How To Reset Maintenance Light On Toyota Rav4 2012

  • Repeat this procedure to reset the maintenance light on your Toyota RAV4 one or two more times if you see that it is still on. By doing this, you may be sure that your Toyota RAV4’s maintenance light has been successfully turned off.
  • On the dashboard, press and hold the trip meter reset button. Set the second position on your key.
  • Put your key in the ignition of the RAV4. Set it to the first position. To be clear, the first position is the one in which the car is in before it is started.
  • For ten seconds, keep pressing the odometer button. The light on your RAV4 should flash, maybe beep, and then turn off.
  • Release the odometer button after the light is off, then start the vehicle.
  • You must service your vehicle if you are traveling around Los Angeles and you see the light is still on. A maintenance light may indicate a significant issue. In most cases, your car merely needs an oil change, but it’s still a good idea to visit local Toyota service professionals.

How can you turn a Toyota Rav4’s maintenance light back on?

How to Extinguish the Toyota RAV4’s Maintenance Light

  • Put the ignition on with your key. Turn the key to the first position.
  • On the dashboard, press the reset trip meter button. Hold it down for a couple of seconds.
  • Hold the odometer button down for another five or so seconds.
  • Release the odometer button after it is off.

How can I dim the maintenance is necessary light?

How do I turn the “Maint Reqd” light back on?

  • Switch the ignition to the ON position.
  • Set the trip display to TRIP A mode on the odometer.
  • Activate the OFF position on the ignition switch.
  • Turn the ignition switch to the ON position while pressing and holding the Trip Meter RESET button.
  • It will do so via the service maintenance reminder light.

Why does my Rav4 indicate that maintenance is needed?

The significance of the emblem MAINT REQD is significant. The MAINT REQD light indicates when the vehicle’s scheduled maintenance is due when it illuminates. If your car is under two years old, this service can be covered by your ToyotaCare plan.

Why does my maintenance light come on after I change the oil?

  • The ODO display will briefly flash before beginning to display only zeros.
  • Turn the key in the ignition while maintaining pressure on the ODO button. till the dash lights turn on. Avoid starting the car.
  • Now the light will read “MAINT REQD.”
  • Release the ODO button once it starts to show zeros, then flip the key back to the “off” position.
  • If the car is on, turn it off.
  • Verify that the odometer’s (ODO) total mileage displaytypically the ‘A’ displayis on.
  • Press and hold the ODO reset / readout button while the engine is off.

What ‘MAINT REQD’ Means

Within 5000 miles of the last reset, the “MAINT REQD” indicator illuminates. It is merely a mileage counter meant to serve as a reminder to the user that an oil change is required and in no way indicates any system failure. If a specialist has always performed maintenance on your Toyota, they reset it after each oil change. It should be noted that the recommended oil change interval is not always 5000 miles. To find out how frequently the oil in your Camry needs to be changed, consult the owner’s manual and your usual technician.

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How can my Toyota maintenance be reset?

In order to start the car, turn the ignition to position one after inserting your key. Turn your key to position two after pressing and holding the trip meter reset button on the dashboard. Hold the odometer button down for a further ten seconds. The light should then begin to flash and potentially beep before turning off.

When your maintenance light illuminates, what should you do?

Simply put, the flashing maintenance required light is alerting you that maintenance on your car is necessary. The indicator will come on when a predetermined period of time has passed since your car’s last service or based on how far you’ve driven it.

This light typically indicates that you should change the oil in your car. The maintenance data will be reset for you when your car has been taken in for service.

To manually reset the system to turn off the light, however, follow these instructions:

When the maintenance light comes on, you can continue to drive, but bear in mind that you are doing so at your own risk if the required or scheduled repair is skipped.

What does “maintenance necessary” on your car mean?

On your dashboard, the Toyota maintenance light may read “MAINT REQD. It’s a light that is always on and alerts you when you require an oil change at a licensed auto shop. Your Toyota will run more smoothly and efficiently if you change the oil in your car.

How often should an oil change be performed on a 2013 Toyota RAV4?

For conventional oil, Toyota advises changing your 2013 Toyota RAV4’s oil and filter every 3,0005,000 miles. Generally speaking, synthetic oil needs to be changed every 7,500 to 10,000 miles.