How To Install A Trailer Hitch On A Toyota Highlander

Prepare the vehicle’s underbody for the addition of the hitch before beginning the hitch installation process. Start by removing the driver-side underbody panel. The bumper pin and bracket on the passenger side must next be taken off.

Remove plugs on frame

The plastic plugs located on the vehicle’s frame rail’s bottom can be eliminated with a flathead screwdriver. These three will remain the hitch’s three attachment locations after being removed.

Raise hitch into position

The hitch is ready to be installed now that the underbody has been prepared. Make sure the hitch is properly positioned, close to the points where the car is attached.

Can a Toyota Highlander be equipped with a trailer hitch?

A Curt 13453 trailer hitch, a few simple tools, and a little length of time are all that are needed to install a trailer hitch on a Toyota Highlander. The Toyota Highlander model years 202021 are compatible with this trailer hitch and installation procedure.

Start carrying trailers and other types of hitch-mounted accessories for your Toyota Highlander right now by following these simple instructions.

Tools required:

  • Eye protection
  • Wrench with 19mm socket for torque
  • Sky Saw
  • Driver of a flathead scew
  • Energy Drill
  • 11mm, 17mm, and 10mm Sockets

Can you put a hitch together by yourself?

Look up the installation instructions or installation videos online for the hitch you are contemplating before making a purchase, and then determine whether you can install it yourself or if you need to bring it to a pro.

Can I install a hitch myself?

If you have the appropriate tools, you can install a trailer hitch by yourself. DIY hitch installation is an excellent technique to reduce the cost of installing a trailer hitch.

Installation of CURT custom hitches is designed to be as simple and painless as possible. The majority of CURT hitches are simple to install in your garage using standard hand tools.

Are towing packages offered with Highlanders?

Can a Toyota Highlander tow a lot of weight? With the optional tow package installed, the maximum towing capacity of this tough SUV is 5,000 pounds.

Has a towing package been added to the 2022 Toyota Highlander?

Towing capacity of the 2022 Toyota Highlander When properly equipped and the optional Tow Package fitted, this Toyota SUV offers a maximum towing capacity of up to 5,000 pounds. Here are a few of the new Toyota Highlander’s salient performance attributes: a 295 horsepower and 263 lb-ft of torque 3.5L V6 engine.

Has a Toyota Highlander got a hitch for 2021?

It is designed to support the maximum towing capacity of your Highlander. For simple roof access, the tow hitch receiver contains a step pad and a tow wire harness.

What is the price of a trailer hitch?

The short answer is that it depends on the sort of tow hitch you have, the make and model of your automobile, and how much work it will take to install it. For instance, while some vehicles don’t require drilling to attach a tow hitch, some must.

Hitch installation costs typically range from $100 to $800. Remember that you’ll also need to purchase the tow hitch and other components individually, which can easily cost an additional $150 to $200.

The following vehicle parts are necessary for tow hitch installation, along with our recommended Amazon selections for each:

Where can I find hitch-free towing?

It’s risky, but it’s feasible, to not use a hitch! Without a hitch, you can tow a car using a strong rope or chain. Once you have that, proceed as follows:

  • To a spot on the front of the car, fasten the rope or chain.
  • The second end should be fastened to a substantial object on the opposite vehicle.
  • Someone must be in the automobile while it is being driven to ensure that it remains in neutral. Additionally, you’ll have to maneuver it around bends.

You can only tow the automobile a short distance to get to work. Watch your speed as well. You put both cars in danger if you don’t use a hitch. Although it is feasible, the best recommendation is to locate a hitch-equipped helper or dial a tow truck.

Consider purchasing a membership in roadside assistance if you’d prefer professional support. Although there are frequently waiting times, towing is frequently included.

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Do you need U-Haul to hitch up the trailer?

I frequently discuss linking trailers with others. Since many people have never done it before, I’ve discovered that they are frequently terrified by the procedure. I’m here to reassure you that you can connect a trailer and that you shouldn’t feel scared.

I’ll venture a bet and say that you’ve probably relocated at least once in your life. Renting a trailer is typically the first time many of us have ever towed a trailer because we all move. Allow me to assist you. Let’s go over the information you need to connect a U-Haul rental trailer. (Note: Before you leave, U-Haul will check your car for towing capacity and connect the trailer for you, but it’s always a good idea to know how to do it yourself.)

What can my Toyota Highlander tow?

The Highlander can tow between 3,500 and 5,000 lbs. A 3,500 lb towing capacity is offered on Highlander vehicles equipped with the 2.5L 4-cylinder engine. The basic 3.5L V6 engine in Highlander models has a 5,000 lb towing capacity.

Can a Toyota Highlander tow 5,000 pounds in reality?

The towing capacity of the 2021 Toyota Highlander When properly outfitted, the 2019 Highlander can tow an astonishing 5,000 pounds. Depending on the engine you select, you can tow a certain amount of weight. And that’s still another fantastic feature of this SUV. A gas engine or a hybrid engine are your options.

A boat can a Highlander tow, right?

There are ten various trim options for the 2021 Toyota Highlander, including L, LE, Hybrid LE, XLE, Hybrid XLE, XSE, Limited, Hybrid Limited, Platinum, and Hybrid Platinum. However, today we’re going to concentrate on these three:

  • LE hybrid
  • XLE
  • XLE hybrid

The XLE has a towing capacity of 5000 lb compared to 3500 lb for the Hybrid LE and XLE models. Since a 23′ boat typically weighs roughly 3400 lbs, the 2021 Toyota Highlander can definitely pull a boat.

Additionally, all three of these trims come with Trailer-Sway Control (TSC), an electrical device that aids the driver in maintaining control of the car under shaky situations.