How To Reset Oil Light On Toyota Highlander

Turn the ignition to position one after inserting your key (the first setting before actually starting the car). Press the odometer button on your dashboard quickly, hold it there while turning the key to the second position. Hold the odometer button down for another 10 seconds or so.

The maintenance needed light on a 2007 Toyota Highlander can be reset in a few different ways.

When your maintenance light comes on, there probably is an issue. Check everything out and make sure your automobile is road-ready before you reset anything. Follow these instructions to clear the maintenance light on your 2007 Toyota Highlander Hybrid if the lights are the only issue:

  • Without starting the engine, turn the ignition to the on position.
  • Switch off the ignition.
  • As you restart the ignition, press and hold the odometer button.
  • Your maintenance light ought to briefly flash before going out.
  • Once the entire miles is displayed, press the odometer button.

Maintenance lights are not to be taken lightly. One fault with your engine could trigger serious problems like mechanical failures or even crashes! Before you reset your maintenance light, make sure everything is in working order.

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How can you turn a Toyota’s oil change light back on?

In order to start the car, turn the ignition to position one after inserting your key. Turn your key to position two after pressing and holding the trip meter reset button on the dashboard. Hold the odometer button down for a further ten seconds. The light should then begin to flash and potentially beep before turning off.

What happens after I change the oil in my car?

Reset Oil Change Indicator

  • Turn on the ignition.
  • Both the stop and accelerator pedals should be fully depressed.
  • Maintain firm pressure on the brake and accelerator pedals.
  • A notice verifying the reset process is ongoing appears after three seconds.

How can I turn off the Toyota maintenance is required light?

Turn the key to position two while pressing and holding the odometer button on the dashboard. When the maintenance light begins to flash, keep holding the odometer button. There may even be beeping sounds. The light ought to dim.

What does a 2018 Toyota Highlander maintenance required mean?

On your dashboard, the Toyota maintenance light may read “MAINT REQD. It’s a light that is always on and alerts you when you require an oil change at a licensed auto shop.