million per year.

We’ve gathered the information you need when it’s time to file a claim.

  • Guaranteed Auto Safety (GAP)
  • Protection Plans for Tires and Wheels
  • Plans for prepaid maintenance
  • Vehicle Maintenance Contracts
  • 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Central Time, Monday through Friday
  • Sunday: 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Central

You may go forward with necessary repairs if your car needs them but can’t be driven or used after our regular business hours. You should be aware that your Vehicle Service Agreement’s additional terms and conditions also apply. To request claim authorization, you must call Toyota Financial Services at 1-800-228-8559 on the following open business day.

To ensure you have the TFS phone number when you need it for claim authorisation, it could be a good idea to save it in your contacts.

The repair process

Just show your vehicle service agreement when you ask for repairs at your dealer or repair shop. Throughout the procedure, be sure to keep all receipts, including any for hotel or meals. To make sure that any repairs or charges are covered, please refer to your Agreement.

You must send your receipts to the following address if you want to be reimbursed for any expenses:

When your eligible repairs are finished, you should be prepared to pay your deductible (if applicable), as well as any costs for repairs or services that are not covered. In case you need them later, keep a file with your repair orders, copies of all receipts, and all other service-related paperwork.

Do Toyota and Lexus share the same financials?

The finance brand for Lexus in the US is Lexus Financial Services (LFS), which provides retail auto financing and leasing via affiliated dealers, Toyota Motor Credit Corporation (TMCC), and Toyota Lease Trust. Through affiliated companies of Toyota Motor Insurance Services (TMIS) and partner dealers, LFS additionally provides vehicle and payment protection products.

What is the Toyota Financial Services grace period?

these difficult times If you’re a client of Toyota Financial Services and you need money

Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. If you haven’t signed up already

Information about Lease-End Support from Toyota

You can call 800-975-8822 to explore your choices or log into your account and file a Support Center request asking for a lease maturity extension or a payment deferment.

Fill out a Support Center request if you’d prefer Toyota Financial Services to pick up the car by selecting “Create a New Request in the Support Center,” then choosing “Contract Inquiry in the “How can we help you? menu drop-down. Then, write in the description text box that you want today’s date as the return date, that you want the car picked up, and the mileage of your car as it is right now. Finally, submit the application while keeping in mind that the service is subject to restrictions set by the local government.

To select choices, take note that Toyota Financial Services is providing a 10-day grace period following the maturity date. Once more, you can phone or submit an online Support Center request asking for a lease maturity extension or payment delay.

What if the epidemic has had a negative financial impact on me and I have an active Lease Maturity Extension?

To ask for a payment delay, use the online help center or dial 800-974-8822.

What is the interest rate at Toyota Financial?

Toyota Motor Credit Corporation uses the service mark Toyota Financial Services. 60-month 1.9% annual percentage rates (APR). AVAILABLE TO QUALIFIED CUSTOMERS who finance a brand-new Camry Hybrid via Toyota Financial Services. Customers with poorer credit scores are subject to higher rates.

Can a Toyota automobile loan be repaid early?

Yes, to both of them! For many Cleveland drivers, paying off their auto loan early is a practical option. Join Metro Toyota as we go over the advantages of prepaying a car loan and whether it’s the right course of action for you.

Refinances are made by Toyota Financial Services?

Only loans and leasing agreements for new and used Toyota automobiles are provided by Toyota Financial Services. You must take into account different lenders if you wish to refinance your auto loan.

Toyota Financial Services was first made available in South Africa when?

The Issuer began operations as “Toyota Financial Services (South Africa) Proprietary Limited” on May 2, 2000, and after the Companies Act of 2008 was enacted in September 2013, it changed its status to a public corporation.