How Wide Is Toyota Tacoma Bed

Depending on the model you select, the 2020 Toyota Tacoma offers two different truck beds. These truck beds have the same dimensions of 19.1 inches in height and 41.5 inches in width. Make sure you have the appropriate truck bed length for your upcoming journey whether you want to load up tools, bicycles, or plywood. You will get 60.5 inches of space if you choose for the typical truck bed. With the extended base option, you will have 73.7 inches of space if you need it for your outdoor toys.

Are Tacoma beds uniform in width?

When it comes to the Tacoma, you have two truck bed choices: the normal bed and the long bed. Both offer the same dimensions: 19.1 inches in height and 41.5 inches in width. However, selecting the proper truck bed length depends on what you need to load in the back.

You will have 60.5 inches to work with if you use a truck bed that is the normal length. Choose the extended base, which increases that length to 73.7 inches, for the most space in your truck bed.

The Toyota Tacoma’s roomy bed makes it simple to transport a variety of cargo, such as:

  • Mattresses
  • A dirt bike
  • Tools
  • Machinery

You can easily cover up your gear for safety and security as you ride with the Tacoma tonneau covers that are offered.

The Toyota Tacoma has little trouble towing large equipment or piling up a lot of goods in the truck bed. With a 1,440-pound maximum payload capacity, you can fit a ton of equipment in the truck’s bed with ease.

require a tow? No issue. When properly outfitted, you can tow up to 6,800 pounds, making it simple to pull trailers, campers, and other vehicles behind you.

What size is the short bed on a Toyota Tacoma?

You can choose a short or normal bed for the Toyota Tacoma, which will affect your storage space. Their measurements are:

  • Dimensions of a typical bed are 73.7 inches long, 41.50 inches wide, and 19.10 inches high.
  • Short bed: dimensions are 60.5 inches long, 41.50 inches wide, and 19.10 inches high.

Only the length of the truck bed changes; the height and breadth stay unchanged. The Toyota Tacoma may be the truck for you if the standard or short bed appears to provide enough room for your needs.

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Which mattress size will fit in a Tacoma?

Both a short bed (60.5 inches in length) and a long bed are available in third-generation Toyota Tacomas (from 2015 to the present) (73.5 in. length). HEST mattresses can be used in a Toyota Tacoma short bed with the tailgate down (see photographs below), or in a Toyota Tacoma long bed with the tailgate closed.

How big is the bed of a 2022 Toyota Tacoma?

The Toyota Tacoma for 2022 is no different. Choose from one of two bed sizes to suit your unique requirements: (Length, Width, Height) of a 5-foot bed: 60.5/41.5/19.1 inches. Bed dimensions for a 6-foot frame are 73.7/41.5/19.1 inches.

How big is a bed of tundra?

The Tundra comes with three different bed sizes that drivers can choose from: a 5.5-foot bed, a 6.5-foot bed, and an 8.1-foot bed. The overall length of drivers with the 5.5-foot and 6.5-foot beds is 228.9 inches, while the 8.1-foot bed increases that length to 247.8 inches.

In addition to having several lengths, your bed has lots of room, at 22.2 inches deep and 66.4 inches wide overall. Overall, the truck’s spacious cargo area gives you plenty of room to easily load up items.

How big is the bed on a 2021 Tacoma?

Despite being smaller than many other well-known trucks on the market, the 2021 Toyota Tacoma can nonetheless perform when the going gets tough. How does the mid-size pickup truck perform considering that the bed is what defines a truck as a truck? Find out by continuing to read!

What are the Dimensions of the Bed in the 2021 Toyota Tacoma?

The Toyota Tacoma with Double Cab has an overall length of 212.3 inches, however only 60.5 inches of it is the bed. The bed is slightly wider above or around the wheel wells and measures 41.5 inches wide between them. Depending on the trim, the car’s overall width can range up to 75.2 inches. Obviously, not all of this is a bed, but the most of it is. Depending on the job, there is more than enough room to transport bags of cement and soil, as well as some lumber or sheets of wood.

How big is the bed in a 2021 Toyota Tacoma?

Which body style is best for you and your family when you choose the 2021 Toyota Tacoma is the first decision you will have to make. Fans of the Toyota Tacoma have two cab options to select from: Access Cab and Double Cab. Access Cab models accommodate four passengers, while Double Cab versions accommodate five passengers. Examine the Toyota Tacoma models’ interior measurements in more detail to see how much passenger capacity is offered.

Toyota Tacoma Access Cab Interior Dimensions

  • Hip Room Front and Rear Inches, 57.2/51.7
  • Shoulder Room Front/Rear
  • Inches 58.3/56.5
  • Front and back legroom
  • 24.6/22.9 Inches
  • Headroom Front/Rear
  • 34.9/30.7 Inches

Toyota Tacoma Double Cab Interior Dimensions

  • Shoulder Room Front/Rear Inches 58.3/58.9
  • Front and back legroom
  • 33.66/42.9 inches
  • Hip Room Front and Rear
  • 57.2 x 56.3 inches
  • Headroom 39.7/38.3 inches in front and back

What Are the 2021 Toyota Tacoma Bed Lengths?

You need a vehicle that can take the load when hard work is a regular part of your life, and the 2021 Toyota Tacoma will fit all the criteria. There are two different bed length options for Toyota Tacoma trucks: a 6.1-foot long bed and a 5-foot short bed. With a width of 41.5 inches and a depth of 19.1 inches, the typical 6.1-foot bed offers 73.7 inches of usable length in the bed.

The Double Cab versions that come with the 5-foot short bed have an inner bed length of 60.5 inches, a maximum width of 41.5 inches, and a maximum depth of 19.1 inches. Drivers have access to 1,620 pounds of payload capacity with Toyota Tacoma Access Cab variants. The maximum payload for Toyota Tacoma Double Cab variants is 1,505 pounds.

Ratchet straps help you push the envelope safely

If your bed is 6 feet long, you’ll need to transport a substantial amount of sheet products with the tailgate down. We’re giving you an extreme example by packing a 6-foot bed with 4 x 12-foot drywall. Start by securing the truck bed with two ratchet straps. then set up a minimum of two 12-foot 2x4s to support the overhang (check the load limit of your truck and the weight of each sheet). The drywall will also be shielded by the 2x4s from any water, rocks, or other debris in your truck bed. We found some cardboard corners to shield the drywall’s edges (check the trash bins in the store or lumberyard). The package will next be secured by tightening the bottom straps. After that, wrap two straps over the back border of the sheets and down to the bumper from the truck bed anchor rings.

Are double and full beds the same?

The terms “full” and “double” are merely two designations for the same bed size. The two names are still used interchangeably by mattress companies because they are both still quite well-known. Twin and double-sized mattresses were the two most common mattress sizes up until the 1940s.

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There is another single-size bed called the Twin XL that is different in size from both conventional Twin and Full beds, which adds to the confusion. Compared to Twin-size mattresses, Twin XL beds are both noticeably longer and slightly wider. Therefore, Twin XL mattresses are an excellent choice for individuals who want a Queen-size mattress but have a small bedroom.