How To Install Infant Car Seat In Toyota Rav4

A built-in latch device for attaching and securing an infant car seat is available on Toyota Rav 4 models. The car seat must be installed in either the rear driver’s-side or rear passenger-side seat for the latch system to function. The system is made to be simple to install and remove.

Step 2

Put the child safety seat in the back passenger seat. Place the seat back so that it touches the back of the passenger seat. Make sure the child seat is flat and firmly attached to the passenger seat.

Step 3

The Rav 4 anchors on the back of the rear passenger seat are where you should attach the infant car seat tethers. Pulling the strap slack through the tether’s buckle will tighten the tethers.

Step 4

The hook behind the passenger seat on the interior door jamb of the Rav 4 is where the upper tether of the baby car seat should be attached. Even with the passenger seat, the upper tether hook is located.

Before securing your youngster in the seat, pull back on the infant car seat to make sure it is fastened tightly.

Use only a baby car seat that has been approved and examined by the government.

Can a RAV4 accommodate a car seat?

A: No affect on the driver’s or the front passenger’s legroom; plenty of room for the car seat and the child. Latch and tether anchors are simple to locate and connect to. There are no difficulties with fit with the head restraint or seat contouring. It’s simple to go to the third row.

B: Fit, connectivity, or one room issues. When available, there are some issues getting to the third row.

C: A fit or connection issue plus a small amount of room. When available, the third row is challenging to reach.

Has the 2017 RAV4 got a latch system?

We use a Britax Marathon convertible seat, a Graco TurboBooster seat, and a Graco SnugRide Classic Connect 30 infant safety seat for the Car Seat Check. A 6-foot driver and a shorter passenger can both fit comfortably in the front seats. The second row is equipped with the three child seats. The infant and convertible seats are installed behind the front passenger seat, while the booster seat is installed behind the driver’s seat.

In order to determine whether three car seats will fit in the vehicle, we also place the forward-facing convertible in the middle seat of the second row and the booster and infant seat in the outside seats. A child in the booster seat must be able to reach the seat belt buckle. We install the booster seat and a forward-facing convertible if there is a third row. Find out more about the car seat checks we perform.

Additionally, parents need to be aware that the Latch system and seat belts can both be used to install a car seat, and that the combined weight of the kid and the seat itself cannot exceed 65 pounds when using a Latch anchor.

BabyDrive Verdict

The practicality begins in the back seats, where all three seats have top tether anchorages, and the two outer seats have ISOFix hooks. Three child seats would fit, or if two were in the outermost places, I could just about fit in between them at 162 cm tall.

Legroom is still decent up front even with child seats in the back, and we discovered that a 180cm driver can sit in front of a rear-facing child seat. A passenger taller than 180 cm can sit in front of the rear-facing child seat if it is installed on the passenger side. Therefore, the RAV4 is a winner if you are tall parents with twin babies or two kids who are facing the back.

The practicality carries over into the boot area, where the floor has a carpeted side and a plastic coasted side so it can be turned over when you have the dog or something messy, like children’s bikes and scooters or wet and sand-covered beach items, because it can be easily cleaned off and wiped down. A fairly basic concept that has a huge impact!

When empty, the Toyota RAV4’s trunk can accommodate a large dog or fifteen bags of groceries, which puts it on pace with the Subaru Forester and two bags ahead of the Kia Sportage.

Even a tandem or twin side-by-side stroller will fit in the boot with room for five or six shopping bags around them. A single or compact stroller fits easily in the boot with a reasonable amount of space for shopping bags, etc. next to it. The retractable roller blind will also fit over the top of them because the boot is deep enough.

The RAV4 Hybrid’s media system still has a straightforward appearance and feel to it for the user. The standard split screen media system is there, which makes it simple to choose the feature you want quickly.

The addition of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to the media system is, in my opinion, the largest improvement to the Toyota RAV4 since it was initially released. Yippee!! Finally, the media system is much easier to use. You can use apps like ABC Kids Listen and Spotify while driving and message the daycare in advance to let them know you’re running late but on your way!

Although the reverse camera is still pixelated, there are other alternatives, including a bird’s eye view. By pushing the OK button on the steering wheel, the parking sensors are easily muted (I wish it was this simple and easy to reach in other cars).

A 360-degree camera is included in the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Cruiser under evaluation so you can look around. We found this feature to be really useful, and the button by the driver’s right knee makes it simple to toggle on and off.

The RAV4 Hybrid’s hybrid engine makes it a lovely quiet car, especially when it first starts up. I also found it more affordable because I could put my kids to sleep using mainly battery power and sit with the air conditioning on while they napped without consuming petrol or blowing out exhaust emissions.

The RAV4 has ample storage that is both functional and good. The cup slots and door bins around the vehicle are the ideal size to accommodate big reusable water bottles and coffee cups. The dash shelf is a practical addition for phones and other small items that children slip through from behind. By the conclusion of our week with the automobile, ours had a sizable collection of leaves! Additionally, the glove compartment is of a good size.

As is the central console box, which also features a little shelf on top.

In addition to a wireless phone charging station with 12v and USB connections in front of the gear lever, there is a glasses case in the ceiling.

The 2021 Toyota Rav4 Hybrid was a pleasure to drive; it started quietly, traveled smoothly throughout town, and was simple to manoeuvre in parking lots at schools and supermarkets.

However, I discovered that the 2021 Rav4 Hybrid continuously issues alerts and warnings, to the point that my daughter remarked, “Mummy, this car is really bossy! Every time you enter or exit a school zone, it yells at you to respect the traffic laws, even if your cruise control is pushing you just a little bit beyond the speed limit! Thankfully, I discovered that you can turn all of it off in the media screen, saving my sanity and allowing me to once more enjoy the tranquil hybrid driving experience (for my sensory overloaded brain as a parent)!

The New Toyota Rav4 includes seven airbags as standard equipment and a five-star ANCAP safety rating.

How big is the boot of the 2021 Toyota Rav4 Hybrid?

I could fit 15 shopping bags in the trunk of the 2021 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, which is two more than the Kia Sportage and on par with the Subaru Forester. Flip the boot floor over to choose between classic carpet or easy-to-clean plastic. When you need to transport muddy pets, plants, or strollers, this is a fantastic option!

Six shopping bags can fit underneath the retractable roller blind height with the Flexx tandem stroller.

The boot space’s functionality and importance cannot be overstated. I prefer vehicles with large boot spaces and small side wells or other compartments that can be divided into. Therefore, items like Tulsi’s lunch bag or her wet swimming gear that I don’t want to move while driving may be compartmentalized in a small space so they won’t spill or get squished by other items in the boot.

The ability to fasten the bag containing more delicate items, such as eggs, so they don’t move about on the trip, makes hooks for hanging shopping bags one of my other favorite types of hooks.

I gauge the boot room for dogs, strollers, and frozen shopping bags. I don’t believe that a mother’s existence is limited to grocery shopping, pushing a stroller, and caring for dogs. (Even though at times it seems like it!) However, since these are things that can be measured visually, we can all relate to them. For me, the 400L boot measurement from the car manufacturer is not a quantity I can easily see, and depending on how the space is organized or shaped, 400L in one car may not be as usable as it is in another.

There are no dips or crevices for dogs to get their paws stuck in, and the flat boot floor makes it ideal for last-minute diaper changes. The roller retractable shade is portable and simple to operate.

How good is storage inside the 2021 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid?

The RAV4 Hybrid has useful and practical storage throughout. The central console has two cup slots, each of which is sized practically to accommodate a large water bottle that can be filled up as well as a reusable or disposable coffee cup.

The 2021 Rav4 Hybrid’s central console box is sizable, has a useful shelf on top of it, and is lined so items won’t rattle about within. There are two USB charging ports inside.

There is a cordless phone charging station with a USB and 12V socket in front of the gear lever.

Both of the front visors have illuminated vanity mirrors, and the glasses box in the ceiling is lined to preserve your lenses.

The passenger-side dash has a shelf that runs the length of it. It was very useful for keeping all the small items that came through from the back while driving, and the kids also made a great leaf collection on it.

Additionally, the driver’s right knee has a small shelf that I found to be really helpful for storing the key fob while driving.

A sizable refillable water bottle will fit in the front door bins, and there isn’t much room behind them either.

The storage space at the back is smaller. The door bins are smaller but can still fit a sizable water bottle that can be filled up again.

The central seat back has two cup holders in a fold-down armrest that can accommodate both a large water bottle that can be filled up again and a coffee cup, either reusable or disposable.

The back of the front passenger seats have a single map pocket that can partially conceal an iPad but will still hold it.

How noisy is the 2021 Toyota Rav4 Hybrid?

With its hybrid motor, the 2021 Rav4 Hybrid is an incredibly quiet vehicle to begin with. The hybrid engine allows me to put my girls to sleep while driving them using primarily the battery and then sit in the car with the air conditioning on while they snooze without using fuel or emitting exhaust. The trip is also smooth and quiet.

The exact words my kid used to describe this car were, “This car is really pushy!” The 2021 Rav4 Hybrid is verbose, in my opinion. On a lengthy stretch of road, it was constantly honking and yelling at me to follow the traffic laws since it believed the speed limit was 80 km/h when it was actually 100 km/h. Additionally, notices about school zones were made often as people entered and exited them. Thankfully, I discovered that you can disable all of these announcements from the media screen!

The media system’s integration of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is arguably the best update in the 2021 Rav4 Hybrid.

So you can now conveniently listen to your podcasts or the kid-friendly apps like ABC Kids Listen while driving.

The Rav4 Hybrid’s media system is still relatively simple without this modification, but it is simple to use. It is simple to choose the screen you want quickly thanks to the split-screen structure.

I can easily see when I’m utilizing the battery or engine thanks to the hybrid screen.

Although the camera image when backing up is quite blurry, you do also get a bird’s eye perspective, which is useful for parking and other maneuvers.

The 2021 Rav4 Hybrid Cruiser I tested also has an additional 360-degree camera that lets you view the surrounds of the entire vehicle.

By hitting the OK button on the steering wheel, I discovered it was rather simple to turn off the parking sensors. I hope other auto manufacturers would implement this option now that it is so accessible!

Lane departure is a feature of the Rav4, and the button to toggle it on and off is located alongside the cruise controls on the right side of the steering wheel. It was annoying because it was the car’s fault, but I found the cruise control to be simple to operate but not very precise. When the system did go over the specified speed, it made the notification to “please observe road traffic restrictions.”

The indicators in the Rav4 are quite and wouldn’t wake up my infant who was napping.

The Sat-Nav was lovely and simple to use, which I find with most Toyotas, however I was unable to quickly silence the voice assistance on the sat-nav.

After becoming a father, I quickly realized that there are some noises and sounds I could live without if it meant that my child would stay asleep.

That frequently my crying, upset infant is a bigger distraction when driving than, say, not having a lane departure warning.

Which is the safest option if my kid is distressed by the lane departure warning beeping?

It’s at this point that I believe we need to be able to strike a balance and decide when we may turn off the alerts or switch to something else, like a vibration in the steering wheel or possibly a flashing light?

Many of these noises are a result of the development of technology, particularly those associated with alerts and safety measures. These all have their place in my opinion.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that I spend a lot more time in locations where young children congregate, such as parks, beaches, play areas, swimming lessons, childcare facilities, etc. I’m more conscious now that I need to triple check for little children when I’m reversing or maneuvering in the parking lots since they may be running about behind me or in my blind area. I adore reverse cameras for this, but I detest their beeping noises!

I enjoy the peace of mind I get from the cameras and sensors paired with my personal view from windows and mirrors because I don’t trust cameras alone. Since having a child, I have been much more alert of safety and potential mishaps or hazards.

From the driver’s door control panel, you can lock both the doors and the windows. I discovered that you may stop your automobile while the engine is still running and exit the vehicle without setting off any alarms.

Since becoming a mother, I have spent a LOT of time parking my car somewhere with a great view and leaving my daughter in the backseat to sleep. I must keep the air conditioner and engine going in hot weather, but I do like getting out to have my cup of tea in the fresh air while appreciating the fact that my limbs are no longer attached to such dangling child.

This test is crucial because I have discovered that sometimes when I have removed my seatbelt or opened the door while the engine was still running, a car’s BEEPING alarms have held me captive! (I don’t have a nasty mother, I just stand outside the car!)

The LCD in front of the steering wheel displays an alarm and light when the seatbelt is removed.

How many child seats fit in the 2021 Toyota Rav4 Hybrid?

All three of the Rav4’s rear seat backrests have top tether anchorages. They are not enclosed in plastic guides, but they are clearly indicated, and I had no trouble connecting to them or getting to them through the boot.

In the two outer rear seats, there are ISOFix points with clear labels. Even though they are not contained by plastic guides, I found them to be lovely and simple to attach to while installing child seats.

The Toyota Rav4 Hybrid from 2021 fits three child seats very nicely. Three forward-facing seats can be added, or one rear-facing and two forward-facing seats.

In the 2021 Rav4 Hybrid, posting Baby into their car seat from outside is incredibly smooth and simple. Posting Bub onto their seats from inside also works because the ceiling is high enough.

Due to the harsh weather in Australia (scorching sun and pouring rain), you might find it occasionally simpler to buckle Baby into their seat from inside the vehicle. If it’s hot outside, you can turn on the air conditioning to chill the car while you secure the kids in, or you can find cover from the rain to avoid getting wet while you do it if it’s raining. Therefore, it’s crucial to test whether installing Bub is simple from any direction.

Even if you only have one child seat installed, there is space in the back for Bub to feed. The seats in the Cruiser model I examined were made of black leather, which would be simpler to maintain. The seats of the lower-end Rav4 models are covered with woven fabric, which is more difficult to clean than leather.