What Is The Value Of A 2013 Toyota Highlander?

Price of a used 2018 Toyota Highlander These costs are comparable to those of other midsize SUV vehicles including the Nissan Pathfinder, Ford Explorer, and Honda Pilot. The well-equipped mid-level Highlander XLE, which costs around $40,000, is what we believe to be the finest bargain.

What is the lifespan of a 2013 Toyota Highlander?

What Is the Toyota Highlander’s Lifespan? One of the most durable midsize SUVs on the market, the Toyota Highlander can keep going for up to 300,000 miles after you drive it off the lot.

What is the 2013 Highlander’s price?

The 2013 Toyota Highlander costs how much? The 2013 Highlander has over 500 listings on our website, with an average price of $20,500. Prices range from nearly $15,500 to approximately $25,900 and depend on the location, amenities, mileage, and condition of the vehicle.

How is a Highlander’s resale value?

After five years of ownership, the predicted resale value is 45.0%. The Toyota Highlander, now in its fourth generation, is completely new for 2020.

How durable are Toyota Highlanders?

How many miles can a Toyota Highlander travel on average? When you inquire with a Toyota dealer, they will give you the high-end estimate, which is approximately 300,000 miles.

This figure is approximately 50–100,000 miles higher than you would generally anticipate in this price range and size class.

Although 300,000 miles is certainly not unheard of, if you take care of your Highlander, you shouldn’t be surprised to see it go far beyond that number.

However, this is the best-case situation and presupposes that you are most likely the first owner and haven’t been putting off any oil or fluid changes.

A typical used Highlander will likely travel at least 250,000 miles with its original engine and transmission if you’re the third or fourth owner. From then, everything will depend on you.

According to Kelley Blue Book, the typical American logs 14,000 miles a year on their vehicles. Therefore, if you can keep it clear of rust and prevent collisions, your Highlander might live over 20 years, assuming ordinary mileage.

The majority of Highlanders are built on the same Toyota K platform as the Avalon, which has been known to travel more than 500,000 kilometers.

All things considered, driving a Highlander into Guinness World Record zone is possible if you really know how to maintain an SUV.

Do Toyota Highlanders frequently experience issues?

Toyota Highlander Typical Issues This generation of Highlanders has received comparatively few complaints from owners. However, some owners report concerns with the motorized tailgate becoming caught in the open or closed position, a musty odor coming from the air conditioning system, and excessive wind noise when traveling at highway speeds.

which is more trustworthy Toyota Highlander or a Honda Pilot?

The information above makes it evident that the Toyota Highlander outperforms the Honda Pilot in every category, including safety features and fuel efficiency. The Highlander is a much better choice if you’re searching for a three-row SUV that is incredibly dependable in this situation.

Can the Toyota Highlander handle snow?

Can a Toyota Highlander Handle Snow Well? The Toyota Highlander performs exceptionally well in snow because to its raised and commanding ride height. This elevates it above many other cars in terms of drivability in snow, along with its assortment of safety measures from the Toyota Star Safety system.

Exactly how much oil does a 2013 Toyota Highlander require?

The 2.7L 4-cylinder engine in a 2013 Toyota Highlander has a capacity of 4.6 quarts, whereas the 3.5L V6 engine has a capacity of 6.4 quarts. Both engines are available, however they each have different oil capacities.

When it’s time for an oil change, keep in mind that synthetic oil is recommended for both of these engines!

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Do Highlanders have any worth?

Thanks to a recent complete redesign, the Toyota Highlander Hybrid is at its best. The three-row utility defies typical trends in hybrid SUV design, such as shoddy brake feel and a subpar interior. Instead, it offers exceptional fuel efficiency, a more than 600-mile driving range, and a ton of cargo room. Although it isn’t enjoyable to drive, this hasn’t diminished its appeal. The Toyota Highlander Hybrid is the only hybrid crossover to make the top ten, maintaining, on average, 53.4% of its original value after five years.

Is the Highlander being phased out by Toyota?

Unexpectedly, Toyota has dropped its most popular V6 engine from the Highlander lineup and added a second four-cylinder engine in its place.

Today, Toyota made the decision to stop producing the popular V6 engine for its Highlander SUV model in 2023. A four-cylinder engine with less power but, strangely, the same MPG rating will take its place. The new four-cylinder engine offers a little bit more engine-rated torque and is turbocharged (of course). We found the move strange because the V6 Highlander had plenty of torque.

Are Highlanders reliable vehicles?

The Highlander is an excellent SUV, yes. It has plenty of basic safety technology, comfortable seats for adults in the first two rows, and decent cabin materials. The Highlander’s powerful, fuel-efficient V6 engine, balanced handling, and comfortable ride also make for a great driving experience.

How much does a fully equipped Toyota Highlander cost?

What’s Novel? The starting price of the 2022 Toyota Highlander is $35,205, and the vehicle’s full loaded price is close to $50,000. The Highlander has long been regarded as one of the most reliable brands of family-friendly midsize SUVs, and this year is no exception.

Has the Toyota Highlander experienced transmission issues?

Both the lawsuit and consumer complaints to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration explain the issues. It claims that there has been a loss of force or acceleration. Transmissions getting stuck in one gear is another problem. The 2017–2020 Highlander and Sienna, the 2018–2020 Avalon sedan, and the 2019 RAV4 have all received concerns.

Other concerns relate to jerky, sluggish, or abrupt shifting, inability to accelerate quickly from a standstill, shuddering, rapid power loss, and early transmission failures. Some Sienna owners claim that when in Eco mode, the vehicle decelerates when turning into a corner. Vehicle History claims that owners have not been able to disable the Eco mode.

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According to a survey by automobile search engine and automotive research company iSeeCars, January is the best month to purchase a used car. The greatest periods to purchase a used car for people looking for a good deal are late fall and early winter, while the worst times are late spring and early summer.