How To Replace Interior Door Handle 2000 Toyota Corolla

First and foremost, you must purchase an OEM replacement outside door handle. For the reasons listed here, we do not advise purchasing an aftermarket replacement handle.

A Toyota dealer may sell you an OEM replacement door handle, but be prepared to pay a premium. On our website, however, you can get a genuine OEM Toyota door handle at a discount. To see every door handle we have available for your Toyota, search for it in our catalog.

Is it simple to change the handles on interior doors?

In general, removing door handles is simple. Most door knobs will be screwed into the door, although some may also be secured using grub screws. Some will have secret fittings that are tucked away behind the exterior rose plate. Some might use two screws, one on each side, to fix them.

Look for concealed fasteners, grub screws, or screws with a screw head type:

A cover plate or outer rose on a concealed fix will either glide on and be secured by a rubber seal, or it will have a counterclockwise-screw-off cover.

European handles almost certainly feature a push-on cover that must be removed carefully. The cover plate should have a little insertion hole at the bottom. You may remove the cover by levering it off with a little blade screwdriver. NOTE: First remove the grub screws! Do use extra caution when using these to avoid damaging the door.

How much does it cost to repair a door handle on an inside car?

Oh no! Although a car door handle is a crucial component, happily, replacing one won’t set you back a fortune. Depending on which handle broke, the price varies, but you should budget between $80-$500 to repair it.

The average cost to replace the interior handle, including labor, is between $80 and $200. It will likely cost between $150 and $500 for the external handle. Having said that, these figures could vary greatly depending on the car you drive and the service facility you go to.

Ask for quotations from a few body shops to get an idea of the price for your specific car. You can then choose what is best for you.

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How much does it cost to replace a door handle on an inside door?

Having a damaged door handle can be really annoying; luckily you’re not stuck in your car! Replacement inside door handles will probably cost between $60 and $250. The quantity of labor and the price of any replacement parts will determine the exact cost.

You will be responsible for paying for both the labor and any additional parts that must be ordered to fix your new door handle. You can avoid paying for a new door handle if the one you have can be mended. Your repair expenses will increase if the lock actuator is the real culprit, and you’ll probably end up shelling out more than $300.

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Toyota Matrix what is it?

The Toyota Matrix, sometimes known as the Toyota Corolla Matrix[1], is a small hatchback that was adapted from the Corolla and is produced by Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada in Cambridge, Ontario. The Matrix, which debuted in 2002 as a 2003 model, was the product of a partnership between Toyota and General Motors; the Pontiac Vibe, which was put together by New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc. (NUMMI) in Fremont, California, served as GM’s contribution. [3]

The Matrix, which was marketed as a sporty hatchback rival to the North American Corolla and was officially sold there until it was withdrawn, was included in Toyota’s sales data as a submodel of the Corolla.


The exterior sheetmetal and trim on the Matrix and Vibe were different, despite having almost similar mechanical and interior components. The crossover utility vehicle, or “CUV” as Toyota refers to it, is a small, tall station wagon that is marketed to a very young market group. [5] The term “sport wagon” is another prevalent name for this kind of vehicle.

The Matrix, which debuted in February 2002[6], saw a small makeover for the 2005 model year before undergoing a total redesign in 2008 for the 2009 model year to coincide with the release of the tenth generation Corolla. In 2013 and 2014, respectively, the United States and Canada stopped selling the Matrix. [Reference needed]

How is a car door handle changed?

Replacing a car door handle, part 1 of 1

  • Material Requirements
  • First, go door handle shopping.
  • Locate the fasteners in step two.
  • Apply painter’s tape in step three.
  • Removing the door doorknob is step four.
  • Changing the lock cylinder is step four.
  • Install the door handle in step five.
  • Install the fasteners in step six.


One approach to fix doors that won’t open from the inside or the outside is to lubricate the door latch. Start by looking for obstruction in the keyway. Open the door and examine the lock assembly to see what is stuck after that. After lubricating the assembly, reposition it. Keep doing this until the obstruction is cleared completely.

Remove The Door Panel:

The door panel can be detached using your tools. It will be simpler to pinpoint the problem once the screws holding the door panel in place have been removed. The electrical connections that are attached to the door panel should then be disconnected. You will discover a plastic cover inside the panel after removing it.

If the door won’t open, take off this cover and check for problems. Now determine if the problem is with the internal shafts or the mechanisms. To make the grip tighter and enable the door to open from the outside, attach a nut to the shaft’s end.

Look for problems with the power locking mechanism to fix the issue of not being open from the inside. It could need to be fixed or replaced.

Finally, double check the door lock motor and inspect the lock assembly for any broken parts. The door panel can be removed to make the entire operation simple.

Get A Locksmith:

If the doors to your car won’t open from the inside or the outside, your lock assembly may be broken. Once we can get the automobile door to open, these problems are simpler to identify and fix.

So, hiring a reputable vehicle locksmith is a straightforward answer to this problem. They can assist in opening the car while minimizing damage to the door. Upon opening the door, lock components can be examined and, if necessary, fixed or replaced.

How much time is required to replace a door handle?

It only takes a few minutes to replace door handles, whether you want to fix a broken one or just install new ones that go better with your style.

Depending on how handy you are, how closely you adhere to the directions, and how much expertise you have, replacing a door handle or door knob can take anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes.

You will need the new door handle set, a flat-head Phillips screwdriver, and instructions, which may be included with the new door handles or are accessible on the retailer’s website, in order to replace the door handle.

Universal interior door handles?

Doorknobs are not ubiquitous, but the number of possibilities for what you require is not rapidly growing. The backset, the cross-bore, and whether the doorknob is intended for inside or exterior use are the three factors you need to take into account.

Can a door handle be reattached with glue?

The good news is that it’s simple to fix a door knob if you’ve noticed the handle beginning to sag. Simply carry out these actions.

  • Pry. You must now take the base out. Gently remove the ring free with a flathead screwdriver, being careful not to harm the backing plate.
  • Remove. You’ll need to remove the handle to see the mechanism behind if you can’t see a broken or loose screw in the door plate that needs replacing or tightening.
  • Tighten. You should now be able to see a set of screws holding the mechanism together. Each screw runs through the door from the interior backing plate into the exterior backing plate. Tighten these screws while holding the back plate firmly in place.
  • The door handle or knob can be removed from an exposed set-screw door handle by simply removing the screws with a screwdriver.
  • If the door handle has a concealed screw, locate the detenta spring-loaded pin that protrudes from the handle or knoband its access hole. Use a flathead screwdriver to apply pressure to the detent to pry the handle off the spindle shaft.
  • Reassemble. On top of the backing plate, clip the base back into position. Put the handle or knob back on the spindle shaft and tighten it (if it’s an exposed set-screw handle) or align the detent with the access hole (if it’s a hidden screw handle) and click it back in.

Apply high strength adhesive to the screws in the door plate and backing plate to further increase resistance to normal wear and tear. Simply unscrew, clean off any debris or dust, and wrap each one in a small bead of adhesive before screwing them back in.

UniBond Repair Severe, which uses proprietary Flextec technology, offers a powerful grip that is incredibly resistant to stress and shock, as well as water and extreme temperatures, making it the perfect solution for fixing loose door handles on both internal and external doors.

How durable are car door handles?

We are aware of your worry and concur. Not all EVs have unique door handles, however some do, like the Tesla. While Tesla might eventually improve some of its door handles, you should always read user reviews to make sure you pick the right car for you.

Tesla’s smooth door handles have earned it a bit of a bad reputation.

Without being damaged by blunt force from a collision, door handles in most cars should last for seven to ten years, or even the whole lifespan of the car. However, attempting to pry open the nicer EV handles in subzero temps would not be as successful.

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Is a damaged door handle covered by insurance?

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