What Is The Best Bed Cover For A Toyota Tacoma?

The TruXedo TruXport is the easiest option you’ll discover and will protect your goods with the least amount of fuss, so we placed it on our list of the top tonneau covers for Tacoma.

What truck bed cover is the safest?

The most secure covers on the market are painted one-piece tonneau covers. The tailgate can only be opened if the cover is unlocked and in the upright position, and their anti-theft feature locks in a position that overlaps the tailgate. This helps truck owners who may have non-locking tailgates as well as those who desire an extra degree of security. These covers are offered in a more inexpensive plain black finish as well as painted to fit your truck.

The UnderCover LUXA is a painted-to-match cover that closes over the top of the tailgate and is constructed of durable ABS composite. It comes with a special set of keys for maximum security.

SportWrap Ranch

This fiberglass cover was specially painted, is lightweight and strong, and has a triple seal system to keep out moisture and other foreign objects. Lockable with a special set of keys and the capability of remote entry.

UnderCover SEThis matte black, hinged tonneau cover is quite similar to the LUX SE and comes with a set of special keys. It is made of UV and impact resistant ABS composite.


For everyday family use, such as shielding your sports equipment from the outdoors and preventing your items from flying out and becoming missiles, soft-folding covers are ideal. These covers have a thick, leather-grained vinyl covering drawn over a framework that enables sectional folding. The Extang Trifecta 2.0 is a wonderful option in this case. Thanks to clamps that secure the cover to your bed rails directly and without the need for tools, installation just takes a few minutes. When you need complete bed access, you can easily remove it thanks to its trifold design and lightweight construction.


The only significant difference between hard-folding covers and soft-folding ones is the additional layer of security offered by a rigid surface as opposed to a soft top. This not only makes the cover incredibly robust but also protects your belongings. Unbelievably, covers in this category can support a distributed weight of up to 600 pounds. The Extang Solid Fold 2.0 is available now. A strong panel that is an inch thick and resistant to dents was used to make this trifold cover. The trifold offers 2/3 bed access when completely opened, making it a wise alternative for individuals who require real security without requiring 100% bed access.

Hard quad-folding covers are the best option overall if you frequently need to use the entire truck bed. They provide excellent features and true flexibility, including full bed access when fully open and excellent security when closed. When you arrive there, you can secure your tools in the truck bed and use them to move huge furnishings across town.

Let’s talk about the BAKFlip MX4, which has twin cable releases that enable quick and easy cover opening from either side. For driving with the doors completely open, it folds up vertically and is fastened with prop rods to the cab. With slam latches that lock each segment of the cover as it closes, the MX4 closes just as easily. The MX4 is the best-selling hard cover on the market thanks to its adaptability and superb appearance. Only a few tools are needed for installation, which takes about 20 minutes.

Do Toyota tonneau covers exist?

Although not weatherproof, the tonneau cover is weather resistant. This item works with 43 different car models. 43 versions across 1 model from Toyota between 2016 and 2020.

Do tonneau coverings make sense?

A tonneau cover is definitely an investment worth making. From minimizing cargo loss or damage to enhancing the appearance of your truck, increasing fuel efficiency, reducing premature wear and tear, and maintaining the resale value.

Do tonneau covers improve fuel economy?

Owners of trucks adore their vehicles. However, if there is a typical criticism about them, it would be their gas mileage. But what if there was a way to increase your truck’s fuel efficiency while still keeping the stuff in the truck bed safe, tidy, and dry? The tonneau cover is here.

Tonneau covers can increase your truck’s fuel efficiency. Continue reading to find out how tonneau covers reduce fuel consumption and to receive more advice from the pros at LINE-X on how to increase the fuel efficiency of your pickup truck.

Your truck bed functions like a bucket without a tonneau cover, gathering air as you drive over it. Your engine has to work a little bit more because to this drag. By shielding your pickup truck bed from this wind, tonneau covers increase gas mileage by enhancing aerodynamics.

Savings will range depending on driving patterns, tonneau cover type, and truck type. They will be minimal.

Tonneau covers from LINE-X offer safe, secure, and weathertight storage in addition to improved fuel economy. In order to provide you with a product that looks beautiful, works well, and appears factory fitted, all of our tonneau covers come with lifetime warranties and are supported by extensive research.

Tonneau covers and truck tops both help your truck’s aerodynamics. Visit our selection of pickup truck toppers if you require more storage than a tonneau cover can offer. LINE-X truck tops come with a lifetime warranty and are constructed to last, much like all of our Truck Gear accessories.

Your gas mileage may increase with tonneau covers, but the cost reductions are probably not spectacular. Use these additional suggestions to increase your gas-pump savings:

  • Breathe easily! The fuel efficiency of your truck can be considerably increased by relaxed driving practices.
  • Make sure your tires are properly inflated at all times.
  • Keep your truck aligned properly.
  • Avoid using the cruise control.
  • Clean your air filter regularly.

A tonneau cover will save you money on gas and keep your equipment secure and dry. You have a range of alternatives with our tonneau covers, whether they are stiff, flexible, or folding, depending on your needs and financial situation. To schedule an appointment, speak with your nearby LINE-X dealer. Online quote requests are also available.

How should I pick a truck bed cover?

Other truck bed accessories may be just as crucial as a truck bed cover. For instance, tie-down anchor points may be required to secure your shipment. The stake hole pockets of a truck bed are where truck anchor points are installed. Certain tonneau covers cover these compartments, blocking access to them. Select a low profile cover if you want to maintain access to these holes. BullRing tie-downs are suitable with many tonneau covers if you haven’t added truck anchor points and are thinking about doing so.

Do soft tonneau coverings merit their price?

A hard tonneau cover is the best option if security is your top priority when choosing a tonneau cover. Both hard and soft tonneau covers will conceal your possessions, but hard covers offer a higher level of security.

Soft tonneau covers shield your truck bed goods from the weather while keeping it hidden. A soft cover will deter those searching for an easy pick and keep honest individuals honest. A soft cover doesn’t present much of a barrier, though, if someone truly wants to reach your truck bed.

Aluminum, polypropylene, and fiberglass are examples of materials used to make hard tonneau coverings that are difficult to cut or pry away from side rails. The greatest materials for deterring would-be robbers are those mentioned above. A hard tonneau cover keeps all of your possessions secure because it can only be opened from the underneath when used in conjunction with a lockable tailgate.

To keep the cover in place even when the tailgate is down, some hard tonneau covers have an integrated lock. These covers, including the Extang EnCore tonneau cover and the retractable hard covers from Retrax, provide an additional layer of security even when you have to fold the tailgate. This is excellent for transporting long items like ladders, timber, canoes, or kayaks.

Do tonneau coverings block out water?

When a buyer expresses interest in a tonneau cover, one of their first queries is “Are tonneau covers watertight?,” “Is this thing waterproof?,” or “Is there a waterproof truck bed cover?” The short answer to this is that, when put correctly, a tonneau cover will prevent the bulk of water from getting into the bed of your truck. Although it would be misleading to describe a tonneau cover as 100% watertight or waterproof, the worst that typically happens is a few drops sneaking in during a downpour. You’ll have a better sense of how much weather protection you can expect when you install a tonneau cover after reading a thorough description.

Tonneau covers come in a range of designs, including soft and hard coverings that open in various ways, on the market. The degree of water resistance you can anticipate will frequently depend on the tonneau cover’s design. We’ll analyze and rank the most common tonneau cover designs’ water resistance in the section that follows.

What does the name “tonneau cover” mean?

The tonneau cover is the most popular aftermarket item for trucks, which shouldn’t come as a surprise to auto trimmers and restylists as many of us frequently fix or install them. But how many of us have ever paused to consider the meaning of the phrase and our usage of it?

As the nerd that I am, I made the decision to find out and was astounded by what I discovered.

Tonneau covers were in use long before trucks were even created, it turns out. Actually, the term “For generations, the term “tonneau,” which is French for “barrel, cask, or container,” has been used to describe the open-air cargo hull found on many horse-drawn carriages.

The French utilized a tarp that they tied over the tonneau to cover stored objects and shield them from prying eyes and bad weather. The tonneau cover was what it was called.

The tonneau gave way to fixed-roof trunks as time went on and technology developed, and eventually, cars took the place of carriages. Tonneau coverings disappeared into history since they were no longer required.

The name wasn’t widely used until the 1930s, when open-air roadsters gained popularity “Tonneau cover was brought back. In their quest to break land speed records, drivers looked to the aviation sector for guidance on how to lessen wind resistance. They contacted auto upholsterers to make something like to the canvas tarps used by pilots to cover vacant seats. The snap-on tonneau cover was created as a result.

The tonneau cover was in danger of a brief comeback due to convertible tops and overall improvements in vehicle aerodynamics, but the influx of pickup trucks made sure it wouldn’t go away anytime soon.

Tonneau covers are still quite popular today, whether they are made of soft cloth or fiberglass, snap on, roll back, or retractable. Additionally, they serve the same purpose as when horse-drawn carriages were in use, which is to protect cargo from prying eyes, inclement weather, and wind drag.

Now that you are aware, why not use your knowledge to dazzle your clients. Next time a client requests a tonneau cover repair or installation, enquire: “Do you know the origin of the name “tonneau cover”?

Are you curious about the origins of industry jargon? Observe The Hog Ring’s “Term etymology.

How much gas does a tonneau cover save you?

The 13 tonneau covers came in a variety of soft and hard fabrics. There were many different types, such as hinged, roll up, retractable, and foldable. They made the decision not to divulge information about any particular tonneau brands they used.

In a full-size wind tunnel, the trucks were put to the test. They conducted their experiment at Mooresville, North Carolina’s AeroDyn Wind Tunnel, which is frequently utilized by NASCAR. They were able to test how well the vehicles worked both with and without tonneau coverings in the tunnel.

Each truck had less drag when utilizing a tonneau, according to the results of the wind study tunnel. Although the outcomes were modest, they were quantifiable. On average, using a tonneau cover reduced drag by 5.7%. An gain in fuel economy of around 1.8% resulted from the reduced drag.

Although 1.8% improved gas mileage isn’t a huge improvement, it does matter over the course of a year of filling up your truck. What was the wind tunnel study’s conclusion? You might be able to save a little bit more money on petrol by using a tonneau cover.