Where To Buy Toyota Touch Up Paint

Toyota produces excellent cars, and PaintScratch is proud to provide the best Toyota touch-up paint pens on the market. You definitely have wonderful taste because you drive a Toyota (okay, we’re a little biased!). As a result, you should touch up any minor paint chips or scratches on your vehicle as soon as possible. Toyota paint pens are an excellent option for touch-ups since they make it simple to fix paint damage in places that are no bigger than a pencil eraser. Choose your car model and get a Toyota touch-up paint pen right away!

Where are the color codes for my vehicle located?

All Toyota automobiles have paint codes that correspond to a certain color. They are fortunately simple to locate.

You can get the precise OEM paint color for your Toyota’s year, model, make, and color by using the color code.

After the initials “C/TR” on the label, there will be a three-digit code. Your paint code is the following 3 digits. Both letters and digits are possible.

demonstrating a sample label, the location of the color code, and what to check for.

Where to Buy Paint

The top-rated source is OEM paint producer AutomotiveTouchup by Microfinish.

Microfinish offers excellent price, guarantees a color match, has high-quality OEM paint, and is utilized by specialists in the field.

Only a few auto paint producers specialize in the high-tech production of on-demand exact match automobile paint. They can ensure that the color of your Toyota will match.



Toyota private labels paint obtained from an OEM paint provider rather than producing its own paint.

How long is the lifespan of Toyota touch-up paint?

Although it’s rare, touch-up paint may last for ten years. Four to five years is a more reasonable life expectancy.

The likelihood that the touch-up paint will last until you’re ready to switch to another car increases with smaller the damage and better application.

The car still needs to be washed and waxed. Additionally, any additional dings or damage should be repaired.

Touch-up work could be more vulnerable to damage from overly attentiveness. You don’t want to give the assignment more effort. You desire greater finesse.

Color palette

Our color scheme, which consists of Toyota Red, white, black, and gray, is straightforward and striking. These are the hues that represent our identity as well as the entirety of our visual identity system. Additionally to the

These are the sole colors that will be used in our brand messages because they are inherent to photography. This limited color scheme will improve brand recognition and visual impact.

What does the paint code on my VIN stand for?

You’ll notice that we omitted the paint color from all of the aforementioned character descriptions. This is so because your car’s paint codea number used to match paint to a certain shadedoesn’t clearly appear on your VIN.

Your VIN can still be used to ascertain the color of your car’s paint, though. You may use your VIN to look up the paint code of your automobile on other platforms because it serves as the fingerprint for your vehicle. You can get the paint code by calling your dealer, providing them with your VIN. Another method is to use your VIN to look up paint codes online.

Although your VIN won’t reveal the precise paint code or color of your car, it is a tool that will assist you in locating it.

Do paint touch-up pens work on cars?

Stop right there if you’re looking for the touch-up paint pen for your car. They truly rank among the worst “solutions” for automotive paint dings and scratches. For a living, I repair rock chips and scratches, and I have devoted hundreds of hours to repairing the harm they create. Car dealerships are where I most frequently notice the paint blobs those pens left behind. In order to avoid being penalized by the dealership when they return a car after a lease is finished or when they try to sell it, people may sometimes try to hide up imperfections with paint pens. 95% of the time, touch-up paint pens make the damage appear worse. They are excessively difficult to use, and the outcomes are poor.

Touch-up paint pens are mostly sold by car dealerships and manufacturers as a secondary revenue stream. They don’t really care about how your car looks.

Dr. Colorchip makes the only paint touch-up kit I’ve ever seen that actually works good. I only ever use this paint system.

Does Toyota offer a paint warranty?

Toyota cares about our customers’ ownership experiences, even while the original factory paint is covered by the New Vehicle Limited Warranty for 3 years or 36,000 miles (whichever comes first).

Which color of car sustains the greatest damage?

Reader’s Digest said that numerous studies have discovered a connection between the color of cars and their likelihood of being involved in accidents. Because of this, it can be crucial for you to give your vehicle’s color additional thought when you’re ready to buy. Here are the hues that are most closely linked to accident risk.

Black vehicles

Black cars have a far greater accident rate than cars of any other hue, according to researchers in several independent studies. According to one study, black automobiles are 47% more likely to be in collisions than cars of any other color, according to Money Super Market. Black cars are 12 percent more likely to be engaged in collisions than cars of other colors, according to studies conducted by other researchers who also established a link between them and a higher likelihood of accidents.

Black cars are primarily more likely to be involved in collisions because they are more difficult to spot. Black cars might appear to blend in with their surroundings, which would reduce their visibility to other drivers.

Gray or silver vehicles

Silver closely follows gray as the second-most hazardous car color and has the third-highest accident risk. Compared to vehicles painted in the safest hue, gray cars had an 11% higher accident risk. Compared to vehicles painted in the safest hue, silver cars have an accident risk that is 10% higher. Gray and silver cars blend into the background and are harder to see than black autos.

Blue vehicles

In the United States, blue is a relatively common automobile color. In contrast to vehicles painted in the safest colors, they also carry a higher risk of being involved in accidents. Compared to vehicles painted in the safest colors, accidents involving blue vehicles occur 7% more frequently. Because so much of the surrounding environment, like the sky, is blue, blue cars may be more likely to be involved in collisions. This may reduce the visibility of blue automobiles to other motorists.

Red vehicles

It could be difficult to comprehend why red cars also have a greater crash risk when decreased visibility is the main cause of the increased crash risk of the other most dangerous automobile colors. However, compared to safer-colored cars, red vehicles have a 7% higher collision risk. Red is a color with a lot of life. However, red is frequently seen on roads in the form of stop signs, traffic signals, sirens, and brake lights. With so much red all around, it can be more difficult for other drivers to see the red vehicles as a result.

Green vehicles

Because green dominates the environment, buildings, and signs, green automobiles may also blend into their surroundings. The inability of drivers to identify green automobiles from their surroundings causes them to have a higher accident risk than vehicles painted in the safest colors, although being safer than other risky colors.

Which shade of car paint endures the longest?

Black is the color of automotive paint that lasts the longest. Because it does not reflect light like other colors, an automobile painted in black will maintain its gloss and shine the longest. A automobile will be more likely to age and lose its shine over time the more light it reflects.

What hardness is Toyota paint?

We’ve learned that hard paint is often used by automakers like Audi, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Volkswagen, BMW, and Mercedes, whereas soft paint is typically used by Porsche, Honda/Acura, and Toyota/Lexus (the majority of Japanese manufacturers).

Does repair paint require a clear coat?

However, if you’re merely touching up a very little chipped spot, it’s not fully required. It might not even affect the final appearance all that much or at all. A bottle of clear coat may not be included in all paint touch-up repair kits.

Does repair paint actually function?

While touch-up paint won’t necessarily make a scratch go away or completely cover a paint chip scar, it will stop additional damage and make the area seem considerably better than it did before.

How much does it cost to touch up a car’s paint?

Check out the steps below to find out how much fixing it will cost you once you’ve assessed what kind of damage you’re dealing with.

For Minor Damage:

For every one of the aforementioned types of automotive paint damage, there are probably mobile technicians available close to you. The least expensive choice will be a mobile technician, and they will travel to you!

You’ll pay between $150 and $250 for all of the minor paint chip, scratch, and scrape repair they can do for your car. For little, superficial chips and scratches, touch-up works great. Each panel will cost roughly $75 to repair dents.

Although touch-up repairs won’t necessarily make your automobile appear brand new, they will cost lot less and look much better than body shop work. They should endure for as long as you own the automobile and will prevent the damage from getting worse. Find a painter who uses the Dr. Colorchip technique if you need your paint repaired! (To see why we only use Dr. Colorchip paint, see our blog post here.)

For Extensive Damage:

You could prefer to have your car’s paint sprayed rather than touched up if the damage is extensive and deep.

Use mobile spray paint services if a vertical surface (such a car door) has moderate damage. If you have damage to numerous panels, this could be your best alternative and will cost you $200 to $400.

You’ll need a body shop if the moderate to considerable damage to your car is on a horizontal surface (like the hood), is too severe for touch-ups or mobile spray painting, or if you simply want it to seem brand new.

Regarding dust and other particles adhering to the car, horizontal and vertical surfaces differ from one another. Outside of a controlled atmosphere, it is practically hard to prevent particulates from obstructing a spray paint work on horizontal surfaces. For this reason, you’d be better off bringing your automobile to a body shop that has access to a room that is clean and well-ventilated and is designated just for that use.

The cost of a panel at a body shop can range from $250 to $600, depending on the shop and where you live.