How To Install Remote Start On Toyota Rav4

This whole Toyota harness plug-in solution appears to be pretty impressive.

(I don’t have enough forum postings to share a URL) – simply perform a web search for and check for 2013-2018 RAV4 on their website. You can install the kit yourself or have a business do it; it costs about $290. The store might potentially sell this item directly…

Watch their YouTube installation video; they have even fixed a little installation issue (see comments at their web site). Although it is now done with a factory-compatible harness plug, the video shows one connection being spliced. One nice feature of their kit is that, if the car is leased, it’s simple to remove it and sell it on eBay rather than returning the remote start to Toyota.

Can the Toyota RAV4 have remote starting?

Get the best remote starter kit for your Toyota RAV4 in 2020 or 2021. Most simple installations can be finished in between 15 and 60 minutes. There are no ambiguous diagrams, shoddy wiring, cuts, splices, etc. On your RAV4, everything is located beneath the driver-side dashboard. You may quickly complete the installation by following our simple instructions! Your car will start and operate by simply pressing the lock button on your factory OEM remote three times. The parking lights will continue to be on to signal that the car is still in motion. When you’re ready to start driving, just use the remote to unlock the truck and open the door. When you open the door, your car will turn off; just get inside, start it, and drive away!

Can the RAV4 Le have remote starting?

A: Remote start functionality is not a standard feature of the 2021 RAV4. However, some trims of the 2021 RAV4such as the Limited, TRD Off-Road, and Adventure trimsare outfitted with an Audio Plus package, which includes available remote start technology.

Toyota is able to add remote starting.

Make an appointment right now to have a skilled service technician install remote start on your Toyota vehicle, truck, or SUV. Watch for service discounts on several of the most popular maintenance services we provide.

Toyota charges for remote starting, right?

Drivers must pay $8 per month or $80 annually to continue registered in Toyota Connected Services once the free trial has expired. You may already be a part of this initiative if you bought a new Toyota in 2018 without even realizing it. Even the moderators flagged a recent Reddit discussion touting the program as “possibly deceptive” when it was posted.

Drivers may no longer have access to remote starting after the Toyota Connected Services trial expires, a Reddit user said. The carmaker acknowledged to The Drive that remote start will cost extra for owners. The feedback on Newsbreak reveals that many drivers are not overly thrilled with the change.

The Verge also notes that some drivers unintentionally learned about connected services. Why some vehicles’ remote starts would still function while theirs did not was a common query among users in a Toyota forum. This implies that Toyota won’t even let you know when your free trial is up.

Additionally, the fact that Toyota Connected Services and the duration of the trials are not mentioned in the dealership videos doesn’t help. Dealers simply state that while you have the Audio Plus package, remote start is still an option. That doesn’t apply to all Toyota vehicles, as we’ve learnt.

How Much Does a Remote Starter Cost?

A simple, short-range remote starting put on a non-luxury vehicle will cost between $249.99 and $399, according to a quick survey of remote start dealers. The year, make, and model of your car will have a significant impact on the price you are charged.

You choose to look for a remote start system to heat up your car because you’re sick of sitting in an ice box on your commute every morning. Naturally, you’ll type “remote starter” into Google or This is what you’ll discover:

However, these findings have two ESSENTIAL flaws:

  • Most online-sold remote starters are NOT covered by warranties.

You ought to be discouraged from purchasing one of these systems for either of these reasons. You shouldn’t try to install a remote starter on your own unless you are a licensed 12-volt automotive electrician. If repairs are required for either the car or the wallet, you run the danger of harming yourself, the car, and the wallet. Visit a seasoned retailer instead who is familiar with installing the brand of your choosing and is knowledgeable with remote starters.

How challenging is remote start installation?

Kits for remote starting are reasonably priced. You can definitely locate a $40 entry-level version by simply browsing Amazon. But if your car needs a more powerful unit, you must take into account additional charges. The installation cost is the next factor.

The good news is that you can install a remote starting yourself if you can understand wiring diagrams and instructions and have some patience. Understanding how to detect important wire with a test light and create quality splices is crucial. However, according to Auto Service Costs, you can save well over $100 if you install the remote starting yourself.

Myth #1. Remote starters increase engine wear and tear.

This is a typical misunderstanding of remote starters. It’s not accurate, and it’s unknown why individuals are led to believe this. The general opinion among mechanics is that remote starts are beneficial for your engine, particularly for those who have turbocharged or diesel motors.

Because they warm up the engine before usage, remote starters are beneficial for your vehicle’s engine. The oil in your car thickens in cold weather. The viscosity of the oils is increased during engine warming to ensure proper circulation. Thus, preheating your engine makes your drivetrain last longer.

Myth #2. Remote starters waste a ton of gas.

It makes sense that we’d all want to use as little gas as possible. If you’re not careful, the cost of gas can seriously cut into your monthly budget. However, some who believe remote starts use a lot of gas are misinformed.

Most cars only require 3-5 minutes to warm up, using less than 0.015 gallons of fuel on average for each remote start. This indicates that a single gallon of gas will power 75 remote starts. You no longer have to scrape ice off your car in the winter or risk burning your hands on a hot steering wheel in the summer thanks to four dollars for 75 remote starts. A remote starter’s advantages (time savings and improved comfort) far outweigh its cost.

Myth #3. I will lose a key if I get a remote starter.

For their systems to function, several remote starter manufacturers demand that you hand up one of your car keys when the device is installed. They need a key since a method of integrating the remote starter with the current car security system has not been created. The average vehicle key costs $200, so you might as well factor that into the price of your installation. If you misplace a key, you probably won’t have a backup key for emergencies. Yikes.

Myth #4. Adding a remote starter will void my new car warranty

Auto dealers are to blame for spreading this fallacy. Though we share your apprehension, this is utterly untrue. The Magnuson Moss Act, a small piece of legislation, forbids automakers from acting in this manner.

The use of any good or service recognized by a brand, trade name, or company name cannot be a condition of any warranty, whether expressed or implied, according to this federal law. There is therefore no justification to put off purchasing the remote starter of your desires.

Can I upgrade my Toyota with a remote connect?

The Toyota Remote Connect feature is ideal for you if you like the concept of being able to operate some aspects of your car from a distance. Toyota Remote Connect comes with a 6-month free trial on equipped vehicles and is available on the majority of new Toyota models with EntuneTM 3.0 Audio Plus and Premium Audio. You must adhere to the guidelines below in order to use this feature via the new EntuneTM 3.0 system.

  • Download the Toyota EntuneTM 3.0 Remote Connect app from Google Play or the App Store on a smartphone that is compatible (for Android devices).
  • Become a member of Toyota Owners and the linked services by registering your vehicle.
  • An email with an authorization number will be sent to you.
  • By choosing Apps, then Communications, then Remote Services on the EntuneTM 3.0 display screen in your Toyota vehicle, enter that code in the Remote Authorization app.

What is the price of the Toyota remote Connect?

On all new Toyotas, depending on the model, buyers receive a free trial of Toyota Remote Connect that lasts somewhere between three and ten years. The service has an after-trial price of either $8 per month or $80 per year. Other features of Toyota Remote Connect make the cost of purchasing it worthwhile.