What Is The Bolt Pattern On A 2018 Toyota Tacoma?

What is the bolt pattern for Toyota Tacoma wheels?

The wheel bolt pattern for vehicles with two-wheel drive and models from 2000 to 2020 is five lugs, 4.5 inches (114.3 mm) high, positive offset. A 4WD vehicle has a medium offset of 6 lugs, 5.5 inches, or 139.7 mm.

Although having this knowledge is crucial, it might not be sufficient to enable you to make the necessary adjustments when you wish to change the vehicle’s tires. Because of this, we are going to give you some additional information here. For even more accurate information, be sure to take the time to search for the model year or trim model on Vehicle History.

What size tire can you fit on a stock Tacoma?

Nothing catches my eye more quickly than a Tacoma with large tires. Just how good do they look? If you want to perform serious off-roading and overlanding with the Tacoma, you really need to go bigger to notice the wheels and enhance break-over angles. This explains why so many people are interested in learning what tire size will fit comfortably on a stock Tacoma. Can 33 inches fit without a lift? Will you require a front leveling kit or wheel spacers? This essay will provide answers to all of these queries and more.

What size tire can you fit on a Toyota Tacoma that is factory-fresh? The largest tire that will fit on factory rims without a body or suspension lift is 275/70/17. To fit 33-inch tires, or 285/70/17, on a stock suspension, the front fender liner and rear fender flair must be altered.

Therefore, there are three things to think about before upgrading the factory tires on your truck or ute.

  • Clearance for fender liners
  • Wheel offset and backspacing
  • spare wheel room

Since the 275/70/17 tire is narrower but still offers more ground clearance with the 70 profile, which is 1 inch taller but the same width as the factory, you can get away with installing a wider tire on the stock Tacoma rims.

But what if you want to travel 33 miles per hour with a factory suspension and a 0 offset wheel? What adjustments are necessary to make them fit?

What does LT on a tire mean?

When a tire size is written as LT235/75R15 104/101S, it means that it is intended for usage on light trucks. Light-duty and heavy-duty pickup trucks (usually with a load capacity of 1/2 ton, 3/4 ton, or 1 ton), SUVs, and vans can all use these tires.

My Toyota Tacoma will fit 17-inch wheels, but can I?

Please take note that these suggestions are based on OEM wheels. You can use a wider tire by using an updated rim with a different backspacing. Also, you should think about fender flares if you go very wide (more than 285).

Maximum tire sizes are:

15-inch rims, 265/75 R15A 265/80 R15 tire would fit quite nicely, but no one makes one to our knowledge. The biggest size that is available is 265/75 R15.

You might be able to use some wider tires than those we’ve specified when adding a leveling kit. It could need some cutting, but it is still feasible.

15-inch wheels: If you have 15-inch wheels and have purchased a lift kit, spend a little more money and purchase some 16- or 17-inch wheels to go with it. There are no suitable tire sizes for 15-inch wheels.

Reminder: If you’re considering a three-lift, you should think about getting a new set of wheels or getting some wheel spacers. The truth is that there aren’t many widely used tire sizes that can benefit from your raise while also fitting the stock rims.

You may widen the tires on the Tacoma to a maximum of 315mm using aftermarket rims (or about 12.5). However, if you choose to go this big, be ready to reduce the fenders and wheel wells because the tires will rub. The same holds true with 1.5 wheel spacers. Running tires as wide as 315 poses an increased danger of early front wheel bearing failure. The weight of 315 tires and the increased offset they demand were too much for the Tacoma front wheel bearing to support.

For three lift kits, a standard Tacoma tire width is 285mm. Thus, 17-inch wheels with 285/70 R17 tires are a wise choice (2 taller and .8 wider than factory). 285/75 R16 tires are identical in size to the 17-inch wheels for 16-inch wheels. In order to prevent rubbing, you will probably need to reduce the forward cab mount if you are interested in using tires of this size. In addition, even though there are many 285mm tires available, most of them need wheels that are 8″, which are wider than the OEM wheels.

A 265 tire is how much larger than a 255 tire?

This indicates that the tread’s sidewall width is this proportion of the tread’s diameter width.

Consequently, a 265/35/22 would be a little bit wider and have a little bit of a taller sidewall than a 255/35/22. However, if you mount a tire that is too wide on a rim that is too thin, the tires will inflate out and not look or perform as well since they will roll during turns.

Will the stock Tacoma’s 265 70R16 fit?

Realistically, the answer is 32 if you are using standard suspension and don’t want to wreck your truck.

The stock tire size for my Tacoma (265/70R16) was 30.610.4. If you don’t want to alter your truck in any way, switching to a little larger tire size (265/75/1631.610.4) is the best option. Make sure the tire you choose is a real 32 tire or one that is very near to it.

Some tires may measure 32.8 inches, which is actually a 33-inch tire, and you will undoubtedly experience some rubbing problems. I recently chatted with an off-road enthusiast who drives a Toyota Tacoma stock with 33 tires. He told me that in order to make the configuration work, he had to drastically cut back his cab mount and raise his fender liners.

Therefore, it is possible to run 33 tires on a stock Tacoma, but you will need to make significant cuts.

Will 33 tires fit a Tacoma with stock wheels?

No and yes. You can put 33s on your car without making any adjustments and drive straight without any problems. There are issues when you turn. It takes very little cutting and spacers to completely clear 33 tires without a lift.

Without using wheel spacers, we initially installed the 33s on our third-generation Tacoma. However, once you turned, the tires rubbed horribly on the upper control arms. The rubbing on the body wasn’t all that severe, and you could drive on them with little contact on the fender plastics.

When we installed 33s on a lifted 2nd Gen Tacoma even with aftermarket control arms and a lift, we encountered the same problem. While the friction on the body was barely noticeable, it was intolerable on the control arm. The truck is not appropriate to drive and is absolutely not suitable for off-road travel with just one problem.

The rubbing on the 3rd Gen Tacoma’s UCAs was gone after we installed a 1.25 spacer, however the rubbing on the body was quite unpleasant because we extended our scrub radius by extending the tire outward.

No, you can’t simply install wheel spacers and trim the fenders and fender well plastics to fit 33s on a Tacoma.

Spend some time making room for that size tire in order to fit 33s without using a lift. Both on- and off-road testing should be done in this.

Will Tacoma’s 32-inch tires fit?

A 32-inch tire will be the most typical setup that we are seeing that is suitable with a leveling system. The standard pairing appears to be a 32-inch diameter and a 9-inch width, or 275/65. You shouldn’t have to cut or trim anything with a leveling kit on your third-generation Tacoma to accomplish this.

A 6×135 bolt pattern: what is it?

6×135 bolt pattern What automobiles include a 6×135 bolt pattern? The stud count (six) and bolt circle measurement (135), the notional circle determined by the studs’ centers, make up the 6×135 Bolt Pattern or Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD). Ford and Lincoln automobiles all use the 6×135 bolt pattern.

Will 4Runner wheels fit Tacomas?

Will 4Runner TRD Pro Wheels Fit A Tacoma? No. A Tacoma’s TRD Pro wheels won’t fit on a 4Runner. The reason for this is that 16″ Tacoma-designed wheels cannot fit the 4Runner’s braking rotors and calipers because they are too large.

Are 285 and 33-inch tires equivalent?

You are really comparing two entirely different measures when you compare a 33 tire to a 285 wide tire. The 33 is equal to the tire’s width (285), multiplied by the sidewall’s height % (75), multiplied by two because there are two sidewalls, and added to the inch-based wheel size (16). Phew!!! Let’s simplify that mouthful into a straightforward formula as there’s a lot to process at once.

Although 285 is the tread width in millimeters and 33 is the tire diameter, 285 broad tires are identical to 33 tires. The standard metric equivalent size for 33’s is 285/75/16.

The stock Tacoma wheels’ offset is what?

You should also think about your lug pattern if you intend to replace the wheels. Most likely, your lug pattern will be five or six. Depending on the model, you may have one or the other, but you can always look at yours or consult your instructions. A 4×4 or PreRunner will typically have a six-lug design (5.5 inches or 137.7 millimeters medium offset), while the remainder will have a five-lug pattern (4.5 inch or 114.3 high positive offset).

A bigger tire on our trucks is a fantastic idea whether you desire grip or aesthetics. We have space for a bigger tire from the factory, but how big can we go? When choosing your huge tires, there are a few factors to consider.